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  1. The best part of the album can be found here
  2. They're valid criticisms from a long-term fan who has given the bands hundreds/thousands of dollars. Jack probably doesn't even know what the California reference means, and he's in college now so he's not exactly a vulnerable child.
  3. I mean, the second one wasn't bad at all - it's a dig at Tom more than anything. The first one is just calling a spade a spade. Crying about facts you don't like hearing about online isn't going to do yourself any favours man.
  4. I'm bored at home and am being a twat on this twitch feed. "If you have someone else build your island, it'll be like the California record." "You should make a Tom avatar, build an amazing island together, and then destroy it because Tom "found it hard as hell to commit."" Too bad he'll never read my excrement comments.
  5. Yeah that's true, most people get the double chin with that angle. @Jan's Plan you could probably weasel yourself into that family, I mean just look at what the 3rd property brother looks like... It's like if Billy Joe and Pete Wentz had a baby who resented his brothers for cutting him out of a multi-million dollar show.
  6. Is that one of the property brothers? He looks like he put on some weight.
  7. Is that the movie where the guy's tighty whities get hung up on the flag pole and his nerdy redhead friend gets tossed into a dumpster?
  8. Did he? I thought it was left open-ended with him having a chance, but nothing concrete. I was more referring to the party scene, though. That's Zooey Deschanel from New Girl. Yeah I don't get the Emma Stone hate at all. She's hot and seems witty. Also enjoyed her as the narrator in that Netflix Explained show. I never finished Maniac with Jonah Hill though, was the ending worth watching the rest of the series?
  9. I really enjoyed it, but damn, the parallels to Superbad are insane. Not even just the general storyline, but the entire structure of the movie. > The setting begins at a high school. > Two close, nerdy friends. One skinny, one chubby. > The two friends want to go to a party for the first time. > They get derailed with a bunch of random shit on the way to the party. > They get drunk at the party and get in a fight with each other, shit hits the fan. > Chubby girl tries to make a move on her crush, finds out they don't feel the same way. There's probably more I'm missing.
  10. The Menzingers put out another playlist for quarantining. They made a playlist for songs they were listening to on tour during summer 2019, and it was awesome and exposed me to a lot of new artists/songs. Excited to check this one out: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4aNAtyyRm2t75Jo3dqcsdq?si=T1i8lW0gTpudJmvK5XOB4g&fbclid=IwAR2stKEUGV9NmvH9nrdEA2z-tsLtqjy_hgBdfhe2YX5-h70Ca32UUoW_CSE
  11. Seems likely, IMO. Nintendo currently has no plans to release any more first party games for the rest of the year, which seems ridiculous.
  12. This part is surprising to me because isn't this just based on user error? Like what's stopping people from just hitting pause when they take a break, and then resuming where they left off on another day? That's what I do with the longer Joe Rogan podcasts and have never had an issue with it. I get making bit-sized content....but if it's with the same guest, then I would think doing 1 longer podcast would work perfectly fine. I don't think there's a big issue to either approach, though.
  13. Weird, its on my Spotify. Maybe some issue with the Australian licensing (similar to how Netflix has different content/licenses depending on the country)? I've never seen an artist only missing one album on Spotify though; only an entire artist being absent on Spotify (Alexisonfire and Atreyu weren't available for a while).
  14. Caught up on Devs now. One of my favourite shows in recent memory (last great show I remember watching was The Boys). It might be the best sci-fi show I've ever seen, although I still need to check out the Expanse.
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