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  1. the black parade tour was one of my favorite concerts i've been to.they did the entire album in character in their costumes, followed by an encore that was a decent mix of three cheers and bullets three cheers is a classic to me because it represents junior/senior year of high school,probably moreso than blink. black parade is just a solid album. i liked danger days when it came out but it quickly faded. i don't know if they took too long between releases and i lost interest and moved on or what. that being said i really like these new songs. boy division sounds like it would have fit in nic
  2. and thats also why tom kept referring to blink as the band he started in interviews during the breakup
  3. I visited a friend in Denver a few weeks ago and went with her. I happened upon a Yellowcard signing with practically no line, so I got an autograph. NFG, TBS, Yellowcard were all good. The Used were pretty 'meh'. I'm seriously considering going to the Atlanta date in a couple of weeks, but its looking like it'll be alone. I kinda followed John Nolan around when I saw him walking the crowd. Maybe in Atlanta I won't have a face full of nachos and can walk up to him.
  4. I got an email from SRC yesterday saying they shipped the Dude Ranch vinyl I ordered and it also says they shipped the TOYPAJ 7"s I ordered along with it. I'm most likely going to have to email/call about refunds.
  5. Nice. I skipped out on the first pressing. Now I just have to hope Record Store Day doesn't bleed me dry before this sells out. I should probably work on that SRC refund too.
  6. This has been a quality discussion about Mark's AMA. It's a shame he hasn't done that interview yet.
  7. Yeah. I don't know if waiting until next week is a good idea. A couple of days maybe. Or else he is likely to forget and move on. Sending questions via tumblr shouldn't happen either. We either get it or we don't.
  8. um, well, that's what I am. I'm not trying to be fucking Tom Brokaw here. Its a funny personal board reference. I wish I understood things like this. Anyway, ask him to come on her face, for me. haha!
  9. I think my excitement when I saw this matched my disappointment when I saw the link to the fake interview on my dashboard. This is awesome.
  10. I may be mistaken, but I think he used to post here way back in the day
  11. I will never understand why all of the criticism and hate towards Tom and none towards mark. His biggest contributions to the album sound like +44 songs that didn't make the cut.
  12. I don't understand people having a hard time accepting the fact that mark would write a song about Tom on a blink record. Its not like it would be the first time someone talked shit about a band mate in a song. John Lennon took shots at each of the othe Beatles in Come Together. Hayley Williams has written half of Paramore's songs about difficulties within the band. It's not uncommon. It's not like he has another output to vent any frustrations.
  13. I was fine with Bompa, other than not getting my shipping notification until the day I got it and tracking number after I already had it. But I got it wednesday, the day after it was released. I was pleased.
  14. i mentioned to my mom that i was thinking of ordering the hoodie bundle to see what else i can get and she offered to pay for it as an early birthday gift. thinking about it...
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