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  1. There are no good fruit scents.

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    2. Patient #48273

      Patient #48273

      @Malcolms Ex the only good thing about the smell of fruit is that it's better than tasting it.

    3. Speedo


      @Jans Yang Wagon, start at Psalm 41 and don't start reading until I tell you! 


    4. Patient #48273

      Patient #48273

      @Malcolms Ex Your mother sucks cocks in hell!

  2. Jan is right. Fish shouldn't be flushed, even after they die. Either let it die on its own or google ethical ways to euthanize a fish.

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    2. Ghent


      I can see how it might be bad for a personal septic system, but most people aren't on septic systems. But I don't see how a city sewer could be affected by a tiny blob of organic material

    3. Patient #48273

      Patient #48273

      I'm not convinced most lay people (myself included) can accurately verify whether a fish is dying or just sick. There will inevitably be some mistakes, leading to live fish being released. And even if you wait until they're dead, the dead fish are probably diseased and if they're eaten by native fish, it could cause issues. Yes, sewage is also bad for them, but doesn't carry species-specific viruses, etc.

      And it's not going to be a big deal if one person occasionally flushes a sick fish, but if lots of people do it, it can cause serious issues.

    4. Ghent


      So you are opposed on an ethical level more than a practical level.

      That's fair.

      A fish doesn't reach that level of moral consideration for me though. I'd feel worse about squashing certain types of insects than I would flushing a half dead fish. Fish barely have a brain

  3. Happy birthday!!!!!!1!

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    2. Feeling_This_1
    3. Iblinkfor182Always


      Not sure what's so funny

    4. Feeling_This_1


      I viewed your join date (Oct 16) as your birthday and was confused lol

  4. Wow, I can't believe so many of us missed 182jimmyeatblink's birthday. He made such an impression in his 29 posts 15 years ago.

    1. Ghent


      Actually, those 29 posts changed my life.

  5. Probably because no one wished him a happy birthday last year.

  6. The option still exists, but on mobile, you've got to type out (spoiler) and (/spoiler). (Use square brackets for both, obviously.)

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    2. n i k u

      n i k u



      mine looks like this 

    3. Patient #48273

      Patient #48273

      That's what it looks like on my phone. If that's on your computer, idk what to say other than trying a different browser or just typing out the tags like you'd have to do on your phone/tablet. Or maybe ask Dean.

    4. n i k u

      n i k u

      its back now... i guess ghent did something lol 

  7. Look at Speedo using his secret powers for evil again.

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