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  1. Been listening to it more and more. It's a real downer but there are great moments of honesty here where the instrumentation really comes together to create emotive parts. Such as the end of Pre-Arraigned Marriage, Negative Reel, the beginning of Swing and a Miss, but really the whole thing is quite good. A 4/5 for me, haven't really heard anything like it. Though I do think some of it is pretty crude and simplistic in terms of the song structure and lyrics. Other times these aspects are quite good. It also feels a little self-indulgent at times, but I guess that's part of the point. When we're really depressed we start viewing things in irrational and egotistic ways.
  2. Great album. Really hard to listen to at times considering the subject matter, but it's effective overall and I can't say I've heard anything quite like it.
  3. I don’t know what this post means. How would you not label that punk? Like what other genre would it even be? Punk isn’t just what you want it to be, it encompasses a lot of subgenres, many of which have only existed in the past 20 years...why am I even arguing with you guys, fans of punk music wouldn’t shit on an honest, long-running band like waterweed in this way. I don’t think we’re coming from the same place, I want all forms of punk music to prosper, and bands like waterweed are evidence that they can in 2019, when so much is stacked against them - like corporate, manufactured trash like BIOMY dominating the charts, preventing young listeners from hearing music’s most beautiful capture: emotion. Some people who hear that like the way punk expresses it, and go on to be members of the scene. This is why I stopped posting here, I feel very out of my element and like Blink is the only punk-oriented band anyone on here listens to. That’s fine, I’m not trying to deligitimize other genres or their way of expressing emotion, but the kind of vapid, fruitless shitposting I get here just isn’t worth it. It’s a natural extension of critique of Blink’s music to recommend other punk bands who are doing it better. This isn’t really a punk message board I guess, or even an open-minded one where people want to have interesting discussions about music, and I don’t have time to argue anymore, so I’m just gonna take my leave again. Take care. Hopefully Blink has a brighter future than it seems right now.
  4. waterweed writes better melodies than AWH. Nonetheless, I like that band too. This response misses the entire point of my post, which was that bands are still doing punk today, despite Ghent saying that music in 2019 has to sound like BIOMY, and posting that stupid rhetoric all over this entire message board.
  5. Hell yeah I do. Is there something cool about shitting on a great punk band that's been running strong for around 15 years? Here's another great band I could've posted from Brazil. They put this single out - in 2019! Without sounding like a pop band! What a concept. Bands around the world showing Blink how it's done. But whatever guess people here just aren't into this kind of stuff. That's fine I'm not really interested in attempting to convince people that the music I like is good, you do you.
  6. That song should be pretty easy to like for fans of punk rock. Not saying you have to think it's the greatest thing ever (I mean I don't it's just a good track) but it has great production, solid riffs, tight drumming, and a memorable chorus. I posted it because it came out in 2019 and is clearly reminiscent of bands like Belvedere, No Use for A Name, Arrogant Sons of Bitches, NOFX, Lipona, FACT...all bands that are in the same genre of melodic punk that gave us Cheshire and Dude Ranch! Which apparently blink can't sound like anymore because they have to sound like Imagine Dragons and All Time Low to exist in 2019, which is just a stupid argument. Also there are like 10 seconds of screams combined in that song. Like about the amount fucking MCR used on Three Cheers. So if that annoys you to the point where you delegitimize it by calling it "screamo" like a 4th grader than I regret even engaging with you. I understand blink doesn't use screams but how could you be on a message board about a punk band but still use that term it's just ridiculous. For me Blink was the gateway band into punk and all of its subgenres - post-hardcore, metalcore, hardcore, etc.
  7. Punk bands still exist in 2019
  8. Fast blink songs should sound like this: Slow/mid-tempo songs should sound like +44 and Alk3. How they decided that they should write pop songs co-written by 4 other people I have no idea. Or if they wanted more electronic influence, do something like Heavens, which was dark, moody, and catchy:
  9. What I don't get is the hatred for Parking Lot. I feel like the hate on that song is a big meme around here. It's one of the more fun, punk-oriented songs blink has done post-Tom. It has unique stuff going on with the guitars relative to the rest of California, like of all the shit songs Blink has put out since 2016 that's the one people make fun of? I might even call it my favorite song off of California - a solid 6/10!
  10. My favorite character in all this is Matt. The new Trio record was the best shit they’ve done since 2003, like of course he knows this is shit and is just here for the money. What a troll lol.
  11. Fucking kill me. Hahaha they made it even less punk than California. Drums and vocals sound terrible. Hell everything sounds terrible. RIP Blink, Neighborhoods is now a classic album and the new AVA song doesn’t sound so bad. Abduct me aliens and save me from this nightmare.
  12. Yes but why isn't the song written by the band members
  13. Hey guys, Haven't been here in a while. Just want to say I have no idea what the hell is happening with this band, and the new AVA song is also not very good. However, I have been jamming This is a Standoff recently, which is an incredible punk band that I'm sure will make the new song (which is coming out soon?) sound like shit. However, while my hope for this band has long since perished, my curiosity still hasn't so I will give the new song a listen and a fair shot. Also, the A&A with Leo Dehoe was awesome. Good work on that one.
  14. Song is fantastic. I bet this will be their best album since Good Mourning and I feel like I see what they were saying with the MICF comparisons.
  15. Song is great, chorus especially. So glad this band isn’t dead and that they still sound like the fucking Trio. Sounds like MICF and MSIT combined. As someone who loves both, I am hyped. Long live the Trio and thank fucking Christ Feldmann is not on this!
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