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  1. I want these! Where can we get these?
  2. Smoking a pork butt today...
  3. Anyone notice the names in the art work backwards are "eat my gap" "rim job" and "fucker"?
  4. To be honest my original vote was BIOMY but after giving a wet fart a few listens I gotta say a wet fart is really growing on me.
  5. for anyone saying who cares about opening bands I somewhat agree, but the Blink shows I saw in FL that had Midtown/NFG or JEW/GD opening for them freaking made for an a total awesome night! Even the shows with FOB opening, or the Cypress Hill one was pretty good. But lil Wayne... What the fuck?
  6. The ratio of likes to dislikes on the youtube video is pretty bad too...
  7. What the fuck
  8. In all fairness Tom helped create the songs and couldn't play/sing the parts correctly.
  9. Just curious, what's your favorite song of the Simple Creatures EP Strange Love? Personally I'm really digging Ether so that's my vote.
  10. The same day Rick and Morty Season 4 airs!
  11. What an odd way to bring a 12 year old topic back
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