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  1. Man, remember when I laughed about Modlife beeing the stupidest thing ever. Good times.
  2. I love Pretty Little Girl, actually one of my post-reunion favourites. Maybe because it reminds me of some good times with my ex, but still..
  3. No, I don't think so. Remember they were playing at 99' (I think) MTV Music Awards in Stockholm, though. But no tour. They're also saying "we'll be back soon" - I'm guessing they're not flying next time either. But I'm 99% sure that there will be not next time. I know it's just a show, but I feel betrayed by (two) of my childhood heroes.
  4. I would guess, but he hated to fly 8-9 months ago as well. It's just feels like they don't give a fuck and can cancel shows where they haven't been around/or never, because they have no idea what to expect from Scandinavia anyway. And to cancel three weeks before is just a way of saying that.
  5. What the fuck are they doing? Under the a month to the Scandinavian tour, and they NOW finds out that "we are now further limited in our ability to travel and will have to find a time to reschedule in the near future." What the fuck? This might be it for me and Blink. Never been this disappointed in my whole life.
  6. Jesus fuckin shit motherfucking piece of shit christ I'm so disappointed right now. For the first time ever in Norway my snow white ass.
  7. And put delay on any guitar riff he made
  8. Weezer - White album is by far the best album for me this year, California on second place. I´m really bad exploring new music besides blink, weezer, green day etc., so this is a great topic!
  9. Just to add in - Blinks concert at Tons of Rock is beeing held at oldest and biggest fortress i Norway, Fredriksten Festning in Halden. The atmosphere is very special and is and excellent place for concerts, festivals, operas etc I geniuly think that this will be an epic concert - we've waited a loooong time for this..
  10. yeah, thats probably excatly whats gonna happen. Because your show sucked this one gonna suck too.
  11. I think the reception will be pretty good. Yes it has been a metal festival since it started up three years ago, but people have also been asking for bands like this to meet the other rock genres fans in norway. After all fans of Blink and punk rock fans in general in Norway have been screaming to get Blink to the country for about 16 years. I don´t care to much what other people think of it anyway, I still can´t belive that Blink is coming to my home town!
  12. Blink just annoucned on Twitter that they're coming to Norway for the first time ever!!! And where? To my home town!! I seriously shitted my pants when I read it, just can't belive it!! The funny thing is that I've had this feeling this morning that something was up. I saw that they added an extra show to Aberdeen and thought to my self that it would be sick if the maybe came to Oslo or something while I lived.. Then five minutes later - Blink-182 coming "We can't wait to see you all in Norway at @TonsOfRock!" I might die during this concert. But then I'll die happy as hell.
  13. I loved it. He was refering a couple of times to Angels and Airwaves as "was". I haven't read up much on them lately, are they still a band? I know like Tom and David are the only originals left
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