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    My biggest ongoing issue is: Mark, you've been married forever, and have a kid. Like, none of this is personal at all. I really Wish I Hated You is about nobody. Nothing. Darkside... "She's a girl I look back to what could've been" - No, you don't. I think Plus 44 is fucking amazing, partly because of how real it is. I can't wrap my head around them writing blink songs with other people. So many people. I don't understand. Especially... lyrics. He even had a lyricist work on Happy Days.
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    Travis‘ comments on his Insta post. Haha
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    No wonder Mark is looking forward to playing it live. Gonna replace a 4 minute + song with this to get off stage quicker.
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    I’d believe it
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    Alright picture heavy, Marik I'll answer your stuff in a separate post later: Here are some cool shots of AVA I got: Here are the VIP gifts: Here's my merch booth haul: Here's my DW cd I had Ilan sign: Pic of me and Ilan. Hang around after the show and chat with him by the merch booth if you want - he's super cool and was genuinely just there to chat and hang with fans after back to back sets... Last but not least, this is how close I was to having one of the sickest signed blink pieces ever (literally have only seen 1 full band signed TOYPAJ vinyl, and it's my fav album all time)...looking like a f'n dweeb with my vinyl The picture haunts me, so I'll have to remember it as this:
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    I'm sure you've deleted the post by now, but you LITERALLY made a post calling Matt unprofessional, said Mark needs vocal coaching because he sounds like shit, said Feldmann is controlling the band, said their live show sucks, etc. Now it's fine to have that opinion, but to switch to talking shit on fans that say this stuff just to kiss up to Mark one year later? From hater account to ass kissing account? Just because you got unfollowed and melted down. C'mon, that is phoney. You're trying to get access to Mark, so you sold out your true opinions. Run whatever kind of fan account you want, but at least be authentic..
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    Drunk Kay here (sup) shootin' shit with Mozarella sticks. Still don't like song. Love ya'll though byeeeeeee
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    Listened to the Neighborhoods album today after a long time. Fuck it! That album was awesome. I might be alone with that opinion but that’s a really great adult rock record. Always loved it and it has aged very well. Thinking about the disfunction in the band at that time and how it was recorded makes it even better.
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    you don't understand the word milf, do you?
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    "This song goes out to Tom who is overtaking Area 51 in the near future"
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    Mark has Matt over at his house. Jack comes home, sees Matt, ignores him and walks straight to his room and starts blasting Angels and airwaves at full volume.
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    Jesus, Tom talking about fatherhood is probably the smartest he's ever come across. He's got such a good attitude, like obviously it could all be fluff PR stuff but damn. Can't believe how old his kids are now though.
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    I fucking love Matt Skiba. He’s smashed this album. This is blink 182 and I love it.
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    Mark in 20 years. "Whoa oh oh oh I can't wait to take you to my high school prom. I can't wait to get my groove on the dance floor on. Will I kiss you tonight. Will it be alright?. Whoa oh oh"
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    I just find it hysterical that people think the shit posting here is some passionate angry people constantly posting whilst spitting rage and boohooing in the corner just because blink doesn't sound the way they want them to. Do you know why I post here? I get bored, talking shit on the internet is entertaining, and blink is the only subject I'd choose if I had to go play mastermind. That's literally it, if this place closed tomorrow the overall impact it would have on my life would be minimal, I'd just end up spending more time on reddit to compensate. No one here is genuinely heart broken or furious or cry wanking over the current state of blink. it's old fans who are invested enough to continue checking the music out but continuously disappointed and like having a place to moan about it before wambling onto the next thread. No one gives anywhere near as much of a fuck as some clearly think they do.
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    The fact that i fell in love with them for their friendship, humour, Tom and Marks vocals, the catchy guitar riffs and none of those things exist anymore. They’re just another meh pop band now. They don’t stand out anymore and they bore the fucking life out of me but I’ll forever cling onto maybe Mark and Skiba writing a great album we all know they’re capable of
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    Album is fantastic imo. Even loving darkside and heaven now which I thought were meh. BIOMY can still get in the bin
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    I think when Tom went nuts the first time and Mark rightfully laid claim to Blink's legacy almost everybody could agree that he was a hero in all of the craziness. He put out a great album under +44, said all the right things about how much Blink meant to him and that he would never take their legacy lightly and how it was something magic that was created by having the three of them in the room and yada yada yada. Well, Tom's insanity has gone back and forth over the years but he's settled in as a lot LESS insane and ego maniacal than he was in the early AVA days. He's still obviously way out there, but people got more used to it and/or stopped caring so much so he's seen as this crazy uncle figure to most people at this point. Meanwhile Mark has gone back on a lot of those things that he said after the breakup, and instead of pushing Blink forward because it's this meaningful artistic and personal passion in life he has instead worked with outside pop songwriters, steered Blink in weird directions that undermine or cash in on their legacy in some ways, and just overall seems much more "cynical" about it all in the past several years. So of course my opinion on him has changed. 10 years ago I figured Mark was the saint of the band and Tom was a freak. Now I can see that they both are majorly flawed in their own ways that led to where the band finds itself today.
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    I think we’ve all learned 2 things today. All The Small Things was written in C major and Oliver continues to act like a major C. A good day all round.
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    I'll sum it up for you:
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    Remember in the Neighborhoods era when they had that scripted answer in every interview about how Tom was the stadium rock and lasers guy, Travis was the hip hop guy who can do anything, and Mark was the indie rock guy?
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    how can you be so darn stubborn @Donald Trump's Bulge? nobody has trouble believing that the pilot fucked up. the ridiculous thing is that you claim you would've handled the situation better...just because you took some flying lessons.... can't you see how thats crazy? you start to sound like a crazy homeless person... living in your car again? knows how to hold a paintbrush -> i can paint guitars knows how to play adam's song on drums - > i could substitute as a touring drummer for blink 182..(withou a doubt the stupidest thing you ever said, your bp would kill you 20 minutes into the set) took some flying lessons (probably some years ago) - > i can perfectly handle unpredictable situations better than an actual pilot and i know more about flying than a professional reads a self-help book on dating - > I know more about women than all these married guys in happy relationships with kids ( well you proved that one to be wrong) puts a video of himself playing an out of tune guitar on the internet -> i could be a proffessional touring guitarist, I could've replaced john lennon in the beatles knows some law stuff he read on his right wing facebook group -> apparently knows more about law than an actual professional lawyer... i probably could go on and on and on but it just makes me kinda sad thinking those claims do not come from a kid in kindergarden, but a man in his thirties. you claim to have all this incredible talent yet you live alone in your house and go to your goverment 9-5 job while constantly feeling sorry for yourself. truth is, you are kind of interested in some of those topics, but you never had the guts to follow them through when you had to put the effort in, because you rather spend your time online bragging about the next stupid thing. take a good look in the mirror, cut the crap and grow up already, it's getting really annoying
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    Just listened to Chapter 13 for the first time in a while and damn, this might be one of my favorite album outros ever. Not necessarily the entire song (though I do love the whole thing) but specifically ending the album with Mark singing "I'm scraped and sober but there's no one listening to me at all" and then the little acoustic guitar riff... it just hit me differently listening to it this time and I'm IN LOVE.
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    Oliver, please shut the fuck up - it's just getting embarrassing now.
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    I think tom was the soul of this band. And its gone.
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    I’m sorry Knapton. Off I shall fuck
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    I'd cut my blink tattoo out of my flesh if that ATL douchebag were in the band.
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    when your heart stops beating
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    Show was amazing and A LOT of fun . Well worth the money and a much needed night out for these two parents.
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    Lyric video creators: "We're gonna need to borrow your instruments" Blink: "That's fine we aren't using them on this song anyway"
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    Yeah I think at this point it's pretty easy to see that these things are true. (Trying to write this out without tipping too much judgement onto either one): Mark: Wants a steady professional Blink 182 experience with regularly scheduled rehearsals, tours, albums Wants Blink to retain their 90s/early 00s identity of lighthearted fun in the sun Values radio/industry success and wants Blink to be included with the top popular rock bands His musical tastes have changed to a certain type of radio pop and sees that as an angle for Blink to both sound like the music he listens to and stay popular in that world, and has decided to collaborate with people who can make those things happen Tom: Only wanted to do Blink when he felt inspired and could fit it into his bizarre schedule, has been mentally erratic for 15 years now Wanted Blink to grow and change and evolve as it goes, and felt embarrassed by the pre-Untitled Blink persona Valued independence and control over the Blink machine much more than radio/industry success and was probably too lackadaisical about that side of things in the post-reunion era His musical tastes have been stuck in a very specific idea of "arena rock" mixed with synths and a touch of post-2002 Blink, seems to be chasing variations of that sound more than evolving artistically To be honest, neither one of them is really carrying the flag of Real Blink or anything, and I'm not sure their personalities or musical tastes could or would ever mesh to create something special again. But based on their entire careers the main takeaway is that they both need each other and would be way better off if they could somehow make amends. But people change and they definitely don't seem like their personalities would mesh whatsoever anymore.
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    Album title is a shout-out to the writers and producers involved.
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    Just got this e-mail from blink: "Today is the 182nd day of the year. What a better way to celebrate blink-182 day than to crank up some new tunes! We just released the 3rd song 'Happy Days' from our new album which we can thankfully now announce is COMING IN SEPTEMBER!"
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    Because we grew up with them and being a close fan of them is part of identity so even though we're not happy we still hang around on the off chance it'll improve and we're super disappointed when it doesn't. If your dad dumps your mum and starts banging a bimbo, do you stop calling him to check in?
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    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/tom-delonge-interview-ufo-footage-angels-airwaves-blink-182-843812/?fbclid=IwAR3aVcD-Qzv7HqD1JAQIeagYplz-K6yy-SFUS0MQZ48XwMoV-5C_7BIw60A a lot of interesting comments
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    "Looming Threat of Mark Hoppus Fucking Your Mom Becoming More Realistic by the Day" https://thehardtimes.net/music/looming-threat-of-mark-hoppus-fucking-your-mom-becoming-more-realistic-by-the-day/
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    I love band shirts, I love T-Shirts in general and I like supporting bands, I don't see the issue.
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    Wow, I never been more excited for a new AVA album before in my life.
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    She’s fucking bat shit. No wonder Tom has lost the plot. It’s the kids I feel sorry for. Dad is chasing ufos and mum is a drunken mess. While mum is hammered in one room the kids are ironing their school uniform and doing their packed lunches. Fucking state of it
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    But @daveyjones ate lasagna with him!
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    I actually thought that too and wished for that. I really love stuff like the synth on Always or Ghost On The Dancefloor, and love the flangers on guitars or bass. A nice blend between angsty alternative Boxcar racer guitars, 80s bittersweet/romantic new wave, energetic poppunk, with a touch of electronics. That would be my blink Its fun to dream
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    Skiba is so wholesome and thankful for his fans. We don’t deserve him.
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    I haven't even said I was going to ask for an autograph... all prior discussion on this was assuming we *might* be able to get 1 thing signed, and helping @Marik if he wanted to go for it. After the details came out today, I just said it sucked given the price, but that I wasn't surprised at all. I thought it was hilarious that they specified you can't even give them stuff, which happened to be the one time in my life I thought about giving anyone famous something...so I tweeted it to Mark and he happened to reply which was cool. So I'll give them the stupid cards, get my picture, and be on my way. Nothing entitled about that, don't even care if they toss them in the trash right in front of me. And yes, I have seen plenty of the fans who try to take up more time, milk an extra autograph,selfie, etc. I have been around tons of autograph signings on both sides of it, and I agree it is awkward and annoying if they overstep their boundaries. But getting 1 item signed for $175 for 10 extra seconds isn't too crazy, if someone has the balls to ask, go for it. (I already said I chickened out last time because I didn't want to be "that guy")...
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    I prefer old Simple Creatures. Just feel in the past 2 months they’ve deviated so far from their roots. This must be how it felt for Davey going from being a huge fan in the beginning days of Buddha to then feeling like he’d lost his band with Untitled. It’s the exact same thing. I kid, of course. New songs decent. It’ll grow on me for sure.
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    Tbh if Mark said "fuck it" and self produced, self released without any label, like a 4 track EP of just him doing him, I'd probably love it. It wouldn't be blink and it'd probably be super damn weird but I'd like to see what he would do if he wasn't having to worry about specific pressures in the industry. just did it for him.
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