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  1. Some dude on HF Boards posted this lol: I worked with Lauren Vélez, who played LaGuerta, on a project some years ago. She said towards the end they didn't even know what the writers were thinking or doing.
  2. This has to be a reboot of the show and not books, right? Cause they covered the source material really well in the first season already, so it seems pointless to do it again with a similar cast. The good thing is they got both Michael C Hall and the original producer/writer who wasn't a part of the show near the end. If it's just a new season that is similar to seasons 1-4 but with a different supporting cast, it could be good.
  3. Aside from not having source material to rely on, my main issue with the last two seasons is that they transitioned from political, dialogue driven, 3D dimensional characters to big action movie that relied more on action than anything else. Littlefinger is the best example of this, as he went from a subtle mastermind to a transparent moron. I also didn’t like the change in format to shorter seasons with a higher budget. They should have kept the 10 episode format as it allowed for more breathing room and dialogue, as opposed to characters traveling across the continent in one episode and
  4. The good ol' days. That thread reminded me of the guy who got that terrible AvA tattoo. Shame the picture links have died. https://blink-182online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/28344-my-new-ava-tattoo/
  5. When I was watching it, I remembered that How I Met Your Mother episode where Barney just wants to meet Johnny from the Karate Kid. Wonder if the idea of Johnny being kind of a protagonist was inspired by that episode.
  6. I loved the first season, excited to check this one out tonight. I think both are based on classic horror novels. Based on the trailer, it looks like it's a new cast aside from the actress who played Nell?
  7. Watching Cobra Kai lately. I wasn't even a huge fan of the Karate Kid, but I'm digging this show so far. It's a good comfort show that you can turn your brain off to. It doesn't take itself seriously, it's super cheesy and campy, but damn it if it doesn't have a lot charm and silly humour.
  8. Tom Bot

    DUNE 2020

    aannnnd it got delayed until October 1, 2021. Not surprising but still a bummer.
  9. Anyone try Super Mario Bros 35 yet? Apparently it's like if the Tetris 99 formula was applied to Mario.
  10. Yeah, I think this applies to like half of the dramas I've seen. Any other time and I would power through and keep watching, but in this golden era of television, there are just too many other options for things to watch. I'll probably come back to it in a few months once I've worked my way through my backlog.
  11. Watched the pilot episode of Peaky Blinders. It's good, but it just didn't really grab me. Maybe it's because I'm not super interested in that era of crime, but I also found that a lot of the scenes are very obviously movie sets...like the lighting is too bright/the set pieces look fake, which took me out of the experience. Also had a hard time understanding some of the dialogue with the accents/slang, might need subtitles. I'm going to give the Crown a shot tonight.
  12. Just saw it's on Spotify now, hot damn I'm going to listen to it now. With all the issues of Hello Exile, I will say that the band surprised me with how poignant their first political song was in America (You're Freaking Me Out). I originally hated the song (just the melody/instrumentals), but the lyrics definitely won me over.
  13. First time playing Mario 64 from the beginning (played it a bit at a friends house back in the day). The controls don’t feel that precise and it feels like Mario is running on ice as he slides around easily, and the camera definitely isn’t ideal. But it’s still much better and more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Just played the 1st level and got every star except the flying cap one (I don’t even know where the cap is?), I think I’ll try to 100% this game. I’m more looking forward to Sunshine and Galaxy just based on their polish and looking more modern/being widescreen.
  14. Just saw that a new documentary is coming out titled Console Wars about the battle between Nintendo and Sega during the 90s. Definitely going to check this one out.
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