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  1. They're still #1 in the Pacific with a 3 point lead and a game in hand. While I think they regress a fair amount, they look like a playoff team. I think you're underestimating the impact that Tippett and his system, along with Mike Smith who Tippett is familiar with. Couple that with two of the best forwards in the world and you have a team that can do some serious damage. They certainly need to improve their depth though, aside from McDavid, Drai, and Neal, they don't really have any top 6 forwards and their bottom 6 is pretty trash as well.
  2. Probably On the Impossible Past by the Menzingers. Definitely my favourite album lyrically.
  3. Slowly making my way through my Switch back log. Played through Link's Awakening the past few weeks. I've also been playing Super Mario Odyssey and Luigi's Mansion lately. Once I get through them, I'll probably start up BOTW and Civilization V (first Civ game). I've tried getting into Divinity: Original Sin 2 but it's a steep learning curve and it's been hard to get motivated to play it - although the writing and story seem fantastic.
  4. Parks and Rec was my favourite show for about 10 years, but I recently did a rewatch and it really isn't as amazing as I originally thought. Particularly season 4-5 onwards until near the end is kind of mediocre. The characters quickly became stereotypes of themselves; e.g. Jerry does something embarrassing/stupid, Ron says something masculine/libertarian, etc. To me, it cheapened the depth of the characters as many of their lines sound like anyone could have writen them if they knew the stereotype of the character. I thought the Office did a better job fleshing out three dimensional characters that don't rely on a schtick quite as much.
  5. Man, I want to see it so badly. It's getting great reviews and the trailer looks like a cluster fuck but still intriguing. Same director as the Witch as well.
  6. Tom May has a podcast and had Brendan Kelly from the Lawrence Arms on today. It was recorded over a year ago though. https://futurefriday.net/podcast/brendankelly?fbclid=IwAR2c8CWk_hNXQAgphkzmisSTaNB9E1MXbRFaWzPiLxmGWBk4hi8Y35QlTcU
  7. My gut reaction is that Mark wrote this portion of the song: This is my all time low Somehow it feels so familiar Somehow it seems so familiar I feel like letting go And every second that goes by I'm screaming out for a second try When you listen to how it's sung, it sounds like Mark could totally sing it.
  8. Anyone hear the intro guitar riff from the The Rest Of My Life by Less than Jake in the Blame It On My Youth verses riff? Coincidentally, Mark helped write some of the lyrics for this Less than Jake song.
  9. I watched this earlier this year. Insane story and it just made me mad. I know a lot of people find this doc sad/depressing but it was just rage inducing to me.
  10. This post hasn't aged particularly well for either team... I still think the Canucks are a bubble team this year. Hughes looks legit.
  11. The look on Matt's face when he realized was pretty amusing. "Aw fuck they think I'm Tom again...guess this comes with the territory." There was a weird edit (dunno if it's just the YouTube video) shortly after where it looks like they cut parts of the interview, and later on mention Alk3 as if they know who Matt is. Found that a bit strange, maybe they had a discussion about it off camera.
  12. I'm just pushing for Mark's mom's lasagna to become our meme version of mom's spaghetti.
  13. Just got Overwatch for Switch since my Xbone died. The 30 FPS drop is jarring and very noticeable at first, but the gameplay is slowed down a fair amount so it's easier for precision heroes.
  14. Good mentions. After the Party, Burn After Writing, and Rodent have become my favourites over time. On the Impossible Past, After the Party, and Rented World are their strongest albums IMO. If you want to create a Blink comparable it's kinda like: Chamberlain Waits = Buddha/Cheshire Cat era (raw and underproduced but lots of heart and character) On the Impossible Past = Dude Ranch (breakout album, perfect blend of genuine songwriting and just enough production) Rented World = maybe Self-Titled? It's a bit darker, more mature, and experimental, but it's also an extension of On the Impossible Past. After the Party = Enema of the State (polished and peak performance) Hello Exile doesn't really fit into the mix at this point.
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