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  1. I’m happy that Tom is still releasing music. Normally I’m SUPER hyped for any blink related releases. I’ve felt my enthusiasm wane over the past few years, however. That being said, I’ve enjoyed the last few songs for what they are. Is it anything close to some of his previous material? Of course not, but that’s life doggies. Take it or leave it.
  2. Neighborhoods DED California Nine Deluxe
  3. Euphoria is Up All Night if you ordered it off of wish.
  4. After several listens I have come to the conclusion that Tom has let that afro engineer dip his fingers a little too far into the mix. Sounds block-y and jagged. Dream walker b side 5/10
  5. Pretty plz dm Reddit got taken down
  6. Fuck man makes me smile everytime I see your s/n “wannabe corn dog”. Glad you’ve kept it all these years!
  7. Am I the only one here who doesn’t give a fuck who Tom is boning/married to? Motherfuckers actin like TMZ in here ffs.
  8. Kind of surprised euphoria hasn’t leaked yet. Excited!!!
  9. And Oliver swore on his family’s good name Tom was a coke head LOL
  10. Can’t wait to see them live again and hear some of the new songs played. After a year of covid lockdowns and bullshit I need some new in my life.
  11. Such a good story and these guys seem really cool and artistic.
  12. You’re a weird mother fucker. Do you have nothing better to do than sit around and ponder why Tom does this or that and what his ex wife does or what woman he’s with now ffs sake man get some real life hobbies. Buy a fishing pole or something.
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