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  1. Thanks dude. Unfortunately someone got it for me as a gift. So I need to wait for them to send me the email. I sent them one. Fingers crossed I really wanna hear this record.
  2. Did the modlife version come out yet? I haven't received my email.
  3. a-trak! I'm always thinking about the good old days. With the the march madness of the songs, bRB, ripping feeling this off Madden 04....good times. Welcome back. Still can't remember what my handle was back then!
  4. haha no i didn't mean anything by it, i just mean like a mixed crowd. I personally would be disappointed to go to a concert and see nothing but dudes but I mean the band is killing it so who cares.
  5. I love the song choice...but that is really a room full of dudes, is that what pop punk has become? Dude city? I'm way out of the scene these days.
  6. well that ends the whole "vagina" rumor.
  7. Fuck Yeah! 11:30 am Pacific! It will be here when i wake up tmmrw...
  8. Am I mistaken or are the lyrics in the 30 second clip different?
  9. I'm happy with 14, the only thing I was curious about is if there are more songs out there. Ones that weren't "good enough" or aren't finished, or they just don't feel like using. I don't care if I hear them, just curious if they exist. I know they have mentioned numbers numerous times so Im curious if anyone has any info. But that's just because it's been 8 years so I'm feeling greedy. I'm sure Friday at 7:30 am ill get over it.
  10. 14 total tracks! Wasn't that the original number we heard? What was the most songs they were kicking around at one point? Was it 16?
  11. That Guy Sounds Like a Pre-recorded Robot.
  12. I look at it this way. These are the last few days of pure mystery. The "what's inside the box." Its only a matter of time before we stop imagining what a new blink song sounds like, or starts up as...and start discussing what we've heard. "Our Greatest Fears Lie In Anticipation" - Don Draper "Mad Men"
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