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  1. Jesus Christ that intro was terrible. If I had been waiting all night through all the openers to rock out some blink I would have been PISSED to see Tom fuck around with synths for five minutes.
  2. Dude how fucking stupid are you? I am SO SICK of child molestation coming up in every thread. Everyone here thinks your creepy, so why would you say some shit like that? You bring it on yourself then guess what? Everyone starts talking about it again. You’ve got real problems man. You and half of the people on this board that think it’s funny to keep making jokes about this shit. Burn in Hell.
  3. Man I’ve tried to like Cali deluxe so many times. I want to like it. There’s a lot of cool little moments in the songs that I like. And then comes the “dearest mom, dear old dad” shiiit.
  4. Tremors is a top ten AVA song for me. The whole song is just soaring.
  5. I agree, in a sense. I agree it’s catchy and fun for a certain group of fans (maybe a lot, I don’t really know). However, what I really want is blink 182. Genuine blink 182. Right now there are three guys (Mark Matt and Travis) that make up the group. I want music written by them. What we actually have is music written by a lot of different folks, fake. I want to know what they are going through as 45yr olds, not what they want to write for 17yr olds to stay popular/relevant. Just be real man.
  6. Yea or when they let feldy write that shit.
  7. I get that a lot.
  8. Negative ghostrider
  9. I’m not pissed about anything. This what you and Oliver misinterpret. I just love calling people out when they are full of shit. That video was the biggest pile of shit in the history of streaming videos. Period.
  10. He’s single now, and getting ready to head out on tour. You’re prob spot on.
  11. Wrong. Being confident in your abilities is one thing. Blabbing about how you’re so good and better than Matt Skiba on a message board then producing an absolute sham of a video as evidence is arrogance. Makes you look silly!
  12. You should prob stay quiet after your abysmal “livestream event” dude. Idk, I guess you can’t fix stupid. But I won’t stop trying to help you man.
  13. That explains why you used a webcam made in 1999 to stream your livestream event.
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