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  1. Lol I was going to write "they're like Canada's REM.." Gord Downie (frontman) recently passed away from brain cancer, and they did one last tour that really brought Canada together. They have some really good, unique songs and Gord was featured on a song with City and Colour.
  2. I think BIOMY is produced very differently than California. Songs can be overproduced but sound different. California was superficial pop-punk, BIOMY is just pop.
  3. I edited it because Tom isn’t having meltdowns anymore.
  4. Lots of wiggle room if they are counting TMTATS or Cali Deluxe...
  5. Probably, unless something is happening in 9 days.
  6. Really enjoying the new single. Pretty standard Menzingers, which isn’t a bad thing, but it looks like they won’t be taking many risks with the new album if this song is any indication. I dig the production a lot though. It sounds pretty similar to After the Party, but maybe slightly less produced which is a good call IMO. Getting serious Lookers vibes from the vocals and lyrics.
  7. I’ve worried about the same thing. I guarantee the government uses algorithms to search the internet for key words and we must be a huge red flag.
  8. I’m still curious how the board duplicate happened.
  9. It is pretty hilarious that he purposefully made the recording quality crap to cover up his mistakes. As mentioned, his cell phone would have had better quality recording it, there’s really no excuse.
  10. Welcome! Your post is pretty spot on, Oliver is delusional and can't be reasoned with. How about dem Devils doe? Huge off season in drafting Hughes, acquiring Subban, and signing Simmonds. They look to be a real playoff contender next season.
  11. “Everyone is wrong and I am right.” Oliver has completely lost the plot.
  12. Oliver’s gone nuclear again, blowing gasket after gasket. So much for not getting worked up again.
  13. Right... I might believe you if you didn't constantly brag about how much money you earn (and yet can't pay your medical bills, freeloading off your fellow taxpayers), how you apparently have a big dick, and how you declare yourself a winner in every argument when people pretty much unanimously disagree with your points. It's become very apparent that you've become a delusional, insecure loser that only knows how to speak Trump.
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