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  1. Someone give Rybread a tampon before he bleeds over this thread anymore.
  2. I think Liverpool fans should grow up tbh, grown men and woman booing a player? "BOOOOOOOO, BOOOOOOOOOO" never done it at a match and never will, cringe everytime I see someone over the age of 15 doing it. It was like five years ago, hes moved on and so have Liverpool - time to let go. Him and TAA are really good friends and they didn't have a pushing match so it's pretty obvious why it blew up with Gomez rather than him.
  3. Yeah I accept that about Herrera, he was def a leader in your dressing room looking back - I never said he was a bad player either, just said I wasn't sure he was as good as you said he was. I don't think players have set peak years to be honest, depends on when they breakthrough most of the time. E.g Rooney was playing from 16 at the top level he peaked very early and was on a steady downward slope from 27 onwards due to his body starting to pack up early. Whereas Jamie Vardy is still absolutely smashing it at the age of nearly 33 as he didn't really breakthrough at the top level until he was 26/27. Looking after yourself is also a factor of course in when your peak years are too, maybe McTominay will be one of those players to peak later as he hasn't played much football in the early part of his career, guess time will tell.
  4. McTominay got carried off injured at the weekend so fair enough but I feel sorry for Steve Clarke, swear Robertson and Fraser especially pull out of basically every squad but never miss a game for their club. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/50389854
  5. Being captain of the current crop of Man United players is slightly different than being captain of the current crop of Liverpool players, Young doesn't even get in the team when everyone is fit - Henderson does, it's like comparing apples and oranges. Yeah but top teams used to be absolutely full of them, look back to Man United 10 years ago, you had Van Der Sarr, Rio, Vidic, Evra, Neville, Rooney etc...the modern footballer is just different, sure Guendouzi and McTominay are decent young players (edit: McTominay is 23 next month!? it's like Jesse Lingard being young with potential all over again haha!) with leadership qualities but teams used to be absolutely full of players like this (of much higher quality also) when you think back to the great Man United, Arsenal and Chelsea teams especially. All I'm saying, never underestimate what a player like that brings to a team, football hipsters want a fancy name who runs rings around players with intricate through balls constantly like David Silva, sure they're great but there is nothing wrong with a player that leads, works hard and does the simple things well - they're a lot harder to come by than you think.
  6. Not crying - merely making a point, your exact words are 'Fred is soo fucking good!' not implying that he was just good in that particular match... Why is Henderson still captain of Liverpool then? wasn't Naby Keita meant to have replaced him by now? You'd be surprised, football lacks traditional and natural leaders these days - plenty of teams are lacking in them.
  7. Haha, fucking hell, behave. You said a few months back that you rated him and he'd walk into Man Uniteds midfield, make your mind up... Didn't you say Fred was 'sooooo good' the other day after a couple of half decent games against fucking minnows? you can't mock anyones opinions when you're dropping comments like that Henderson is captain of the current CL holders and runaway Premier League leaders, you honestly think Klopp stands for mugs? he shipped out a lot of deadwood over the past few years, there must be a pretty good reason why he has never moved Henderson on surely? he always stands up to be counted in the big games and leads by example (Sunday and Barca comeback are two great examples) - he might not be the most technically gifted player but he does what he needs to do better than most - if he played for Man United and was called Henderinho you'd be choking on his dick. Or would you have rather have a showpony like Pogba who has far more natural ability but only does it for you once every 5 games and gets injured all the time?
  8. Of course, you know how much I fucking love him. Seems like a top bloke as well, obviously got a way to go until he gets to Freds level though.
  9. Gomez was the first Liverpool player to arrive at the training base and was laughing with a group of England team-mates when Sterling walked in around lunchtime. Sky Sports News understands the Manchester City forward took offence then said to Gomez "you think you're the big man now?" and there was laughter as other players thought it was 'banter'. Sterling is then thought to have walked up to Gomez and tried to grab his neck, to which Gomez reacted angrily, and the two players were separated by team-mates before leaving the canteen. That is when Liverpool captain and senior England midfielder Jordan Henderson is believed to have stepped in to play peacemaker. Henderson, who is yet to arrive at St George's Park, was tipped off by a member of staff at Liverpool about the falling out, so arranged for both Sterling and Gomez to meet in one of the players' bedrooms. It is there where Henderson mediated on the phone while both players gave their explanations of the events at Anfield and the England canteen, and it is understood the call lasted approximately 25 minutes. Sterling is understood to have apologised to Gomez, the two players ended the discussion as friends and, for them, the matter is at an end. Sterling also confirmed in a subsequent Instagram post that Gomez and had "figured things out and moved on". Gomez is also understood to have issued a personal plea to manager Gareth Southgate not to send Sterling home. The England boss has decided dropping him for the next European Qualifier against Montenegro on Thursday is punishment enough. Jordan Henderson is a proper leader, people underestimate him on and off the pitch - you aren't made captain by Klopp if you're a bad player. That cross for Mane on Sunday was sensational and he was also playing through illness.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50383693
  11. Really want to know the juicy Sterling/Gomez gossip.
  12. We all make mistakes, try not to worry about it.
  13. It's a shit song but it's staying in for me because at least it's only shit for 17 seconds so would rather than listen to that than a lot of the shit songs that last for three minutes.
  14. He sounds like he's got his head screwed on and I think that's why he'll end up RB Leipzig. The whole Red Bull thing will make that move a lot easier and it'll be a good step up into a more competitive league with a good settled team that have a track record of improving young pllayers rather than going from the Norweigan league straight to a top European side where instant performances will be expected of him. Would Sancho go to a team without CL football (if you don't qualify?)
  15. Good luck getting any Spurs players, Levy would extort any rival team trying to buy one of his top players. Reckon he'd want at least £200m for Kane and would probably ask for £100-150m for Son. Not saying they're worth that but I reckon that's what he would demand. Kane is still a top striker but seems to be getting a lot of niggly ankle injuries, hoping he gets back to top form for England's sake as we really need him firing on all cylinders next summer. I think it's hard finding players for you at the minute, you want players that are going to take you to the next level but most of those will think they can do better/will have better offers than this current Man United team. Think your best bet is to keep going for young players with potential, think you need to send out the likes of Greenwood/Gomes/Chong/Garner etc on loan to the Championship and get them playing proper physical mens football regularly, look what it's done for Abraham, Tomori and Mount - playing u23 football with the odd Europa game against accountants and postmen from Latvia ain't gonna do shit for their development.
  16. Yeah think it's a complete non starter, grew up in Leeds. supports them, probably holds a bit of a grudge against Man United for what happened with Keane and his Dad all those years back, rumours are he's going to RB Leipzig as the next step up to replace Timo Werner when he moves on to Bayern Munich and will then look to go to a top CL side in a few years.
  17. Fuck this season, whole team has fallen to pieces since Fabianski got injured. Roberto is absolutely shite and the whole team has completely lost confidence since he's gone in between the sticks. I'm also edging towards wanting Pellegrini out, want a young and dynamic manager rather than some old cunt getting one last pay day.
  18. They sound better than they ever have live. Tom sounds better here than anything I've heard from blink in years and instrumentally they sound great as well - good to see Tom taking music seriously again, I'm not even crabbing on that either
  19. Left Alone. Built this Pool should 100% win this.
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