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  1. https://tothestars.media/collections/holiday-2020/products/tom-delonge-signature-gibson-miniature-guitar
  2. This is honestly one of the best blink videos i've watched in a decade. Please Mark do more of these! Such a good era of my childhood and to now have Mark Hoppus damm near be Blink-182 Morgan Freeman and narrate those moments is beyond fucking awesome! I want more!
  3. I like this song, but just saw a "Bruh, ya totally ripped off Offspring bro" comment on Instagram and now I can't unhear it when I listen to the song. Can't put my finger on which Offspring song though, I think MOTA.
  4. welp, i missed this one and can't find it anywhere. oh well
  5. I like it, but maybe half the size would be nice, just my IMO
  6. gave the album a listen yesterday and actually like it a little more than they're past few albums, hopefully it'll stay that way. i keep finding on past recent albums my first listen i enjoy it but the replay value dropped right off after that.
  7. really wish the guitar was turned up and all the other synth shit turned down
  8. Frozen 2 for like the 542 time. (DVD Screener came out over Christmas break and I suddenly became my daughter's hero )
  9. I'm sorry, but AVA blew Ethan nuts after WDNTW
  10. I'm sorry but Tom's latest posts about his new chick are just gettin kinda weird.
  11. I love Yellowcard, but don't get this at all.
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