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  1. You lost to us, and then Rochdale took you to penalties at home. I'd pipe down, your club is an absolute mess!
  2. Really not good and just feels like a lazy throwaway song, glad it didn't make the album.
  3. What a pile of shit tonight, couldn't watch but why do we always do that against lower league teams in the cup? Play your best team and then bring players off...
  4. He should do one of those YouTube cover duets with Oliver with them both using their own recording equipment.
  5. Haha I didn't see that but it really is.
  6. There is a bit of a difference between a 3 hour Cure show and a 90 minute blink-182 show, surely he realises that? I think they should maybe introduce medleys of some classics to be honest, throw together 3-5 of the least popular/big classics they want to drop into a 4 minute song and then open up the space on the set for 4 Nine songs. Next tour they should be playing at least 5-6 songs off Nine, if not they are fucking chicken shit to move on from the Delonge days and it will always feel like a blink-182 cover band for me.
  7. The Interlude of Kiss and Tell reminds me of connecting to the internet when I was 12. Miss you dial up xx
  8. I honestly think they simply can't be bothered to play for any longer than they do, time is money and all that.
  9. Mard has been around in many forms since I've been here, i feel bad sometimes because I think he might actually be a bit retarded but he can occasionally be entertaining.
  10. Does sound a little bit bland from the preview, glad they left it off the album.
  11. Looks awesome, just praying it lives up to the high standards of the show.
  12. TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY RIGHT NOW. Gutted I won't get to play this until June.
  13. I'll go along with this, the first verse is fucking shocking, the lyrics are bad and it doesn't flow at all.
  14. No real news is it though? Woodward is good at making the club money but terrible at running it from a footballing perspective, think most people knew that already. Need a proper infrastructure in place with footballing men rather than having an Accountant run the show.
  15. Reminds me of Not Now combined with a bit of Dude Ranch (the fast bit at the end at least) Love the drum fill before the last chorus where the guitar and bass stop abruptly too.
  16. I've heard it, absolute banger!
  17. It's 3rd in the mid week chart in the UK, which isn't bad.
  18. Has to be the least live performance I have ever heard haha.
  19. I think you'll finish 6th again tbh.
  20. We didn't play anywhere near our best either and overall it was pretty routine, was quite strange being at the match - usually when we're 1-0 up with 10-15 minutes to go the crowd get really edgy and nervous but it wasn't like that at all, never really felt like we were going to concede and think the rest of the fans were the same. Thought Noble was immense yesterday, he is a limited player and supporters of other clubs tend to not appreciate him but we are always so much better with him in the team than without, saw a stat today that under Pellegrini our win percentage is 47% with him in the team and 18% without, that is no coincidence. Rice was also really good, our attacking players were not flying on all cylinders yesterday and those two bossing the game is what won us it for me.
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