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  1. Do you think he lords his money over the others?
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure if Kerrang's announcing it or if they just know about the announcement and prepared an article to go along with it. Or if it's all just BS...
  3. If there is going to be a big announcement from Kerrang today, what time would it likely happen?
  4. It's crazy how 2005-2009 felt like forever, but 2015-2022 has flown by.
  5. @NeverOliver you're into something weird. It's okay, just own it.
  6. They look like naked toddlers. It's disturbing.
  7. Please continue the Faplord trolling in the below thread...
  8. Their dynamic is one of the best things on TV. Very minor spoiler...
  9. I know adults who collect them. I find it pretty cringe.
  10. My taste is too unrefined, we need @Johnny Fappleseed to tell us.
  11. Have you listened to the Avril/MGK collab?
  12. Wait, I thought it was a term of endearment.
  13. Faplord: I don't care about MGK. Also Faplord: *posts about MGK 80% of the time, often brings him up out of the blue*
  14. I'm sure it felt that way to you because you fixate on him so much.
  15. No one here cares or talks about MGK nearly as much as you do.
  16. The lack of comma makes it look like two people, Mark Skye and Jack Hoppus.
  17. Jan has had the same thought! You two have more in common than you'll ever admit.
  18. It took you an hour to think of this one, huh?
  19. Sure, his image played a big role in his popularity, but there's also talent and hard work there... probably connections too. When someone becomes hugely successful, it's not just because of one thing. The most talented people usually aren't the ones who get the most mainstream success, but truly talentless people don't tend to become successful either.
  20. Shitting on pop music got old in high school for me, but we all mature at different rates.
  21. Mainstream music isn't all good or all bad. Most of it is meh, but that's true of alternative and independent music too. But you're naïve if you think that record labels, etc. don't prefer to sign pretty faces and full heads of hair.
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