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  1. @Ghent saw this and thought of you buddy.
  2. She has a great personality that makes up for the missing two points!!!! /sarcasm
  3. I totally forgot about that haha. Wonder if there was any truth to that?
  4. The better question is; who gives a shit who likes rap or not? Not I.
  5. Yea i definitely think they are moving in the right direction as far as being friends go. Things are looking encouraging for once and it makes me happy!
  6. Nobody likes you. Fact. #realnews
  7. That what people didn’t like about it. Same recycled riffs in every song, whoa-whoas and nanas, etc... It just worked well with BTD, but sounds wayyyy overdone if you listen to the full album.
  8. Bored to death, best thing to come out of blink since untitled
  9. I’m pretty pumped, glad they didn’t work solely with Feldman this time!
  10. Seeing these guys with three of my best friends in October in Vegas... can’t wait!! Haven’t seen them since they did a MySpace “secret show” in Ventura ca like 15 years ago.
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