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    Just got back from the Portland show. It was amazing. They sound so much better than they did when I saw them in 2016, and the crowd seemed way more into it than the last time I saw them too. The place was absolutely packed. Most people must just not buy their tickets ahead of time like I did when I saw that hardly any seats had sold, because it was filled to the brim tonight. Matt sounded fantastic, Mark sounded fantastic, it was so good. Banter was low but there were still funny moments. And they brought back the deep voice Satan gag that was on The Mark, Tom, and Travis show, which made me smile. It was such a great set. I'm so happy I got to hear all of Enema of the State live, plus the really awesome stuff like Wasting Time acoustic. I never thought I'd get to hear that song live. I was on the lawn this time just because tickets were expensive, but they came out right in front of my brother and I to play the acoustic songs. It was awesome. I had the best time. Those who don't venture outside of the blink section of the boards might not know this, but I've had really severe depression for the last few years. Sometimes I doubt I'll ever be able to feel happy again. But then nights like this happen and I feel so fucking good. Blink makes me happy, and I think that's why I can never "outgrow" them. I feel pure joy right now and it's a much-needed reminder that I'm still capable of feeling this way. I'm on a high right now. I had so much fun!
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    holy fuck I'm shaking. Producer calls me at 12:15 says he'll be calling back in about an hour. Called at 1255 and it was Mark pretending to be the producer, I mentioned how blink-182online was a place where we promote the band, post memes and talk about everything blink-182 and by that point I knew it was him. 120% fan girl, started shaking and he asked if I had a question for the band, no warning for this, and I froze. Mark starts busting up laughing and then said he appreciates Blink-182online and to keep doing what we were doing.... So if you wanna hear me fan-girling and freezing like a douche, tune in!
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    This place has been bouncing the last week, it’s always been divided and it’s what makes it thrive, how boring would it be if we all loved new blink. We’d have 5 pages of “yeah great song” and it would fizzle out. Instead we have 50 pages of utter carnage. It’s great when you come back on after 10 mins and there’s been another 20 posts to read through, old members coming back and new ones signing up.
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    you’ve got issues dude
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    I’d draw the curtains if they were playing in my garden
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    I wrote a piece comparable to Beethoven's ninth yesterday. Too bad no one gets to hear it, because I don't have an orchestra.
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    My mum ground me Even though I'm 45 Why can't she see I just want to be alive Lets party like there's no tomorrow Like kids, we have no sorrow Hit up the local punk rock show Never ask adults, they'll just say no Na na na na na na na na na na na
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    My biggest ongoing issue is: Mark, you've been married forever, and have a kid. Like, none of this is personal at all. I really Wish I Hated You is about nobody. Nothing. Darkside... "She's a girl I look back to what could've been" - No, you don't. I think Plus 44 is fucking amazing, partly because of how real it is. I can't wrap my head around them writing blink songs with other people. So many people. I don't understand. Especially... lyrics. He even had a lyricist work on Happy Days.
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    If someone told me this was a target commercial for back to school shopping, I wouldn’t think twice.
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    Just got out of soundcheck, was soooo dope. Mark wanted to play Man Overboard but Matt didn’t remember it lol, played Mutt, I miss you, then First Date acoustic twice (they were going to play it tonight) but Matt was struggling and they went back and played Down and are going to that. Mark said album title is confirmed now, and is NOT one of the three they talked about the other day. GD was indeed originally 3 minutes, he said the first half was like a Beatles ballad that ended with the current GD and they just didn’t like it all together. I gave Mark all the cards at soundcheck, he fucking handed me the bass he recorded EOTS with to take pix with. Only my buddy and I got a pic and he asked for it back. (My buddy has this all on video). Also got my SC album signed at soundcheck, waiting in line for pix now. Will have more later.
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    Travis‘ comments on his Insta post. Haha
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    No wonder Mark is looking forward to playing it live. Gonna replace a 4 minute + song with this to get off stage quicker.
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    New song coming, has nine writers.
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    I’d believe it
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    Ok here's some of the pix: Soundcheck Mark was just chillin for at least 10-15 minutes before anyone else came. He sat here and talked and answered pretty much every question/request: Skiba/Trav at soundcheck: Trav chillin at soundcheck (I actually was scared I was going to get spit on lmao) Showtime Neck Deep (they seriously crush it) Weezy (I was actually surprised that I didn't know ~70% of what he played. But the crowd was loving it, and it was crazy to see him smoke that fat blunt and remember words lol. His ice he's wearing is ridiculous up close, he even had it on his ankles/shoes.) Crowd during Weezy: Blink came on late (This is Skye in front of me, I talked with her a bit before the set and she actually gave me Trav's used drumstick after his solo due to this and my Simple Creatures shirt IMO) Horrible view I had: Trav solo: Skiba after the stage change: VIP pic (got it texted to me during the show which was super fast): The goodies:
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    They’re only doing this to sell tickets to their failing shows. Open your eyes blink bots. The timing, tone and placement of this post backs me up 100%. That neon smiley might aswell be a flashing “buy here” sign. Luckily I’ll be so busy GETTING LAID all day Monday for me to even notice this.
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    He's writing down the riffs he needs adding to backing tracks. Either that or they're ordering a chinese to the studio and he's taking down everyone's order. "is that two special fried rice John?"
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    Rocked my whole world. I don’t know who I am anymore
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    Skiba is incredible in no heart to speak of. Fuck me he’s well and truly made me look a right cunt here. What a fucking song. An absolute force of nature. Tornados in my head
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    From a marketing perspective I am not sure how trying to stay relevant with teens will work for them. I think the casual teen has far better options than some washed up middle aged men. I think Blink's core base kind of aged with them and is now 20's-30's. So I am really not sure what the fuck they are looking to accomplish here. I think they'd be much better off writing music from the heart in an organic setting without all this bullshit.
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    lol true. This one goes out to Oliver. I will make a video for Dammit and he can too so the people can speak. Haha, just having fun, and here is my first ever video posted to youtube lol:
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    Alright boys, Album is coming out soon, we've got quite the battle ahead of us. We should probably start preparing now. We're going to need men to defend the meet and greets. We're going to need more men to defend the stale setlist. Skiba fucking up the intros and lyrics when using a teleprompter? You bet your ass we're going to need a lot of men to defend that too. We need to be very proactive with our damage control. Call people racists if you really need to. Attack Tom, defend Matt at all costs! Tom putting out a new album? Let's take a big steamy shit on that. @Ghent @JarJarBlinks @Ry-Bread
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    outside of my laughing gif (which I stand by) - No one should be surprised by this. California was sonically like blink forgot how they were supposed to sound and took inspiration from the bands they influenced in their past - it sounded like a talented painter getting knocked on the head and being reduced to finger painting. Just a watered down, wanky version of what it should be. We knew they were on a bit of a high from how California performed, and we saw droves of different writers, producers, Feldmann still involved, and Mark suddenly releasing synth-laced 80s stuff. There was always going to be a more pop focused edge to this record - and this single confirms that. this is paint by numbers "please do well on the charts!" track for the modern age, where most songs sounds fucking identical and autotuned to shit. Now it's definitely 'experimental' for blink, because blink don't usually release straight up pop music. so you know, Mark was right on the money there. For direct commentary - Idk why people like the lyrics. they're not as unbelievably 'cringe' as some of California but it's fucking weird to have lyrics about being a misunderstood messy punk kid when there's not a single goddamn thing that fits punk musically in the song at all. it's also hilarious hearing these lyrics from Mark, who's darkest part of his childhood is his parents divorcing.... just like half of the worlds parents. Boohoo, big boy. Musically it's just bad. not really sure how to defend it. I can't talk about it instrumentally because it's a garbled together mess. I think if you actually reduced it to it's bare parts it would've been a typical so-so California song, but they've just scrubbed it with bullshit polish and left it at that. I'm not angry. I'm not disappointed. blink died ages ago, this is just fucking funny now.
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    holy shit, I fucking knew it
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    Mark lurking the boards to catch up on Blink Italia drama, as the bleached dildo finishes writing the next Blink album:
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    here ya are. bought it just this morning for it
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    This is my first post here but I’ve been lurking this board since BIOMY came out to catch other opinions from other Blink fans besides the reddit page... and holy shit did I stumble on a goldmine of entertainment. I assume you’ve all be here since before the reunion with Tom, for the most part at least. I bring this up because i think it factors into what’s at play in this Oliver music situation. You’ve all lived in and communicated in this bubble for so long that even truthful comments from other members gets taken as trolling and hating for the sake of hating. I hope my opinion, from an outsider who has very little idea of the history of you guys can help this argument. Even though I know how it will end. this dude (Oliver) sabotaged himself on purpose from what I could tell. It’s 2019, you can take your iPhone and livestream whatever you want with extremely good quality. This dude decided to live stream with a webcam on par with the one used in the first American pie. Not only that, he blasted the sound of the guitar and mic so loud that you couldn’t hear a fucking thing or pick out a distinctive sound or even the faintest resemblance of whatever song he was attempting to play. This had to be by design. i give credit where it’s due, dude stepped up and did what he said he would (half assed albeit) I wouldn’t have the balls to go that far with it. The Seinfeld fan in me likens this situation to George taking his dead fiancés parents to his house in the Hampton’s that doesn’t exist just to see who will flinch first. anyway, it was a dreadful performance from what we could tell. Maybe it was better but the fucking gameboy he filmed it with prevented anyone from catching anything that remotely resembles talent. I don’t want to slam this dude because I’m new here (wouldn’t shock me if I get ban hammered) but he’s so fuxking delusional. He’s out here acting like he’s god because he stumbled through a queen solo for 25 seconds. Tom and Matt don’t need to film themselves playing queen riffs to justify their professional expertise. They have millions of sold records, sold out shows, and millions of dollars to justify how good they are. the original thread and this one is like a sociology experiment with a delusional person. It’s actually fascinating to be on the outside looking in because no sane person come to any conclusion that he has. i don’t even know what else to say but it’s just like sad almost. Hopefully I don’t get banned and we can all talk Blink together in the future. I’m not a “Skiba bot “ by any means. I’m on the team of wanting Tom back. But I just caught them at the holmdel nj show it it exceeded expectations. comparing both performances I saw in the past week or so. Skiba destroyed Oliver . End of story. inb4 I don’t play guitar or whatever the fuck the excuse for why my opinion is wrong is.
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    Watching, waiting, commiserating.
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    Oliver, since you can only talk in cocky nonesense I'll try this in a way you can understand - I have been performing solo on stage since I was 12 years old. 18 years experience of being on stage all over Wales and in parts of the UK. I supported Killing For Company the same year they opened for The Who, I've played with Eurovision Song Contest semi finalists, I've supported bands that are doing damn well for themselves now (Milk Teeth and Dream State are the first that come to mind) I've gone through to semi finals on a few competitions, one of which I took a bus of 20 people to London for. I've been in two gigging bands and cannot remember how many shows I performed with the first one. I have been in professional studios and I have also recorded myself up against a knackered fridge in someones drug stained front room. I've performed on the back of lorries, at picnics, at tattoo conventions, at weddings, at dingy rock pubs, and completely un-mic'd on a theatre stage. I don't consider myself successful in any measure musically but if there is one thing I'm sure of without a single doubt, is that performing in a room on your own cannot be compared to performing on stage. I have done both for more than half of my life, which makes me feel my opinion is somewhat valid on the subject. You can tell yourself whatever you like, and LOL in as many variations and capitals as you want, but from the way you've spoken about your musical journey I'm going to assume I have more experience in this area than you, and I am flat out telling you it isn't the same and I think every actually gigging musician would tell you the same. I definitely think Skiba is replaceable, but I think his job isn't as easy and doable as you think it is, and I don't think you'll be able to prove to anyone that you yourself could replace him.
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    I'm sure you've deleted the post by now, but you LITERALLY made a post calling Matt unprofessional, said Mark needs vocal coaching because he sounds like shit, said Feldmann is controlling the band, said their live show sucks, etc. Now it's fine to have that opinion, but to switch to talking shit on fans that say this stuff just to kiss up to Mark one year later? From hater account to ass kissing account? Just because you got unfollowed and melted down. C'mon, that is phoney. You're trying to get access to Mark, so you sold out your true opinions. Run whatever kind of fan account you want, but at least be authentic..
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    The worst part of this new era of blink is all these fucking YouTube videos of Cunts trying to make the new songs sound like the old songs. ”what ‘new song’ would sound like if it was recorded in 99” ”’’new song’ : punk version” Absolute cunts.
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    What the fuck is happening in this thread??
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    Drunk Kay here (sup) shootin' shit with Mozarella sticks. Still don't like song. Love ya'll though byeeeeeee
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    I'm impressed by this interpretation, especially because I think you may have put more thought into it than Mark did!
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    Its like celebrating 20 years of marriage with your new wife you married 4 years ago
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    Listened to the Neighborhoods album today after a long time. Fuck it! That album was awesome. I might be alone with that opinion but that’s a really great adult rock record. Always loved it and it has aged very well. Thinking about the disfunction in the band at that time and how it was recorded makes it even better.
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    The funny thing is you have Oliver absolutely belting out about how he knows his shit about music with absolutely nothing to back it up (that any of us have seen at least) - apart from a couple of shitty barely audible videos and a mediocre Queen guitar solo Then you have Neal who has a fuck load to back it up, writes and produces his own music in a good band that has played around Europe but is too modest and decent to throw it in Olivers face to completely embarrass him. Kind of says what you need to know about both people doesn't it?
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    Well I’m from the U.K. and today I heard it playing in the men’s room of the Italian restaurant I was in. Although it could have just been the sound of the guy having a shit in the toilet next to me now that I think about it. Hard to tell.
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    Just listened to EotS all the way through for the first time in a long time, and damn, I love this album. This album definitely changed my life, and while it's never been my favorite blink-182 album I'll always be thankful for it.
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    you don't understand the word milf, do you?
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    woman works with a man = must be sleeping together.
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