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  1. Bottom of the ocean, Last Train Home and Long Lost Feeling.
  2. The thing with the Deluxe songs so far, the choruses are SO underwhelming.
  3. Zlatan has apparently rejected a new contract from us because he thinks it doesn't feel right for him to be paid while he isn't playing. Respect.
  4. That flick by Rashford to take the ball past Otamendi was filthy.
  5. Lost my shit when he fouled Rashford last night. But yeah, looks like he's a top player. He'll probably end up at Barca or Real.
  6. An away draw against a side above us in the table with half our first team injured? I'll take it.
  7. It's so different, but also quite good. It sound good especially the chorus. Miles better than Parking Lot which was average at best.
  8. I like this record. I think it's better than Resurrection.
  9. Left Alone for Skiba's vocals on the chorus.
  10. He was dreadful last night. But Mascherano was worse IMO.
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