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  1. I thought I have seen everything Blink related on Youtube but somehow never saw this before...maybe some of you haven´t seen it before. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtdUja2nwKQ
  2. Absolutely, 2 years sound realistic. Do you know how long LvG is under contract?
  3. Any opinions on the Paul George injury? Pretty horrifying! Pacers have been one of the contenders a few months ago and now after the injury and Lance Stephenson departure it´s all going south for them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUJLRISELUk
  4. I´m curious if United is really that good already (when the Premier League starts). LvG almost always needs around 6 months before his magic starts to work (e.g. with Bayern Munich). He has done wonders for that Club devoloping guys like Müller, Badstuber and buying Robben. Such a great coach and pick up for United.
  5. I said that to your mother 10 minutes ago!
  6. Where did you get this info? I don´t get it why Tom is always talking about a new record from time to time but never has the intention to actually record one... I think it´s the 3rd time already that he is doing that - will only hurt his credibility as well as the one of the band.
  7. Wanna exchange? I would love to see Millencolin instead of Zebrahead...
  8. I see Blink in Stuttgart - support is Zebrahead (they support them on all three German dates...) Btw: HI @ all
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