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  1. Frozen 2 for like the 542 time. (DVD Screener came out over Christmas break and I suddenly became my daughter's hero )
  2. I'm sorry but Tom's latest posts about his new chick are just gettin kinda weird.
  3. I love Yellowcard, but don't get this at all.
  4. this album is fucking sick. that is all Congratulations is my favorite song so far after a few listens.
  5. I keep coming back and listening to 'All the Way'. Can't wait for this new album!
  6. After about 20 listens I'll finally comment. Skiba surprised me and I'm thankful. This is not bad at all. And I can't get 'Hungover you' off repeat!
  7. This song is clearly about Tom
  8. This new NF song reminds me way too much of Ether:
  9. It's Ok, just kinda huge. Cut the height to like a 1/3, I got it with the dude ranch picture cause it was a picture, but just text doesn't need to be so big. Just my opinion
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