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  1. i'm willing to bet that weed smoking itself didn't have THAT much to do with it all..excessive cigarette smoking & previous pill abuse/high caffeine intake on top of all of his anxiety from previous shitty events he's had to go through probably contributed more than anything. "Travis quits drugs" just makes for a better headline lol.. anyways, he doesn't have to be done with marijuana. He can eat edibles/vaporize and he knows that, so I think the article is typical of news media putting their own spin on things a bit. He'll miss the act of smoking weed is what I got from it.. it can be relaxing if you have high anxiety and need to wind down. Exactly. Everyone refuses to acknowledge that maybe it was something else in the past, things that have been proven to have serious health side-effects unlike weed. "travis quits drugs" are you kidding me?
  2. You should definitely read them ASAP. I read the whole series in about a week last summer an I'm enjoying re-reading them again right now. Loved the movie.
  3. Even If She Falls I'm Lost Without You Love Is Dangerous Shut Up
  4. I rarely listen to blink high, but man, Feeling This is just a phenomenal song. Truly defines them as band.
  5. Still in complete shock how EISF has made it this far. Hands down my least favorite track.
  6. I know it's been posted a million times but I love this video
  7. Fuckkkk so sad cause Kaleidoscope is definitely one of my favorites
  8. Totally remember reading this, so cool to see it.
  9. I love the transformation in all of us going from depressed to the same old shit to playing one god damn new song. Is is that fucking hard to rehearse some new shit to keep people happy?! This performance is fucking gold, cmon blink. Stop disappointing your fans. Same goddamn setlist forever. /endrant Wow. That was an awesome performance, forgot how much I love this song.
  11. HAHAHAHA literally about to post the same thing. My stream is all fucked up and with the constant camera changes I felt nauseous.
  12. Sounded like shit, I loved their performance at Voodoo but not too happy about it here. At least Dumpweed is on
  13. Just watched the full episode, was pretty cool. Tom obviously did all of the talking but it wasn't too bad. Mark started it off by saying "This is band Tom is cheating on me with...by the way is this interview gonna be awkward?"
  14. That's pretty fucking amazing. I love seeing shit like this.
  15. you are correct. I don't expect too many people to have Fuse. But i'd think there'd have to be some teen still living at home out there with Fuse, some sort of recording device and a bunch of time on their hands. I dunno I guess things have just changed. A few years ago everyone would upload everything blink related. Not so much the case anymore. it's not blink related. it's a strangely dressed man screaming awkwardly into the camera about really bad bands for 20 minutes. Anyone expecting a show dedicated to blink is retarded. And it's really not all that bad. I mean Fuse has its own demographic, and so does Mark's show. I'm not so into indie music but I always try to keep up to date on the industry and learn as much as I can. His panel in the beginning of each show is always pretty good and usually funny. I never listen to his bands because in all honestly they suck more often than not. I also like his correspondents that interview and check out events, tours, etc. It has something to offer for people who really enjoy updates on the music industry for sure.
  16. Who keeps voting for Kaleidoscope is the bigger question
  17. Would anyone get this shirt and wear it in public? Only 182 shirts.
  18. That they were tired of playing the same set list so they canceled the Euro tour in order to add more songs and release an album. Which is what they've said a million times so I don't get why people are making a deal about it now? Or am I missing something? Jesus christ how are you guys not seeing this. "We didn't wanna go and just do another greatest hits tour and take people's money and just play the same songs we've been playing for 20 years" That's exactly what they did.
  19. One of the better arguments I've seen in this discussion in a long time. Well said.
  20. It was fucking awesome. The fact that I could look around and see tons of people who actually knew the words to Wishing Well made it that much better.
  21. Love the way Mark and Tom split vocals on Heart's All Gone. I wonder if they had done that on the record how it would've sounded...
  22. I like this a lot. Really cool and sounds awesome!
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