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  1. Yea bud these things tend to happen with age
  2. Ok ok maybe I exaggerated a little lol
  3. Man, with blink collaborating with convicted murderers I’m truly thankful that Tom is staying true to who he is. Mark is such a fake prick.
  4. That’s awesome man! I always get pumped hearing blink/AVA in public. Although I heard bored to death in my local grocery store the other day and felt super old ha.
  5. Hell ya lol. Ferguson’s gonna get that smash treatment!
  6. Those are three of their best for sure. If I was a UFC fighter I would walk out to the war. Gets me pumped everytime.
  7. I totally agree with you (other than the aforementioned). I mean seriously how could you downvote obvious or Stockholm or any of them really they’re all so fucking good and toms voice on that album is just mind blowing.
  8. I’m going to have a hard time voting for any of the songs off of ST... other than all of this.
  9. If Matt didn’t howl like a pregnant wolf i would really like it for sure.
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