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  1. I didnt think it was awful as far as movies go. Ive def seen much worse. Wouldnt mind seeing it again for a fresh perspective.
  2. done. uploading now. Thank you Chris for the heads up on the full album stream. Ive been waiting for this for a bit now.
  3. Trying to use my Bandwidth for good not evil

  4. 320kbps is what I always shoot for anyway. With my headphones I hear it crisper and Mark seems more pronounced.
  5. So fuckin catchy. Bravo. This was worth the wait.
  6. http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/blink-182-talks-hiatus-new-album-07-19-2011 if its been posted already my apologys
  7. I dig it . I dig it a lot. If this is the direction they decided to go, I'm on board.
  8. I read it, and yea its awesome. I was at their last show. I took some pictures. I couldnt get GA so take that into consideration. Amazing experience all around http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=384841&id=674429111&l=5daa542ea1
  9. http://pitchfork.com/features/articles/7947-you-were-there-the-complete-lcd-soundsystem/
  10. Idk. He sounded pretty irritated throughout the entire call imo. Lol "you're acting like an intern" made me giggle
  11. Im a very happy man regardless. I believe all in the end, when the album is put out we will all be grateful it took as long as it took. I can safely say Ive never been disappointed in any of their work as blink I cant imagine I would start now. Im not fond of TOYPAJ as a 27 year old, I dont think thats surprising.
  12. Great! Looking forward to it. It seems like this album will be very personal (unlike albums like TOYPAJ). Lyrically that is always the best. Although I think it will be inevitable that there will be AVA influence and this interview enhances that idea. But that's ok to a smaller extent. I just hope Tom is bringing his BCR and Blink songwriting skills to the table and less of his AVA songwriting skills. Should be interesting. well put. Im stoked to hear these "soaring intros and outros" just blinkified
  13. yo tracking is telling me you got your shirt today. right? anyway, i think they set the situation up for failure. they knew he would bomb, got him really drunk, and made him look like a fool. mission accomplished. Uhhh it still so uncomfortable to watch...unable to look away though. Got the shirt today man, many thanks : )
  14. Maybe they let you down. Dont go speaking for everyone mate. I dont see it as a personal thing at all, times are different now...its just the way it is. If youre personally hurt by there actions you might want to re evaluate whats really important.
  15. hey. was lookin through ebay, found this : http://cgi.ebay.com/44-Limited-Edition-Compact-Disc-472-500-/120674171565?pt=Music_CDs&hash=item1c18bdbaad
  16. Surreal is most definatley the best way to describe the experience. When I met AVA it wasn't surreal really, then again it was a cd signing for WDNTW so it was very impersonal. One thing Ill never forget is being able to speak to Tom and telling him how I was able to watch : http://www.amnh.org/calendar/event/Winter-Skies-with-Ted-Williams/ whilst listening to the album and he saying "really? man really? Thats super rad." He seemed genuine enough, granted there were more then a few people who had waited hours to see them. At that moment a really nice dude. I could def see being creeped out by fans when your at his level of fame though. Must really start to take its toll. When I saw blink at the Borgata, that feeling of anticipation when the house music goes off you watch the lights go out, or in this case, "celebrate good times come on" came on....knowing they were behind that big black curtain....that's surreal.
  17. Its such a cool design, kinda makes me wanna purchase it if i can. ...rad they are selling the North American Tour Dates shirt. http://www.bompa.com/bands/blink182/photos/2734
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