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  1. what makes you think they were playing only festivals so far? they have been playing plenty of headlining shows already on this Europe run But no deluxe songs so far. Not even neighborhoods
  2. No I think I was in the right spot. Just looked on my bill and it has got exactly the address mentioned here. Also it's the one close to poway high school. So either I missed the graffiti or they removed it.
  3. I think they must have removed the bathroom graffiti. Ate there today as I'm on a business trip right now im SD. But no graffiti. It's the one right next to a subway right? food was ok, nothing special
  4. Nah, I'd say earlier then that. Sometime ealy-mid 2017, considering the fact Tom is already "back on phone with Travis almost every day". I'll put 3rd of June 2017.
  5. 8 songs in and I like it so far. It's really poppy at points, but so was Enema. But other then Enema most of the songs I've heard so far have some sort of melancholic feel to it, what I really enjoy. Since 2003 I whish they'd do another album in the spirit of selftitled. But by now I have accepted this will just not happen. Probably mainly due to the lack of Jerry. I think the new material is as good as blink will get without him. It's more pop then punk, but if you accept that pop music is not the devil you can really enjoy it.
  6. wow, this may possibly be my favorite song since the reunion! played it so many itmes, I hope it doesn't wear off too fast. btw to our english friends: na na na na na na na na, we don't care abouuuut you -> no future
  7. It's a fun song. However, the more I hear from "new" blink the more I start to realize that Tom is actually missing. And I am anything but a Tombot. I was actually very excited for the Matt Mark combination. But after listening to BtD and Rabbit Hole on Spotify the Dogs Eating Dogs EP came on and it was actually refreshing to have Toms voice and guitar riffing in it..
  8. holy shit I just listened to that tidal waves song on yt .. if new blink sounds anything like that i'll unsign from these boards right away.
  9. Just stumbled upon this performance again.. Tom is actually singing and acting normal in that one. Probably one of the best Tom performances post reunion. It's those rare moments that make me sad Tom is no longer in blink.
  10. hahaha fuck that teaser looks so cheap. How could you ever accept sth like that as a multiplatinum band. I wouldnt put out sth like that with my club touring band.
  11. god I made the mistake and actually looked up your bands on spotify. how the hell did you get so many plays on this 137 thing. all the songs sound like never ending AVA intros just that they never actually start off.
  12. It's hilarious how much of a joke Tom has become even to fans who used to worship him. I still remember how he used to be the cool guy in the band around 2002/03..
  13. Just saw that Toms solo album is now on spotify. So is AVAs latest album. Didn't he always hate on streaming? Anyway his top track is New World with 16000 plays. Must have made him a fortune
  14. This. Even though my excitement for the future vanishes more and more each day. If we're all honest THAT blink doesn't exist any more since 2004. I'm glad I saw one of their last shows dec. 2004. All the shows that I went to later were just reminders of how great they used to be.
  15. I was at the concert where they did that interview.. Must have been 15 back then - time flies.
  16. Funny how the best "blink related" release of the last few days is not Tom's but Yelawolfs new record. So good.
  17. Must be a German problem then. Media rights is really fucked up over here in general.
  18. I wonder whats with the rights to the older blink material. Eg selftitled seems to appear and disappear on spotify on a regular basis, totally weird.
  19. anyone still got that video? I was looking for it the other day, must have deleted it
  20. I thought it was quite alright! At least not the same old chord progression over again. Would've been great as an interlude song on a new blink record. Like a grown up version of happy holidays or my first punk song.
  21. I'm not even sure if thats what you meant, but just to make sure: I'm not a Tombot, I hate that spacecrap nonsense.
  22. I wouldnt exactly call Nine Inch Nails a band that lacks a dictator On that other topic: If you think you know it better then the guy who mixed and probably helped produce that track - so be it.
  23. 1. First two points are mainly a matter of poor production which this track definitely has. I love BR too but I definitely hear Brooks in that song. 2. That these popcore shit is mostly programmed is no secret and easily noticeable. 3. I didn't say it was not possible. I just said it sounds different. You probably wouldn't notice.
  24. What makes you think those drums are fake? I've been playing drums and recording with bands for about 18 years now and I don't hear anything fake as far as drums are concerned. I just listened to it again on good headphones just to be sure. That's simply Brooks style of drumming. I couldn't tell blindly it was him, but since I know it I can definitely hear his signature style of drumming in there. Also when you listen closely there are some fills in there you just cannot program like this.. I mean you could but it would sound different. Anyway I bet this was not "really" an old demo Tom recorded with Brooks as some of you guessed. I bet Tom simply booked him to record some drums for that tracks. Brooks Wackerman does lots of studio work for different bands. I would not see a conspiracy against Travis here. By the way: Pretty much all of the music Mark has released solo so far had programmed drums.
  25. Wow, that song is not even bad.. didn't expect this. Why the hell are those guys so stupid? All three of them. This could have been a great blink song. Instead they're all behaving like 13 year olds. Maybe should have finished high school before going big. Unbelievable kindergarten
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