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  1. Sounds really cool half a step faster than the record version!
  2. Jesus quit being such a pussy it’s the internet.
  3. Fuck ya it is! Right up there with “breathe”.
  4. Looks like you and Tom finally have something in common!
  5. Thank god that creep is a Brit what a little bitch. U-S-A! U-S-A! Lol
  6. Ya that lue guy is not good for toms paranoia lmao he’s out there for sure! Yea riiiggghht he “quit” working at the pentagon to expose the whole situation. Bullllllllshit lol you know they fired his ass he attached himself to Tom to keep a paycheck coming in.
  7. Yea I’m with you by definition they are for sure “UFO’s” but I’m not convinced by any of it. So there’s supposedly hundreds of these things sighted in a fleet and the best we can do is some grainy infrared footage of a couple of them? I’m not saying the pilots are lying but I think they are confused. It’s quite possible that what they experienced are optical illusions they happen all the time. They happen especially when your flying at altitudes looking at other objects in the air that are flying at various loooong distances away from you. Yea I crack up when toms being all serious interviewin
  8. Finally broke down and started watching “Unidentified”. I’ve been on quarantine for 10 days 4 for to go and even though I’ve been bored out of my mind I still feel dirty for breaking down. Fml. I’m 2 episodes and and I suppose it’s mildly entertaining but certainly not convincing as far as UFOs go.
  9. To be fair ATL are for sure blink copycats. Bunch of cringey cunts.
  10. This is by far the best song blink has released since bored to death.
  11. Haha man I was just watching this tonight as well. What a nostalgic journey, love it. Wish Tom still had the musical passion now that he had then. Sucks that it was fueled by pain pills but still...
  12. Sounds pretty cool to me.
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