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  1. From what i've heard it wasn't super messy. James married an american and was splitting his time between Las Vegas and Leamington. The band were't keen to relocate so they split. I'm pretty bummed there as no prior announcement. I had tickets to see them in birmingham and was looking forward to seeing them at reading also. I hear James already has a new band up and running and we should hear something soon. A couple of the other guys already have a new band and an EP recorded. Check it out: http://magpiesandvagabonds.bandcamp.com/
  2. I use ticketweb a lot. Its supposed to be a 'smaller' ticket agency thats is affiliated with all the academy group venues, but in reality its own an operated by ticketmaster. I begrudge the fee's as i'm sure everyone else does but for the post part I grit my teeth as I know there's little other option if I want the tickets. The booking fee's, transaction fee's and credit fee's are all a burden but the fee's that irritate me the most are; Shipping options: UK Mail £2 Print at home (recommended) £2 Box office collection £1.50 So a stamp is about 45 pence? does an envelope really cost £1.55? Unlikely. Print at home? Two pounds? really?!!?! They charge you this to generate your booking reference in barcode form then display it on a pdf. I kid you not I've spoken with door staff who've told me of this. Why would they recommend this, what advantage does it have to me other than time effort and printer ink when I could have these sent for the same price (and have a souvenir) Nothing to do with the profit margins i imagine. Box office collection? If I bought tickets from the box office prior to the show there would be no fee, if I even bought tickets from the venue of the day of the show there would be no collection fee. Where does that £1.50? Does it really cost that much for ticketweb to email the venue a schedule of ticket purchases prior to the show?
  3. I caught them a few times. Dropkick murphys, less than jake, living end uk tour! Awesome line up. I caught 3 shows on that tour!
  4. First off, anyone who has not checked out "another weekend in the city" should do so. It's a compilation of all the WITC b-sides and bonus track they recorded alongside the album which just as if not better than its counter part. Anyone who says Kele had to much influence on intimacy should listen to "pin me down" Russels other band. Time crisis sounds like flux with a female vocal. I have tickets to see them on Thursday. I shall report back then!
  5. Finally caught this movie last night! My eyes hurt there is so much going on! Ace fun though! Plus I discovered my local theatre id the first in the UK to install D-Box seats. It meant I got to spill all my pop corn and coke during the movie while getting a massage!
  6. 6 1/2 hours and i've finished the campaign! Honestly as soon as that disc goes back in the case tonight I doubt i'll ever touch the game agin. Don't get me wrong, it was a great 6 1/2 hours but no lasting appeal to me.
  7. UL is awesome and their version of up all night is everything blinks should be! But I don't expect it to win a poll like this, not on a blink forum.
  8. I used to think they were punk rock and all about the politics, then I read fruitbags statement after he 'left' the band. It ruined it a little for me. I haven't thought the same about them since.
  9. I thought the first was pretty vile and tasteless and wasn't a fan. It seems the second movie has now been banned in the UK for being "sexually violent and potentially obscene" and due to its ban it cannot be resubmitted no matter how many cut it has. Source - Contains massive spoilers. Thing is though, this may have posed a problem back in the days of VHS but anyone with a broadband connection will likely be able to view this, no matter where they lives. The whole banned thing makes me want watch it out of curiosity.
  10. I actually thought this topic was about Faith No More when I clicked on it. I was tricked!
  11. Teamhuw

    The Sounds

    If she's a dude, then i'm totally gay for her!
  12. Teamhuw

    The Sounds

    Fuck this band is good! After America and the UK Sweden is by far my third favorite music producing nation! No-one seems to have made a topic about the new album "something to die for". The whole album sounds like the scream 4 soundtrack, its a lot more keyboardy and new wave than their last offerings but still a solid album! Anyone else keen on the band?
  13. Haahaa! I LOVE Funnybot! He's so funny!
  14. It wasn't a bad movie, but the f&f series I thought was meant to be about cars. This was more a heist movie. Of course they'll be a sixth though, with opening figures like they had they would be dumb not to....
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