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    http://epitaph.com/artists/bad-religion/release/age-of-unreason Track Listing: Chaos From Within My Sanity Do The Paranoid Style The Approach Lose Your Head End of History Age of Unreason Candidate Faces of Grief Old Regime Big Black Dog Downfall Since Now What Tomorrow Brings The Profane Rights of Man (bonus)
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    I liked Nimrod and Warning the best. Stuck With Me and Walking Contradiction are top tracks though.
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    yup. I LOVE A ONE TRICK PONY as long as it's a GREAT FUCKING TRICK.
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    Almost all BR songs sounds the same...but what a sound! One of the best punk rock bands ever for sure, no contest.
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    But they refined the shit out of it, mate. Can't wait. Looking forward to this.
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    only the single best american punk rock band since 1988. they're basically the beatles of the genre.
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    For once I can agree with you completely. Honorable mention for The Weatherman
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    Love me some Bad Religion, looking forward to this! True North was a beast and its been a long 6 years to wait for new music. First single fucking rips!
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    If Feldman is a pop punk legend, then Good Charlotte & Simple Plan are pop punk legends since they're more relevant than Goldfinger. He's basically the Michael Bay of pop punk music.
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    Reading blink´s timeline how cool is that blink got helped by all this drummers... From Jeff Neuman : Footage I took on the 1999 Warped Tour. Travis from Blink 182 could not play for some unknown reason in New York at the Randalls Island show. So, Damon (Fenix TX) Brooks (Suicidal/Bad Religion) Josh (the Vandals) and Byron (Pennywise) played the set for him. This is only the first clip of many. I have the whole set on video. I wonder why Travis wasn´t able to play...
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    Great dude! Logic is awsome! You have everything you need
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    on a britpop binge. What a fucking tune
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    Matt and Billie Joe are broing down on Instagram today...Time to get Billie on a blink song? Open for Green Day? I’d be down
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