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  1. It’s a dumb comedy, like purposefully stupid but so dumb it’s funny. Definitely a great movie to watch stoned, and super quotable. I enjoy it for what it is.
  2. Yeah I didn’t know we had so many incels on here.
  3. Yeah usually there is a 50/50 split in assets, either through agreement or by the courts.
  4. My Xbox One just shit the bed so I'm looking at getting a Switch. What games would people recommend? I'll probably start by getting Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Link's Awakening, Smash Bros, and maybe Mario Kart.
  5. Might be more post-hardcore than punk, but I adore this song and the last verse is amazing.
  6. Parking Lot is the worst song the band has ever done. Talk about uninspired and cringe. I hate it so much.
  7. I think once the hype wears off this will be a 6.5/10 album for me. Which isn't as terrible as it sounds, it's still an upgrade on California (6/10 IMO). The band is improving and evolving and I really do think they have the potential for a great album in the future.
  8. Travis fucking rips on No Heart To Speak Of
  9. Yesss, the band used an organ on this album. That's the type of production depth that Cali was missing.
  10. He definitely sounds more involved with Nine. Black Rain stood out to me the most after the first few listens, not sure if it's the melody, organ in the intro, or lyrics but I get Skiba vibes from it. And the drums and guitar synergy at 2:14 is great, looks like he's developed a bit of chemistry with Travis now.
  11. First 2-3 listens of the album: everything kind of sounds similar and blends together. After 7-8 listens: definitely more overall strengths than California.
  12. This is an interesting time for the evolution of the Skiba era. There are a lot of tradeoffs from the Cali to Nine era. Overall I like the direction of Nine more; it's better produced and sounds less compressed. Whoever compared Nine to Linkin Park is bang on, sounds very similar. I just like that you can hear Travis smash the drums and some of the electronic stuff works really well. This style sounds like a better version of Los Angeles to me. I'd love for them to take this tone to a more raw rock producer, though. Couple that with more Skiba riffs and involvement and it would make for a solid 8/10 album IMO. Or if Tom goes bankrupt and gets desperate, contract out the guitar riff writing portion for a flat rate fee lol.
  13. Ah I see, you mean harmonies including "woo woo" and "woah woah." I mean harmonies when they are in the background to the main vocals and add a layer to the song. Nine has done a much better job incorporating those more.
  14. The only good one that stands out to me is San Diego.
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