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  1. Haha I love that BIOMY came in dead last. Absolutely deserving. I can live with the first time taking first place I just hate that they copy and pasted the formula for feelin this but whatevs.
  2. The first time. Fuckin wannabe version of feelin this can GTFO.
  3. Agreed. Matt’s overly melodramatic wailing in the intro is fucking ridiculous. So corny it kills the song (chorus lyrics are cheese as fuck too).
  4. In a recent interview Tom said that he probably could do his old voice to an extent, but chooses not to. So his vocal change is somewhat intentional. I can’t remember what interview it was though.
  5. Loving this little EP. Need Me and NVM are stand out tracks.
  6. But did you eat lasagna with marks mom?
  7. I was at the Vegas show Friday, just flew back to my home state yesterday. Had a great time, the boys sounded great. Tom was just beginning to recover from being sick which is great cause he was still drinking honey tea with whiskey in it so we got a very entertaining Tom onstage. Super funny the banter almost made me feel like I was at a blink show. Was suuuppeeerrr weird seeing grown men fanboy out and totally lose their minds over Tom.
  8. I don’t understand why you guys get all butt hurt over their set list at a festival. Who gives a fuck.
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