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  1. Is it tho? People shit on new Blink mainly because: (a) the production sucked (mainly the Cali era, it sounded so flat and compressed); (b) Skiba couldn't replace Tom in terms of the chemistry and guitar riffs (his live performances didn't help either); and (c) the band started hiring outside writers and seemed to lack direction at times. I think those are all legit criticisms that don't really relate to that video.
  2. You watch the making of Bloody Valentine on youtube? There's this semi-fat blonde guy that kinda looks like Fat Mike from NOFX and he seems like the biggest douchebag leech I've ever seen.
  3. I think you'd really relate to his music and lyrics. I'm still young, wasting my youth, I'll grow up next summer - the Diddy Faplord story
  4. Tom hits rock bottom at some point and he gets his reunion/retirement tour/album with the band. That's gotta be the most realistic scenario at this point. If Skiba stays, he gets like 10% of the cut to quietly play rhythm guitar in the background with a light that is half as bright as everyone else in the band. Skiba also ghost writes lyrics for Mark and barks harmonies in the background. The band has some highs and lows depending on the ratio of Tom/Matt mailing it in on any given night.
  5. I think it’s Pete Davidson for the alien talk, right? Half the reason I enjoy the album is because it’s Travis at his peak. The production works well overall and some of the songs he actually drives, but more subtly and clever compared to when he had the habit of overplaying in the post-reunion era. Cool to hear, I just started learning drums so I want to learn some of the tracks once I git gud.
  6. title track, bloody valentine, concert for aliens, nothing inside
  7. Made for a good Rick and Morty parody episode though
  8. Can someone explain what the term “trap” means for music genres to me?
  9. I think I know what you mean. Is this same criticism applicable to 90% of current mainstream / top 40 artists? Seems like you have difficulty relating to the new generation of pop music, which is probably historically like the most common reason people grow out of new music. You're getting old lol
  10. On first watch (haven't rewatched them) TLJ > TFA >= TROS. I showed up to TROS like 10 minutes late but the way they concluded the arc didn't seem very satisfying, Finn seemed like a waste of space. Still need to watch Solo but most people seem to think it's mediocre. At least Disney didn't fuck up the Mandalorian, that's been the one saving grace since the original trilogy.
  11. This looks like a strawman to me. Something can be cheesy and genuine at the same time. You're entitled to criticize and not like MGK's music and lyrics, but that still doesn't really refute my point about the majority of his lyrics seeming genuine and honest. Seems like you're posting based on your emotions and not on logic or reason.
  12. Why would he lie about doing drugs like cocaine? That drug carries some bad stigma and is a popular party drug that young people are into. I just don't get what your angle is here, man. Saying that MGK's lyrics (largely based on drugs/anxiety/insecurities/etc.) seem genuine and believable doesn't seem like a stretch at all to me. I don't need a video of him shooting heroin to know he's probably done a lot of hard drugs and partied hard given his young age, fame, and persona. And ironically, long-term weed use clinically has been linked to heightened anxiety, so there you go. Seems
  13. Bucko is a legit authority here, his opinion carries a lot of weight. Dude would never be caught lying.
  14. So singing about drugs and addiction while doing drugs somehow doesn't make someone genuine. Moronic.
  15. Lyrically, you can't go wrong with most of the albums put out by the Menzingers and Spanish Love Songs in the last decade. On the Impossible Past, Rented World, After the Party, Brave Faces Everyone, and Schmaltz are all great punk/pop-punk albums. Those have been the bands that have filled the void that vintage Blink left for me.
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