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    Not really fan fic when alk3 released an album last year with no other songwriters and Matt knocked it out of the park. Matt isn't the problem.
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    Skiba is a way better songwriter than any dude from ATL. Never cared much about his guitar playing ability. It's punk rock though. Sure, I'd like a few actual riffs now and then, but even with Tom, later blink songs started having less of those lead guitar riffs anyway. I've really tried to listen to ATL before. Even their early shit which seems to be loved. But I can't get into them. They're all trash to me. They don't have that edge that I like in a pop punk band. Blink always had a bit more edge than these shitty modern pop punk bands. Hell, even some AVA songs have more edge. Alkaline Trio & the Sekrets are far better bands. Skiba is a far better songwriter. The dude from ATL being in blink would be awful. Yeah, it'd be interesting but it'd be so fucking bad at the same time. That shit show Drug song was awful as hell. Makes Sober look like some legendary song written by Bono or Freddie Mercury, and I thought Sober was bad. Nicki Minaj being in blink would be interesting but it'd be so bad. Seriously, I'd rather have Nicki Minaj in bloody blink than the guy from All Time Low. Skiba fits in blink IMO but blink have not been using him right. He's playing a yes man role. He's playing the role of what David Kennedy and Matt do for AVA. He should be taking charge the way he does with Trio and until that happens, no one can judge him being a fit for blink or not IMO.
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    I prefer Dude Ranch on every song except Pathetic. The MTTS version rules.
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    I actually kind of loved it. I was glued to my phone for two or three days waiting for updates and thriving off all the drama. The articles about Tom, the interviews with Mark and Travis blasting Tom. I loved every little tidbit of new information, and that's why I started the 2015 blink timeline thread, which eventually led to boxelder's Comprehensive Timeline thread. It sucked when all this went down, but at the same time it was the most interesting thing that has happened to blink in forever.
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    You're viewing simplicity as a lack of talent.
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    Tom is an outstanding guitarist, actually.
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    same. after years of inactivity it was very exciting for literally anything to happen, especially since it was confirming our suspicions. i was glued to the internet that day haha
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    mark says in that interview that they worked with numerous songwriters for this project. all time low has probably had other people write their songs for the majority of their career. at least skiba didn't fall in to that category until joining this band. it's clear he wanted to contribute but mark wouldn't let him.
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    You wrote a song about Oliver?
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    Please elaborate how Skiba is superior IN BLINK. Is it the yelling & screaming? The way he nails the whoas? Or the guitar parts he doesn't write and lyrics he doesn't care about. I'm just saying, this Drug song alone brings more to the table than Skiba has outside maybe Last Train Home
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    Why? His vocals sound way better and contrast better than shitba. I never listen to ATL but that chorus seriously sounds better than any Matt part.
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    Come on don't be ridiculous
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    This sounds just like 21 pilots but with a bit of an edge. Would not sound out of place on a station that plays Imagine Dragons and 21 Pilots. Which is what mine plays
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    Feel bad now slagging him off all the time if he’s feeling a little depressed 😫 I still love you Mark you just frustrate the fucking life out of me. I’m also more excited for Simple Creatures than Blink. No Feldman or Skiba. Fucking bliss
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    Because Tom was the creative force in the band. Mark is a sell out yes man cunt. Probably has posters of Taylor Swift on his wall the fucking oddball
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    I dont like it. But i think this EP has more chance of being more listenable than California Pt ll?
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    Well it's an electronic song, so...
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    The production is fine on it ... what do you mean over-produced?
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    As long as it leans more to catchy pop, like Sober, than to cringy pop punk, like No Future, I'm game.
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    FInally got around to listening to this and its not bad at all. Its not really my thing but I can tell its not garbage, like most of California is. It sounds very 21 pilots like which I guess isnt a bad thing. I would say this has more character to it then California does. This sounds very radio friendly and I can easily see it being played on modern rock radio stations. Overall not bad at all. People need to realize when a song is bad vs they just dont like it
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