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  1. Really want to know the juicy Sterling/Gomez gossip.
  2. We all make mistakes, try not to worry about it.
  3. It's a shit song but it's staying in for me because at least it's only shit for 17 seconds so would rather than listen to that than a lot of the shit songs that last for three minutes.
  4. He sounds like he's got his head screwed on and I think that's why he'll end up RB Leipzig. The whole Red Bull thing will make that move a lot easier and it'll be a good step up into a more competitive league with a good settled team that have a track record of improving young pllayers rather than going from the Norweigan league straight to a top European side where instant performances will be expected of him. Would Sancho go to a team without CL football (if you don't qualify?)
  5. Good luck getting any Spurs players, Levy would extort any rival team trying to buy one of his top players. Reckon he'd want at least £200m for Kane and would probably ask for £100-150m for Son. Not saying they're worth that but I reckon that's what he would demand. Kane is still a top striker but seems to be getting a lot of niggly ankle injuries, hoping he gets back to top form for England's sake as we really need him firing on all cylinders next summer. I think it's hard finding players for you at the minute, you want players that are going to take you to the next level but most of those will think they can do better/will have better offers than this current Man United team. Think your best bet is to keep going for young players with potential, think you need to send out the likes of Greenwood/Gomes/Chong/Garner etc on loan to the Championship and get them playing proper physical mens football regularly, look what it's done for Abraham, Tomori and Mount - playing u23 football with the odd Europa game against accountants and postmen from Latvia ain't gonna do shit for their development.
  6. Yeah think it's a complete non starter, grew up in Leeds. supports them, probably holds a bit of a grudge against Man United for what happened with Keane and his Dad all those years back, rumours are he's going to RB Leipzig as the next step up to replace Timo Werner when he moves on to Bayern Munich and will then look to go to a top CL side in a few years.
  7. Fuck this season, whole team has fallen to pieces since Fabianski got injured. Roberto is absolutely shite and the whole team has completely lost confidence since he's gone in between the sticks. I'm also edging towards wanting Pellegrini out, want a young and dynamic manager rather than some old cunt getting one last pay day.
  8. They sound better than they ever have live. Tom sounds better here than anything I've heard from blink in years and instrumentally they sound great as well - good to see Tom taking music seriously again, I'm not even crabbing on that either
  9. Left Alone. Built this Pool should 100% win this.
  10. More weird stuff from the boards weirdest member, no surprises there...
  11. Feeling_Kids_1 gets owned so much haha, then he responds with a terrible comeback and just owns himself again, happens basically everytime. Magical stuff.
  12. Not overly, go to 5-7 games or so games a season usually, not sure how you can insult me for doing that. As I said, I've been to OT more recently than you so I am in a better place to comment overall as to what the ground is like. I have responded to you, what about all the stuff in the articles I've posted? don't accuse of not responding to what you say and then completely ignore the stuff that I have posted...I get it, they spent £20m on a few new suites, disabled seats and a VAR box, woop de fucking woop, dop in the ocean in what's needed. Can't see where I'm making up anything tbh... If those teams have managed to build brand new stadiums with less money, it kind of proves my point doesn't it? surely Man United with their vastly superior resources could modernize and improve OT a lot more than they have, so why haven't they? oh yeah, all comes back to the Glazers again and the crippling debt and not wanting to spend money. I think you're the only fan I've ever spoken too who defends them, it's actually unbelievable.
  13. I forgot you go to Old Trafford loads, I went a couple of years back and I bet that was more recent than the last time you went! It is falling apart compared to a lot of the newer stadiums, listen to plenty of football podcasts with well respected journalists and they regularly say that the stadium and it's facilities are not up to scratch compared to other top clubs, here is a written article from Daniel Taylor who is very well respected about the lack of investment at OT and the land that they own around it, a few upgrades to suites and disabled seats is nowhere near enough... https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/apr/07/rivals-grand-designs-put-glazers-neglect-of-old-trafford-in-spotlight Further evidence of the vermin issue at OT: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/sep/01/manchester-united-mice-infestation-criticised-council While you quote a Talksport article with Sun quotes from an annoymous source, haha you really couldn't make it up! Real Madrid and Barcelona (clubs with big old and famous stadiums) are forking out about £500m to remodel their stadiums, not £20m to plug a few holes - you could of found that money down the back of the sofa if it wasn't for the Glazers but I guess with them selling out every week they see no reason to invest in the match day experience for the majority which is sad for those that pay the money to go week in week out.
  14. I don't think anyone here is saying that, what they're saying is that the Glazers have taken a fuck load of Man United's money OUT of the club, did you know that JUST the interest on their loan to buy the club was £263m in the first three years alone? that was before they even made a dent in paying off any of the actual debt. They had to refinance back in 2010 because the debt stood at £750m when they'd only paid £800m for the club five years earlier, so that was about £50m paid off in five years with hundreds of millions going on interest payments, remember Man United were debt free before they took over as well... The debt is more manageable now but it's still in the hundreds of millions nearly 15 years after the purchase, think of what those hundreds of millions could of done? it's quite common knowledge that Old Trafford and Man United's training facilities are falling apart and have been left behind a lot of even medium sized Premier League clubs, money could also been used to buy players and build for the future when Fergie left rather than the bargain basement squad players he was forced into signing after Ronaldo left. He knew he couldn't rebuild again with the constraints on him from board level so he bought RVP in that last season one last title win and then left a bit of a mess, fair play to him - he was a fucking genius to win the title with that team in his last season as the team in ability had been in decline for years.
  15. Enema of the State is the only one I can think of really.
  16. Left Alone, was so overrated when it came out, really dull song.
  17. You got £60-70m (not sure the exact fee) for Lukaku... Money does count when it comes back in you know when it comes to transfers? especially when you consider that player you sold for big money desperately needed to be replaced...
  18. So if a team spent £300m but sold £350m worth of players, you would say they spent more money than a team that spent £200m but sold £0m worth of players?
  19. What are your opinions on the whole Xhaka thing? I was keeping away as well tbh, we've been absolute garbage for 6 weeks now as well - losing to Newcastle was a real low point, doesn't get much more embarassing than that.
  20. Because you could of spent half a billion more if it wasn't for the crippling interest payments on the terribly structured loan they took out to buy the club? Also Villa, Arsenal and City all spent more money than you this summer in real terms. All that money hiring managers that aren't a good fit, who sign players for big money who aren't a good fit - all this comes back to the infrastructure at the club not being set up for success since Fergie left. AC Milan are traditionally a huge club when it comes to success on the pitch, 7 European Cups is not to be sniffed at - sure they're not in a league that is commercially successful as Man United but so are Juventus and they're not doing too bad overall, it's easy to assume that everything will be that it was but all the factors you are saying that brings money into the club are at least part dependent on success on the pitch , there will only be so long that the companies that hand out those big sponsorship deals will want to be affiliated with a team and club that isn't performing. How is Ashley Young still getting any game time? Why did you let go Smalling but keep Jones and Rojo? Is Fred even a footballer or is he George Weah's nephew? We lost 5-0 on the fist day of the season and have been dreadful since we beat you on the 22nd September and we're still level on points with you...
  21. Look at AC Milan as an example of a team with a massive name/history that are struggling to recover and cannot attract anywhere near the players used too, I agree football is about cycles but if you keep missing out on the CL, sponsors may not be as frequent/lucrative due to lack of success on the pitch, that leads to less money to spent etc etc...even this summer, your net spend was pretty low compared to years gone by despite your squad being wafer thin. I'm not saying this is 100% going to happen but it's arrogrant to think that you can live off your name forever if you don't start competing for major honours again soon. I still can't believe that you STILL have Ed Woodward running the show from a football perspective, needs to go back to signing up sponsorship deals and let someone with football experience come in to do his role. The fact that didn't happen in the summer says everything that you need to know about what the Glazers care about. Also is Ole really the right man for the job? Allegri is learning English supposedly...
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