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    This place has been bouncing the last week, it’s always been divided and it’s what makes it thrive, how boring would it be if we all loved new blink. We’d have 5 pages of “yeah great song” and it would fizzle out. Instead we have 50 pages of utter carnage. It’s great when you come back on after 10 mins and there’s been another 20 posts to read through, old members coming back and new ones signing up.
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    I’d draw the curtains if they were playing in my garden
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    My mum ground me Even though I'm 45 Why can't she see I just want to be alive Lets party like there's no tomorrow Like kids, we have no sorrow Hit up the local punk rock show Never ask adults, they'll just say no Na na na na na na na na na na na
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    Travis‘ comments on his Insta post. Haha
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    He's writing down the riffs he needs adding to backing tracks. Either that or they're ordering a chinese to the studio and he's taking down everyone's order. "is that two special fried rice John?"
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    outside of my laughing gif (which I stand by) - No one should be surprised by this. California was sonically like blink forgot how they were supposed to sound and took inspiration from the bands they influenced in their past - it sounded like a talented painter getting knocked on the head and being reduced to finger painting. Just a watered down, wanky version of what it should be. We knew they were on a bit of a high from how California performed, and we saw droves of different writers, producers, Feldmann still involved, and Mark suddenly releasing synth-laced 80s stuff. There was always going to be a more pop focused edge to this record - and this single confirms that. this is paint by numbers "please do well on the charts!" track for the modern age, where most songs sounds fucking identical and autotuned to shit. Now it's definitely 'experimental' for blink, because blink don't usually release straight up pop music. so you know, Mark was right on the money there. For direct commentary - Idk why people like the lyrics. they're not as unbelievably 'cringe' as some of California but it's fucking weird to have lyrics about being a misunderstood messy punk kid when there's not a single goddamn thing that fits punk musically in the song at all. it's also hilarious hearing these lyrics from Mark, who's darkest part of his childhood is his parents divorcing.... just like half of the worlds parents. Boohoo, big boy. Musically it's just bad. not really sure how to defend it. I can't talk about it instrumentally because it's a garbled together mess. I think if you actually reduced it to it's bare parts it would've been a typical so-so California song, but they've just scrubbed it with bullshit polish and left it at that. I'm not angry. I'm not disappointed. blink died ages ago, this is just fucking funny now.
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    holy shit, I fucking knew it
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    Mark lurking the boards to catch up on Blink Italia drama, as the bleached dildo finishes writing the next Blink album:
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    I'm impressed by this interpretation, especially because I think you may have put more thought into it than Mark did!
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    woman works with a man = must be sleeping together.
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    Drunk Kay here (sup) shootin' shit with Mozarella sticks. Still don't like song. Love ya'll though byeeeeeee
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    Its like celebrating 20 years of marriage with your new wife you married 4 years ago
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    In January 2000, my friends and I decided to take a 2 week trip from San Diego to New York as we had just turned 21. I don't remember the full lineup, but I believe it was myself, Chris Lewis from Pivit (who went on to be in Fenix TX and now Unwritten Law), Mike Levinson & Greg Schneider from Agent 51, and Rick Savage (who went on to be a DJ at KROQ). We didn't have any real plans other than to be New York tourists, and I got us tickets to see a taping of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I found out at some point that coincidentally Blink-182 would be on Saturday Night Live the week we were in town. I hadn't talked to them in quite some time, but I sent Mark an email to an old email address that likely didn't work anymore. Getting no response, I thought I'd roll down to the NBC Studios on random weekday as they do rehearsals all week. No luck randomly running into any of them, that'd be some crazy luck, but I figured I'd come back on Saturday afternoon and try one more time. My friends were nice enough to humor me and see what would happen. Saturday afternoon rolls around and the lobby of the NBC Studios are a MADHOUSE! I only wish I had a cell phone camera to capture the vibe, but it was no secret that Blink was playing the show. Like 100 superfans in the lobby trying to meet the band. Nobody had any information on when they were coming, or even if they were already inside the studio or not. All of a sudden the crowd of girls starts going nuts as it's Beatlemania in the year 2000. Blink walks through the front doors and there is a lot of screaming going on. No chance I'm going to be able to talk to the guys. Somehow Tom happens to notice me there and is like, "ROB! I NEED YOU TO FIX MY COMPUTER!" Me: "OK, Tom, get me in and I'd be happy to!" And just like that, they're gone. Hmmm. I see Rick Devoe, the band's manager, and go over to say hi. "Hey Rick, what's up man? Think you can get me in?" Rick: "I need to get MYSELF in!" Oh, right, why is he outside the studios while the band is inside? He's talking with security to explain he's the band's manager and eventually gets cleared to go up. As he leaves, he tells me he'll "see what he can do" about getting me in. I wait around a few minutes but start feeling bad for wasting my friends time. I suggest we bail, and we're discussing our next move for being tourists in NYC when I get a tap on the shoulder. "Are you Rob Perelman?" says the NBC employee. Me: "Yes, I am." NBC guy: "Come with me." Me: "Can I bring my friends?" NBC guy: "No." Me: "See ya, guys!" Nobody had a cell phone and I had no plan for how to find my friends or the place we were staying at, but I didn't care at that moment. I was going up to see Saturday Night Live! The NBC employee brought me up to the green room and explained that there weren't seats in the crowd but I could hang out here. I was stoked with that! I met back up with Rick, and eventually saw the guys from the band. It had been almost a year since we had last talked so I made awkward small talk with Mark as his life had changed dramatically. Met his girl for the first time, and then I met Carson Daly at the the height of his TRL fame. I guess he was tight with the band. Show time was approaching when a different NBC employee came in the green room and asked if anyone wanted to sit in the crowd as they had a few seats. I was like oh hell yes and jumped up to volunteer. They sat me at the way back of the theatre and I got to see the entire episode of Saturday Night Live. Two other people came from the green room to sit next to me and were DYING LAUGHING at everything host Jamie Foxx said, so I think they were in his crew. I was stoked to see Blink play such a big deal TV show. It was totally awesome. When the show was over, all of the crowd was being let out of the theatre and I ducked back into the green room to say thanks. "Dude, Rick, thank you so much for this, it was a totally awesome experience." Rick: "No problem, are you gonna stay for the show?" Uhhhhhhh, I was confused. Didn't I just see the show? Or did I just imagine the whole thing? "No, that wasn't the show, that was just the dress rehearsal." An entire new audience comes in for dress rehersal so the jokes are fresh for the actual show. "Hey, Rick, if I stay for the show I'll miss my train. Is there any way I can crash on your floor?" "Of course!" Guys, as well as being a fantastic movie concessions actor, Rick Devoe is a rad dude. So I chilled in the green room. Same deal: no seats available in the actual crowd, but I was OK with that. A short time later, the same scenario played out. "Does anyone want to sit in the audience? There's just one seat." Of course I was ready and willing, but this time I don't think I could have asked for a better seat. They put me front and center, about 3 rows back from where the host comes out and does the opening monologue. I got to see most of the same sketches, though some lines had been changed and a few had been cut. It was cool seeing eveything from a diffent vantage point, mainly the shooting of the show rather than the show itself. The show let out, and this time I was pretty sure it was all over. I went back to the green room and everyone was celebrating. I wasn't too familiar with the cast, but a bunch of the cast members came back to the green room to high five Blink and have a drink. I wish I had watched more SNL then as I would have probably had a chance to meet Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell, but I didn't know who they were then. Anyway, everyone was on such a high (and perhaps on other things) as was I. I needed to use the bathroom but had a weird fear that I'd come back and Blink would be gone, and I'd be lost in NYC at 1am with no place to stay. Weird fear, right? "Hey, Rick, I'm going to go to the bathroom, DON'T LEAVE OK?" Rick: "No worries, I'm not leaving." I go the bathroom and when I return, I don't see Rick. Wait a second, I don't see Mark, Tom, or Travis either. Uhhhhhh... maybe there's some post-show business they need to do? I ask an NBC employee where to find the band. "Oh, they left." WHAT? I said it was a weird fear, and here it was coming true. I had no idea where the band were staying, I had no cell phone number, maybe even no cell phone at that point. I mean I could go throw a credit card down and buy a hotel room, but that would have been a pretty expensive thing to do at 21. Then I saw Carson Daly with a couple of his friends. "Hey, Carson, so Blink apparently left and I was supposed to crash on Rick's floor, is there any way I can crash on your floor?" Half of me just wanted this to happen because it'd be an amazing story one day. "Sure, man, any friend of Blink's is a friend of mine." I didn't want to mellow his parting, so I said, "OK cool, I'll just be chilling over there, let me know when you're ready to go." A short time later, his friends came over and said, "Hey, sorry, you can't stay at Carson's place." I didn't really understand as he said I could, but they claimed he was staying on their couch or something? "We got the name of Blink's hotel" and he handed me a piece of paper. Great. There's no Google Maps to make this easy, so I have someone else give me directions on how to get to the subway, which subway to take, and where to get off. To this day the hotel name is committed to memory because it was my life's mission to get there: the Soho Grand. I brave the cold and the perhaps dangerous NYC subways (this was 2000!) and get to the hotel at like 3am maybe? The problem now is I don't have a room number, and hotels don't just give you room numbers when you give them a guest name. But I guess this was pre 9/11, so I gave it a shot. "Hi, I'm looking for Rick Devoe's room number, please?" "Sure, it's 303." Are you kidding me? How did that just work? I go up two flights of stairs and knock on the door. Nothing. I knock again. Nothing. Shit, they went to some cool afterparty and who knows when (if?) they'll be back. I decide I'm just going to head down to the lobby and sit in a chair until they show up. Hopefully they show up! I start my way down the stairwell and who's coming up the stairs but Blink! Rick's like "OH MY GOD ROB I'M SO SORRY! THEY RUSHED US OUT OF THERE I HAD NO CHOICE!" No worries, man, it's over now, I found you guys, whew. Tom: "Dude, I need you to fix my computer!" Sure Tom, in the morning I'll take a look. I'm exhausted and amazingly fall asleep on Rick's literal floor, with like half a blanket. It was not a great sleep. Their wake up call was super early, so I only slept a few hours. Rick and I are in the lobby and eventually Tom comes down and guess what? He wants me to fix his computer! Rick says there's no time, and Tom wants me to jump in the van and help him out on the way to the airport. I want to help, but I'm tired and don't really want to go all the way to the airport and then figure my way back to the city for an hour-long train ride back to where I'm staying. Sorry, Tom. They were out the door and that's where the story ends. This was one of the last time I got to hang out with the guys. I was on tour with Midtown for 3 days a year later when they opened for Blink-182, but they were so big at that point I don't even know if I got to talk to Tom or Mark. I did run into Tom in Vegas years later, and I saw Travis a few times. But I think that conversation with Mark in the SNL green room might have been our last.
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    Songs awesome. New Ava. New blink. More simple creatures. You guys can bicker all you want but I’m riding this hype train all year long.
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    wtf has happened to our band? Christ almighty. I’m 100% a tombot now. There’s no way he’d stand for this shite. Song is pure trash too.
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    Normally I don't really care about them playing Tom songs with Skiba, but the idea of doing album anniversary shows without Tom really rubs me the wrong way.
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    Starting to look like Blink is going for a more poppy, mainstream album. They'll try to replicate what bands like Fallout Boy and Panic! at the Disco have done. Given their age, and Mark's creativity well drying up, I don't think it's going to work very well. And if it does, it will be in large part due to other song writer's helping them. The entire thing comes off as a desperate attempt to stay in the mainstream/spotlight. If this album is even more produced and fake compared to California, then this band is fucking done.
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    Sounds like California. They’re not seriously going to put out another California?? If this sounds like Cali then I’m officially done with the cunts, I’ll invest in Tom’s spaceship out of protest ffs
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    (this is going to seem hate filled but bear with me) I've spent a lot of time being angry at Tom Delonge - for more than a decade, at this point. that anger has lessened in the last couple of years, mostly because it seems silly to be angry at someone who's clearly delusional - and also because I'm almost 30 and maybe having so many emotional responses to someone I've never met is not healthy for a normal adult - but it's also lessened because California, and the later AVA releases, allowed me to slow my roll a little and re-evaluate. So now, I look back over blinks history and in some ways I can appreciate it more now than I have for a few years. I usually have a mad eye-rolling session when people make a big fuss about Tom as a guitarist, for example. because he's fairly rubbish in that area. his lyrics are awful. his voice is a cheese-grater at this point in time. The thing I always skip over though, is that he's a bloody good songwriter. He takes incredibly mediocre, and at times just plain bad parts and puts them together and can write amazing songs with it. I listen to older blink stuff, even stuff on Neighborhoods now, and I can see them as full songs more than I ever could - before these odd little parts would poke out at me, distracting me, and they'd be all I could hear when I listened to those songs. now that I'm less angry about it all it's like I can listen to the songs completely, on each level, without getting irrationally mad. Truthfully, I miss his songwriting a lot. I think his songwriting is always at it's best when he can bounce off of Mark and Travis, but even without them there is often some 'spark' of him in there, sometimes it's buried under total rubbish but he's still rocking the core of it. Since starting up a new band and taking up the role of the only electric guitarist and vocalist (something I have never done before) I'm now realising how embedded Tom's influence is on my writing and playing style - how every idea I have is borrowed or adjacent to something I learned from him - how my ideas for catchy melodies and chord structures are entirely down to his own limited expertise. and I kind of love it because Tom took what little he had and made a whole career out of it, in it's own way it's very inspiring - it makes me feel less like some kind of stupid, talentless kid who's just copying what they know, and more like a 'student', a product of influence and passing on the energy at it's core, sprinkled with my own individuality. My point is, I spent years hating Tom and I don't anymore. I spent years slamming his style and now I accidentally emulate it. I don't want to be angry, even when he chases aliens and scams people for money. he's not a hero, he's not some Guitar God, he's a high school drop out who likes punk rock and has far too much money on his hands. and it's fine if my biggest influence is someone I probably couldn't hold a full conversation with - the musical conversation is entirely different, and I'm comfortable and happy to have just that. What Tom accomplished in blink, the songs he wrote, the influence he had, is irrefutably powerful and impressive - and on a personal level, blink-182 and Tom in particular have played a major part in shaping me as a person - my sense of humour, my music taste, my clothing taste, my love of graphic design, my entire musical career, my choice of online friends - I would not be who I am without them and thats pretty huge. TLDR, I love Tom, I love blink. regardless of what negative crap I say.
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    sometimes I wonder if we're all in for a mystery-movie-twist where we find out that all of the people in Oliver's stories were actually him all along
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    Everyone seems really keen to point out it could do well on the radio and I'm stumped as to why that actually matters, especially in this day an age where streaming is king. We're fans of blink, not fans of whatever is on the radio - having it be 'relevant' and radio friendly shouldn't ever be the forefront of why you like something, it should be about...you know... actually enjoying it, and relating to it. I do not find the song pleasing to listen to, and if it wasn't blink I wouldn't have listened to it a second time because it is not remotely the style of music I'm interested in. the fact that it came from the band that created my favourite records to date makes it extra difficult to swallow because I know they've done better and could do better, and their insistence on being 'relevant' by having other people write for them and produce them up the butt makes it more depressing. as for Mark being salty... he's a millionaire. He apparently only cares about being a radio hit now, so why should he care about his actual fans responses? if they don't like it that's what he's looking for, right? Because this isn't the type of music you should expect hardcore blink fans to actually like. While that guys comment is a little silly, he's probably some random young dude who works a dead end job and is gutted his favourite band put out a pop turd. Mark is a fucking millionaire musician who's a grown ass man who should expect negative feedback after 25 goddamn years in the industry. he should've ignored it, like he's done in the past. Deleting comments, threatening to ban people, he looks like a butt hurt little bitch. He's the one with the 'power' in the situation, there's no need to punch down.
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    Ghent, look fair fucks to you, you like this era of blink (although I do think you might exaggerate it to get a reaction sometimes) But comparing this to their peak Untitled days is just ridiculous, your opinions are losing a shitload of credibility at the moment so pack it in and we can try to forget that this ever happened.
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    This song is the best thing to happen to Tom in 5 years
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    Rebel Girl is more blink than Blame it on my Youth.
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    "You can never kill my raccooooooon, he's really big and lives on my streeeeet"
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    *schedules show on an island* *cancels because they just barely realized that Travis doesn't like flying*
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    This Sum 41 hate is lame. i don't think they've had a good album since Chuck but at least they aren't hiring pop song writers to make albums for them. Also, their tours sell insanely well and they still manage to rake in plenty of new/younger fans. Not to mention their live performance rules. They've got a good thing going for them.
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    anyone from the boards: Mark could you send me a guitar pick?? Mark: is it true that you're a member on BLINK-182ONLINE.COM??!??!?!!?!?!?! member: uhh.... no.
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    notice that she's NOT dancing to Stay Together For The Kids. Divorced.
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    Me when I watched that Parking Lot vid
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    apparently he only sings in this project too.
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    Hey mum, theres feldmann in the back room.
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    they're a successful (read: lucrative) tribute act, and a failed traditional (read: original) act. blink-182 in 2016–2018 is like watching one remaining guy from the allman brothers band play songs written in 1972, at an indian casino.
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    I've spent way too much time compiling this list of Blink-182 related locations. It's always a popular post on Reddit, so I figured I'd bring it here too in case it hasn't made its rounds here yet. M+M'S -The boardwalk/amusement park they filmed at -The shootout scene at the end of the original video JOSIE -The high school DAMMIT -The movie theater WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN? -This is the sidewalk they run down -from the right to the left- at the beginning of the video -This is where the florist lady soaks the kids on the bench with a hose -This is where they turn the corner and see Janine walking up the sidewalk -This is where they filmed the banana man -The cafe they run past -The scene with the valet -The scene with the little girl looking through the magnifying glass -The construction zone they run past -The antique store that the old man with the TV is sitting in front of at the end of the video -The closing shot, they run up this sidewalk ADAM'S SONG -Blink walks from the right to the left down this sidewalk at the start of the video Fun fact: the buildings next to the loan company is where Blink dumps cash onto people on the sidewalk in the "Rock Show" video. -The Mexican food restaurant they eat at in the video -The gas station they're looking at magazines inside of while the lady is outside on the payphone MAN OVERBOARD -Little Blink runs down the same street as in the WMAA video -This is where Little Blink chases Banana Mark -Where the live shots were filmed -The concert venue at the end of the video THE ROCK SHOW -Where they took the homeless guy to get a haircut is at the business to the left of the nail salon -Where they dropped the car -it was before the building on the right was built -The building they were on the roof of when they dumped all the cash -This is where everyone was skateboarding and jumping over the van -Where the pet store was that they bought the doves from -The building they bought the TV they smashed FIRST DATE -The burger place -The water park STAY TOGETHER FOR THE KIDS -The mansion FEELING THIS -The jail AFTER MIDNIGHT -The hangar where they filmed the live shots in BORED TO DEATH -Where the live shots were filmed RANDOM SHIT -The infamous light pole that Mark climbed and jumped off of when he first met Tom -The old Sombrero restaurant they would eat and get fan mail at -The house they did all of their early stuff like print shirts, fold up Buddha tapes, etc. -The old location of DML Studios, where Blink wrote and demoed Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket -Westbeach Recorders, where Blink recorded the majority of Cheshire Cat -Doubletime Studios, where Blink recorded their early EPs, Buddha, and additional recording for Cheshire Cat -Signature Sound, where they recorded Enema, TOYPAJ, Untitled, and also Box Car Racer's album -EastWest Studios, where they recorded some of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket -Rolling Thunder Studios, where Blink recorded some of Untitled, and where Tom smashed his Fuck guitar -Tom spotted on Google Maps walking into a Mexican restaurant that used to actually be a Sombrero's location -Mark spotted on Google Maps walking down the street with his wife and a friend - EXPIRED -The venue they played their final show at before going on hiatus in 2004
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    It's SOOOO bizarre and gross to see people making up these insane theories about a woman who has been completely out of the limelight for her entire 20+ year relationship. So many comments about her being a bitch, a gold digger, she's a "chick who got between a dude and his friends." Whether it's projection, trolling, whatever, you guys freak me out and have pretty blatantly skewed views of women.
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    Says the guy who doesn’t like experimentation and wants the same thing over and over again...
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    Oliver constantly takes harsh stances on unpopular opinions -> Everyone else is a contrarian Oliver makes wild claims and presents them as facts with no evidence -> Everyone else must provide bibliographies for all of their posts Oliver was supposedly in a relationship with a woman who ripped him off -> Jen Delonge, monogamous partner for over two decades who started dating her husband before he was famous, is a gold digging bitch who would "chew up and spit out just about any man" Oliver my man, I think you have a habit of projecting.
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    But hey, what really matters here: Iis Leo Dehoe going to ake off his wedding ring too?
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