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  1. Song is fantastic. I bet this will be their best album since Good Mourning and I feel like I see what they were saying with the MICF comparisons.
  2. Song is great, chorus especially. So glad this band isn’t dead and that they still sound like the fucking Trio. Sounds like MICF and MSIT combined. As someone who loves both, I am hyped. Long live the Trio and thank fucking Christ Feldmann is not on this!
  3. idgaf about this band anymore but I was very saddened to read this Guy has fought a lot of battles.
  4. Hey all, In this thread I will periodically post some Japanese punk bands' songs. In my opinion this is the healthiest punk scene on the planet right now, with bands playing faster, cleaner, and writing better melodies than anywhere else! That isn't to say there aren't other goods scenes in other places such as Brazil (shoutout to Pense!, new record is sick) and France, but this is my favorite scene so I wanted to dedicate a thread to it. Maybe no one else will post here, but whether you like a song or not, if you took the time to talk about it with me I would appreciate the discussion! This band is pretty new. I really like some of the guitar melodies here and the chorus is pretty catchy. I'll be keeping an eye on them! SHADOWS is the continuation of FACT's sound, so they obviously are an important band in the scene. New song is great! Some really sick guitar runs and that perfect gang vocal usage gives me chills. Secret 7 Line is a long running J-punk band that usually utilizes a super positive, upbeat sound. Major key melodies everywhere! Well that's all I've got for now. Later! And I hope you enjoy the music!
  5. decisions


    People are way too mad about this joke. It’s frickin’ NOFX. With cases like this we need to look at the intention of people. Fat Mike supports gun control, doesn’t actually want country fans to get shot...How about we get mad at government officials who don’t want to do anything about gun violence?
  6. Yeah lol that Forbes articles makes my blood boil. "I am the Fever", shut the fuck up Feldmann, you just went in and manipulated a new band with a promising lineup to try and make a quick buck. It's sad because the songs are so awfully structured I just know it was Feldmann trying to turn hardcore into something catchy. Jason knows what interesting song structure is like, he sang on Fake History. Aric even moreso though, I mean Into the Vanishing Light is one of the most successfully experimental modern post-hardcore records in recent years. And the production on it is just incredible (thanks Ross Robinson). That is how you do involved production. With purpose. Instead Travis plays basic pop-punk beats on this album. Like what? You have Aric Improta in the band (literally the best drummer I have ever heard, maybe Billy Rymer is more skilled but I think Aric writes the best parts in the entire punk scene) and replace him with Travis. That's all that really needs to be said. I'm not really that familiar with The Chariot but it took me about 20 seconds of listening to Long Live to realize that this guy can writes riffs about a million times better than the absolutely garbage guitar parts on this EP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3q5n24QDlk
  7. Well this is about as shit as I expected. I was pretty hyped when this band got announced. Fake History is fucking awesome and I have spread praise of Night Verses before on this board. Then I heard Feldmann was at their first show, and that was that. Why in the fuck is Aric Improta not drumming on this EP when he is in the damn band? I mean hey he's only the best drummer in the entire alternative music scene. Oh yeah, it's so Feldmann can attach Barker's name to it in hopes of selling a few more copies of this watered-down, pseudo-rebellious, corporate trash. Super disappointed in Aric and Jason, I really looked up to these guys as some of the potentially great modern punk musicians...Gonna go jam some Fake History. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRQEz7J82ZA
  8. Could be good. It's obvious that Tom was the best songwriter in Blink now so I have more hope for this than I could for anything else Blink-related atm.
  9. This song was really good but man those vocals are bland, when it came out I was really hooked on this EP. Get the drummer in a different band. @darkarrow Obligatory Sorry you don't like any of these, all masterpieces IMO.
  10. Zebrahead FACT Ling Tosite Sigure Back Lift Alkaline Trio Senses Fail Set Your Goals Glassjaw
  11. Why, that was Justin Mauriello - in my opinion the best pop-punk vocalist of all-time, due to his skills of ability and composition. He was as good as you could really ask for live too. His next band, Darling Thieves, was pretty good and I even liked the 2015 soft-alt-rock EP he put out. I actually wanted him to replace Tom:/ He doesn't do much punk stuff anymore but still posts about his ZH days on social media sometimes.
  12. The first two Matches albums are the definition of "just decent" to me. They have some good songs, catchy melodies, but really lack consistency and interesting musicianship. The singer drew the album cover for BTTW though! He knew how sick ZH were back then. I agree you have to like ZH to like this record, as their distinct aspects are present on it. But I have no idea how you could say ZH puts out "the same music every record". That's just being disingenuous IMO. WoM was funk/pop-punk/rap, POTY is the transition album that starts to abandon funk to lean more into rock, MFZB is the real revolution that totally replaces funk with metal/post-hardcore elements, Waste of MFZB is a B-side album but even then the tone of the songs is generally a lot more melancholy than what's found on the record, BTTW trades heaviness for more pop-punk and has a new vocalist, Phoenix has a totally different production style than BTTW (reminiscent of MFZB, believe they were done by the same guy) and the melodies are more varied - some of their most experimental stuff is on here like Juggernauts and HMP, probably the softest rap and heaviest rock ZH had ever done. After Phoenix things get a little samey because the most important member of the band left. But even then that's only two records before they changed things up again in 2015, leaning more towards acoustic stuff. Even if it wasn't really to my liking they still changed things up. ZH would be last band I would say puts out redundant music. Even if it is true of their last few records, how many bands put out 7 albums before the creativity starts to run out?
  13. Nah it doesn't bother me lol I've talked to a lot of people who like ZH(sorry to break it to you Speedo but the ZH Facebook group is more active than this board:))...I'm way used to disagreeing with this board on just about everything by now (most people on here don't like anything heavier than the lighter side of pop-punk, and also dislike things that are well, different from the mainstream idea of pop-punk - most technical/progressive/creative things are disliked). But I am interested in that viewpoint, as I'm writing my own music and am taking it into account. I'm just glad you guys responded, unless I put a clickbaity title like this one most people don't check out my recommendations :/ Even if I think ZH is like the most fun band ever if you guys think they're shit it's still fun to talk about. Also @Ghost, I think MFZB is their best record too and it's one of my favorite of all-time. I actually prefer Justin over Matty but BTTW and Phoenix are the albums I thought I could recommend to this board, as I think they're the most pop-punk ZH albums (BTTW moreso). @Nasa Appreciate the thoughtful response. I guess it comes down to preference on the vocals, I think Matty is a really unique vocalist, I mean to me he is a distinct pop-punk vocalist and I don't know anyone who sounds just like him. And it is kind of interesting how easy the blend of rap and pop-punk comes right? They're the only band I know of to blend rap with pop-punk specifically and I think Ali is actually a really talented guy for making it all work. Of course there are some parts where just sings/screams, but those times also add to the versatility of the band IMO. I mean in the Anthem verses you've got rap/pop-punk vocals, and a little ska guitar part, it's really a unique sound, I think at least people should give them credit for being ambitious haha.
  14. Hmmm, I’m surprised these songs don’t hook the people on this board. Can you guys maybe elaborate on what makes Blink’s songs good, but these forgettable? To me these have way more interesting stuff going on - cool genre mixing, the guitars sound better than anything Tom ever did, great vocalist who has range and clarity while still having personality.
  15. Zebrahead is a very unique band, but I would like to bring special attention to their first album with vocalist Matty Lewis on this board, as this is the one where they sounded the most pop-punk IMO. Basically, the entire album is just song after song of perfectly written pop-punk song with catchy, melodically genius choruses and some of the best riffs in the business. Except no one really talks about this album because Zebrahead seems to live in their own little space between Germany and Japan. It just never lets up. Except, well, that last song is pretty terrible but we won't discuss that here. Check out these two singles: (this is just a total pop-punk classic to me, as essential to the genre as the best Blink songs IMO) And yes I know there's a rapper in this band ahhhhh Except his rap is really melodic and ZH produced the most natural sounding rap-rock ever. Not saying you can't disagree but to me it totally works for them.
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