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  1. Blink as a four piece with Skiba wouldn't necessarily be ruled out, Skiba on rhythm would probably be better and could make for a good combo.
  2. True, but it takes away the hype for a spontaneous album release. This band has a history of overpromising and underdelivering with Tom, for the sake of the band's goodwill and its image/PR, I wouldn't announce it. The band could still announce it after Tom failed to fulfill his end of it, depends on the terms of the contract.
  3. Probably. Also terrible guitar tones, some rehashed guitar bits, cringe UFO quotes, and shitty vocals live. But good hooks, better guitar riffs, and the rare good usage of a synthesizer...I'll take it just for the recorded releases. A drunk manic Tom can still put up a great live performance IMO though. I take the gamble for the lols at the end of the day.
  4. Yep, just cut the deadline down by at least 50% lol. A 6 month "prove it" contract seems fair to me. Edit - I also wouldn't announce the news publicly if I were the band out of fear of Tom failing to deliver. And just do an out-of-nowhere immediate release with him if he actually records, like some other artists have been doing lately.
  5. I still think the band reforms with Tom, but it might be a long time (another 5-10 years even). I might have posted this already, but if Tom continues to mismanage his money and hits rock bottom, I can see the band throwing him a bone. Mark would probably be reluctant, but Travis seems like he would be 100% on board with Tom coming back under the right circumstances. Give him a strict deadline to record via a written agreement , and boot him out again if he fails to live up to it. Pretty low risk, high reward scenario IMO.
  6. I've heard amazing things about God of War? Or Horizon Zero Dawn.
  7. Yeah it's likely to happen, it already happened with Scott and Tom (although there were legit reasons to dislike Tom). Funny how it's fan fic when people speculate whether Skiba has a coke addiction, but everyone was happy to jump on that same assumption when it applied to Tom. I think the speculation is dumb regardless and not justified, but just another double standard for the dumb fanboys.
  8. Commit this to Memory and I Am the Movie are my favourite. MDL comes in 3rd, with EIIKM in last place. Never listened to the other stuff. I think my favourite tune by them is Time to Turn fragile, just love that breakdown near the end.
  9. I mean, he's making millions of dollars so it's not like this has been a drag for Skiba. I don't see why Skiba would walk away from that much money either.
  10. Agreed! It's nice when they write songs that actually seem genuine and from the heart. That was why California was such a divisive album, a lot of it seemed like forced nostalgia.
  11. He has an irrational hatred for Tom, kind of like the "you're either with us or against us" mentality. Dumb.
  12. The fanboys are getting weirdly defensive lately, just comes across as really insecure.
  13. I'm not speculating, I'm just shooting down a stupid theory that a very successful musician couldn't contribute due to recording issues.
  14. I don't buy the "Matt didn't have the recording space to pitch in for this song" argument. Can't you buy a USB cord that plugs your guitar into your computer for like $30 and record that way?
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