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  1. Podge

    After Midnight

    Loving it so far
  2. Podge

    Yellowcard Reunion!

    Just downloaded the new song from iTunes and it's AWESOME. Roll on March!
  3. Podge

    Dude Ranch - Round 1

    Voted Dammit, just purely because I've heard it sooooo many times by comparison to the others, and when playing the album lately I find myself skipping it.
  4. Great news!! Birmingham please.
  5. Odi, I just listened to this twice through and its EPIC. You've got some serious talent dude!!!
  6. This is AWESOME!! Will post back after I've listened.
  7. Podge

    Mark Animated Gif

    you can use this site to convert youtube videos to gifs http://video2gif.leechvideo.com/ Hope that helps
  8. Podge

    favorite +44 song?

    good call. Lycanthrope, No It Isn't, 155 for me Good choices. Same for me.
  9. Podge

    Meet Blink?

    I wish
  10. Podge

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    Dave Melillo - Sam's Song
  11. Great news!! Can't wait to see this!
  12. Podge

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    The Offspring - Get It Right
  13. Podge

    Mark looks younger

    That video is so fucking awesome.
  14. Podge

    UK tour

    Sweeeeettt, Birmingham date I'll grab a few tickets when I get paid! Thanks for the info.