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  1. Hey, It looks like California Deluxe has been announced ? Some guy attended the acoustic show last night and posted something about this in the alkaline trio facebook group...?
  2. Fuck this international "pre order"... No mystery gift, the whole thing got delivered one month after the official album release, and I paid $17 shipping charges for a CD + a T-shirt.... Bullshit....
  3. Hi, I just wanted to share some acoustic covers I recorded a month ago. For what it's worth.... Enjoy :
  4. Agreed. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBFlxbbcTgE Sounds SOOOO much better than any other version out there IMO (tempo wise) Lol, this sounds like shit You're crazy!!! The palm muted part during the first verse makes blood flow to my penis increase. Am I the only one who thinks Mark sings so fast it's ridiculous ?! I agree, the bridge is amazing though
  5. Agreed. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBFlxbbcTgE Sounds SOOOO much better than any other version out there IMO (tempo wise) Lol, this sounds like shit
  6. lerotou

    new logo pic

    Did you notice the 6 arrows, instead of the 5 on the previous logo ?
  7. Sorry guys but panic at the disco are damn talented... they may look gay or whatever, but they make great music, and they built their own musical universe. Their first record is just 100000 times better and more mature than the blink one. I personnaly think it's great they've been able to make such "pictured" music with influences like blink... So, yes, Blink 182 and PATD are ma favorite bands but it's not the actual topic : why don't you stop talking about what mark/tom/travis wears, does, hangs out with, and consider that Mark may have a good relationship with these guys?
  8. Concerning the new song, Mark said it was a cover, but I couldn't hear the name of the band, neither the song name. I think I hear it was a cover from "The Matches"...
  9. lol, I think I missed something Obviously he didn't masturbate, sorry for the mistake! He vomitted (puked, right?). It was really scary, because I thought that the end of the show would be canceled... See ya, and sorry again!
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