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  1. i did everything straight through garage band. it's kinda basic seeing theres only a handful of ways to edit the songs, ie reverb, distortion, chorus etc. but i never really wanted to get to fancy with my first release so it worked out. by the time i get to record my next ep i'll hopefully get to sit down with some friends and work on full band recordings with real recording equipment.
  2. theres a garage band app for ipad and iphone and they both come with a built in mic thats actually not too shabby considering. thanks for the feedback, man. i really appreciate it!
  3. hello, guys! i just release my first demo EP! and it's up for totally free, although, you can donate any amount you feel comfortable with. it's a little rough around the edges cus i really can't afford good recording equipment so it's all recorded from an ipad. but i kinda like how it sounds. i'd love any feedback, good and bad. it was written and recorded over the course of about 4 months and deals with loves and lossed, life and death, giving up, growing up, moving on and picking myself back up. so i hope some of you enjoy it! sweetvictoria.bandcamp.com
  4. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH8VO60a7B4 pretty unfinished, just lookin for an opinion
  5. so i threw another song up there, trying to be a little more simpler with the songs. more of just vocals and guitar, less effects and stuff. if anyone cared lel.
  6. yeah im still kinda getting the hang of recording so for now im just trying my hand at demoing. when im putting down vocals they never seem to come out as good i can usually get them when im just playing for myself. my voice has come a long way from when i started getting more passionate about writing which was only like a year or so ago. but thanks a lot, man. ill definitely be putting more up in the near future!
  7. so, i havent posted in a super long time but i lurk around everyday. anywayz i thought this would be the best place to debut my bad love songs cus i know everyone here has a strong opinion of what they think is good or bad. i mean theyre not terrible but theyre really amateur seeing as i just started to actually demo what ive been writing over the past year. its been a rough year for me personally to say the least but i digress. have a listen and tell me what you think, just looking for some constructive criticism. gotta get started somewhere i guess. https://soundcloud.com/sweetvictoria
  8. just poppin' in to post on page 666 prize fighter inferno - half measures.
  9. stftk would be a rad song for rockband. i'm stoked.
  10. the song was alright, but the video was pretty derp.
  11. haha, i was gonna say. this album is doing amazing right now.
  12. tl:dr haha, nah jk. that's cool, man. this album is helping with pretty hard times for me right now, too. keep on keepin' on.
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