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  1. The analogy is particularly apt as the candy would have almost certainly expired.
  2. I appreciate Mark getting creative with backing vocals and counter-melodies recalls What's my Age Again? a little bit
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only buzzkill. "whatchya say? wanna play?" 😬
  4. I'm just finding out the news! So blinky bill is back? And this 6 year Skiba fever dream is over?!
  5. That opener is disappointing - I keep forgetting it's there Automatic was a surprising little tune - it's neat Cure worship - could have fit on Neighborhoods (it would suit Mark's voice). Everything else is fairly inoffensive with Euphoria and Kiss & Tell being the standouts. It sounds like Tom is having fun here. I wonder if I like modern Angels more than modern blink because Tom having fun sounds more authentic? The "fun" of Nine and California sounds calculated and insincere.
  6. Dry Your Eyes copies Everything's Magic and Shove so might as well throw this one on the pile too Pretty weak overall - I liked the last one way more
  7. First thought was why Tom would sing it this high - it's going to be funny live Secondly, it was fun - while it's not the kind of thing I would choose to listen to I'll always keep coming back to blink-related stuff for interest sake and I like that Ilan has helped Angels progress and explore different ideas and chord progressions.
  8. ^looking at your sig - I always lumped Jimmy Eat World in with the pop punk and blink-182 adjacent bands. They're more pop punk than Brand New at any rate - surprised they're not on the list.
  9. Brand New is easily my favourite listed - calling them a pop punk band isn't exactly in line with the majority of their output though. Otherwise Motion City Soundtrack is the only pop punk band listed here I return to more than once every 4 months or so.
  10. I mean that McFly song was pretty funny but not "haha" funny
  11. It’s a lot of people’s favourite (myself included). However, a lot of people see it as filler.
  12. Heh hey! inoffensive, typical, pop fodder it's terrible
  13. We just scientifically proved that it is their worst song.
  14. It's not too late for Blame it on my Youth the worst blink-182 song of all time is PARKING LOT! 1. Parking Lot 2. Blame It On My Youth 3. Remember To Forget Me 4. Misery 5. Happy Days 6. Wildfire 7. Don't Mean Anything 8. Out Of My Head 9. This Is Home 10. My Pet Sally 11. First Date 12. Don't 13. TV 14. I'm Lost Without You 15. Down 16. Don't Leave Me 17. Don't Tell Me It's Over 18. I Won't Be Home For Christmas 19. Fighting The Gravity 20. Strings 21. Zulu 22. Wendy Clear It's pretty swell that all the Feldy songs were ranked the worst This was fun! I'm honestly out of ideas for more elections and participation has been dwindling since I started the Angels and Airwaves ones also I've been doing this for like a year solidly and am getting a little over it - if someone wants to take the reigns they can (PM me or something)
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