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  1. Just watched the trailer and I can say with 100% certainty it’s going to be better than his other movie. Not saying much, but whatevs lol.
  2. Toms always said he started blink haha now all of a sudden it’s “we” lol
  3. Oh it’s “we” now huh lol
  4. Oh shit that is weird. I wonder why he abandoned Chris Holmes?
  5. Do you guys remember nothing and nobody? For some reason as I sit here taking a dump that memory popped into my mind. I was pretty hyped about it even though it never came to fruition.
  6. Yes honestly now that it’s been 6 years I really like Matt in the band too. He’s more of a staple in the band than tom was post reunion.
  7. So mark performed live for the first time since recovering last night with Travis and a mystery guitarist… can I get a OOHHH YEAAAA?!
  8. I mean he is a fucking rockstar. Fuck em, do what you want.
  9. Can someone please send me a link? Can’t wait 12 hours for 2 songs
  10. I feel you doggy but kinda shitty that the one song I like is now gone lol
  11. Has anyone else noticed that the album California is no longer available on Apple Music? Wanted to listen to bored to death the other day and it was no longer in my library so I searched it and it’s not on Apple Music anymore. Not sure why…
  12. Flexing income on a blink forum. Classy.
  13. Thanks for doing this so I can know the real song is better lol.
  14. Did you notice in the last chorus about halfway through they mixed in someone coughing? Scared me the first time I heard it I live alone and I was taking a shower and thought someone was in my house haha.
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