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  1. Friday Night Lights - J.cole F.A.M.E - Chris Brown Morning View - Incubus Black Thoughts Vol.2 - Tyga Where You Want to Be - Taking Back Sunday My Beautiful Dark Fantasy - Kanye West Man on the Moon - Kid Cudi The Colour and The Shape - Foo Fighters Finally Famous Vol.3 - Big Sean
  2. Losing brings out a mans true character, the Lakers showed their true selves, bunch of classless pricks I also couldnt tell if the Mavs were just that good or the Lakers were just that bad...
  3. Thank you! I'll take all the Laker haters I can get And yeah I saw that on sportscenter, Celtics/Heat series is gonna be rough. Im a LeBron fan tho so Im goin wit Los Heat also... Bobcats... really?
  4. Nobody here probably cares too much but I thought Id see how many basketball fans we had here Im #WhoEverPlaysLakers right now since the Magic got knocked off
  5. Rock/pop - Linkin Park... which sucks cuz they used to be decent Hip-Hop - Lil Wayne... I will never understand why people hop on his dick, his lyrics dont even make since and raps about the same shit
  6. Fuck. I was half right atleast, was hoping for a Packers vs Jets Superbowl but ill settle for this i guess
  7. I dont see why people hate the Jets, sure they talk alotta shit but they got swagger The Patriots on the other hand....
  8. ^ Aaron Rogers is playing like a stud right now
  9. ^ hahahahahahaha! I remember that shit for some reason but back to the topic yeah I know quite a few things, dont really like to watch it on tv tho
  10. alright 1 of 4 last week... This week tho the Jets will beat the Steelers by a FG in a low scoring game, not too impressed by these two teams but defense wins championships and the Packers beat the Bears by more than a touchdown cuz Jay Cutler sucks and likes to throw picks
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