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  1. Sweet, thanks Davey! I notice he also tunes his guitar half a step down for a lot of songs. I know it's a basic riff, but damn does it sound great. Kind of reminds me of Tom Delonge circa Enema/TOYPAJ.
  2. Yeah, I mean I'm sure they have figured things out after going through two messy breakups. I think they're all grateful for each other, because if you remove Tom or Mark, it's unlikely that any of them have a successful career in music. After having gone through so much together, I can understand why they still care about each other, but they now know that they cannot work together based on huge differences in their approaches to recording, song writing, and how they want the music to sound. As for the gain part, it's not as simple as you're making it out to be. It's based on their reputations and how their fans view them. Not strictly about monetary gains. Reputation is huge for building a fanbase in the music industry.
  3. I meant putting on a front, like the niceties are just superficial and can't be viewed as meaningful or significant.
  4. I don't know how genuine it is tbh. Might just be for good PR for both parties, as they both stand to benefit from appearing friendly. Tom gets to talk about how he started Blink, still talks to Travis and Mark, etc. to remain relevant and promote his other ventures. Blink looks good that they are still on good terms with a founding member as it has been a point of contention amongst the fans. Just seems like they are putting on this show for ulterior motives and not because that's how they actually, genuinely feel.
  5. As bad as it sounds, the most realistic scenario I see Tom rejoining the band would be if he hits rock bottom and literally loses all his money. Sound Garden did a reunion tour because their bassist became homeless and they wanted to help him out. Given how Tom is blowing his money on dumbass shit like TTS, and he probably lost quite a bit from his divorce, this doesn't seem too far out of the realm of possibilities in the next 5-10 years or so.
  6. How did you go about making those Blink album pictures? Was it via uploading images to the Nintendo Switch online app? Edit - just saw you used that website! I'm going to copy you on the Blink albums lol, might do some Canucks logos/jerseys as well.
  7. Oh sweet, didn't know you could take back resources from other people's islands. I was waiting to hit end-game stage to visit other people's islands. Thanks for the tip man!
  8. Just picked up Animal Crossing the other day (traded Link's Awakening with a guy over Craigslist). It's my first AC game, but I played Stardew Valley which felt kind of similar. I'm enjoying it, but it feels a bit limited in things to do so far. I'm still really early into the game (just donated enough stuff to have the museum built, but I'm still waiting for the museum to actually get finished). I actually don't really know what to do at this point aside from doing random stuff in the hopes of finding new recipes and fish/insects. All the rocks are gone so I can't get clay or iron to build some of the recipes. I'm guessing you need to wait for a new day for things to replenish?
  9. Yeah, he just gave a canned, conservative response. Don't know what else people would expect at this point. I do find it amusing that the excuse about going forward is almost always "everyone is really busy."
  10. Been playing abit of the free Splatoon 2 demo, pretty fun game. Reminds me of THPS graffiti mode.
  11. Yeah I can't find anything either. It's on the NBC website but only for Americans. Let me know if you find a link lol
  12. 3D technology has sucked from the get-go though. It's a novelty gimmick that entices theatres to make an extra buck, I literally forget about it after the first 2 mins of a movie.
  13. It's always always always a bad idea to be an early adopter of new technology. Look at those dopes who bought 3D TVs in recent years that requrie glasses, what a dumb idea. Prices come down significantly, technology improves quickly. I personally would wait 3-5 years for it to be more perfected + the library of games to improve. I imagine the next wave of consoles will be designed with VR in mind as well, and those will be out fairly soon.
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