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  1. The boys still got it! cringey but nice and catchy just as it should be 🥰
  2. Yeah I think it looks interesting!
  3. Waaaaah I’m looking so much forward to this.
  4. I don’t think there is any way they could make something I dislike more than California so I’m all at ease. I’ll take whatever they come up with.
  5. Love both bands to bits but GD will always be on top. Sorry not sorry
  6. Thank you 👏 agree with all of this. edit: except for the Nine-part lol
  7. Nice. I’ll definitely check them out more. I’ve had AtP on repeat for days now.
  8. I’ve never paid attention to this band but somehow ended up listening through After the party the other day and it’s suuuch a good record. Love it. They remind me a bit of The gaslight anthem.
  9. I only care for Love Actually and this gem 🥰
  10. This whole album is the most perfect thing
  11. I’ve watched soo little tv shows this year. I think the only show I’ve watched with new episodes from this year is Euphoria, but wouldn’t consider it a fav, mainly watched it cause everyone else did Only show I’ve watched this year which I really liked is Succession tbh. And I still miss it
  12. discovered Hot Mully through this site actually, still thankful for that @scoobs!
  13. Saw these guys last night and it was just what I needed in my life right now. Amazing gig. I've fallen completely in love with them now I’m gonna have this one on repeat for a while I’m sure
  14. I’m reading it too! It’s the first time for me and I’m very surprised in a positive way.
  15. They cancelled all their scandinavian dates back in 2017 as well >: ( anyway I just managed to get not too expensive standing tickets after a week of them being «sold out» lol. I’ve been checking ticketmaster like ten times a day every day since. Very happy now
  16. Yeah I like it more than their last one. Strong lyrics, but the overall sound is not my favorite
  17. I’m excited to see if they even sell out the show in Norway. They’re not big here at all but playing at a 10k capacity venue. I don’t think tickets will be an issue but I might be wrong about it as well
  18. Never thought I’d get to see either blink or TSSF. Having them both the same time, even without having to travel, is just surreal to me. Almost been too much good news at once to handle
  19. Just saw the news and had to cry a bit, not gonna lie Can’t believe Tom really is back tbh and they’re coming to norway too!! and touring with TSSF!!!!!!??????? 😱😭😭
  20. I don’t even care what they’ll sound like at this point, this is exciting 😭
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