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  1. you people are very ignorant and stupid sometimes, wow i didnt know tom was kidding OMG!!!? wow i knew he was kidding from the start and i knew he hadnt changed
  2. yeah i know, its very disappointing great cd, i think some guy on blink182.com said he was the guy who screamed before they came back on stage for the encore or something
  3. yeah it sounds like a high pitched thing, as for anthem part 2, i have no idea and the talking at the beginning of reckless abandon is nothing its like mark and some other guy, its nothing satanic
  4. copy and paste the url into your address bar awesome guitar, it looks like some other fender that i cant think of the name, damn what was that name.....
  5. ha ha, people are seriously gonna wack it to this album, damn fags
  6. someone upload 7,8,9 in mp3 NOWWWW!!! AHHHHH
  7. wow i fuckin cant stand youtube, its gay and has to load every second god i fuckin can only watch like 5 seconds of this unoffical video thats not gonna be on tv
  8. it also sounds cool to almost deaden the string from palm muting and put on a little distortion, really great sound
  9. well let me explain, sometimes i try to write my own guitar music and i came along a really cool riff, but after a few seconds i ended up playing the intro of AND I by boxcar racer, i was kinda pissed but it was cool since i did it totally by accident, it might not be in the right place on the neck but im pretty sure the pattern is right
  10. dammit, carousel, enthused, pathetic, man overboard, r some of my favs
  11. http://www.lostandfound.de/cgi-bin/suche.pl?val=_/0_/_/&typ=formex&sortorder=Sparte&Sparte=alles&indikator_nav=start&Titel=&Format=alles&Artikel=atticus&limit=15 its there u dumbass guest god all u had to do was click on one of the links scrolldown and ther shirt was there
  12. sweet thanks i thought it was this at the end g|--9/13\9------ d|--x------------- a|--7/11\7-------
  13. ha ha greedy what new album
  14. i think everyone on this forum has it just look around your house u lazy [insert word here]
  15. yeah and like blink--182 said earlier he wasn't kidding in the podcast. which one and what did he say cuz there so long and i never listeend to the whole thing
  16. hey is there a newer version of the adventure or not
  17. In my opinion, I think Yes thats what it means, sorry. yeah i always wondered that lol
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