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  1. Toughest vote for me yet (out of all the song elections), but as tough as it may be, I’m going with GATC. Dumpweed is just too good with that opening riff, big sounding palm muted guitars in the verses, and charging choruses with funny classic Tom idgaf what you think lyrics.
  2. Haven’t heard enough to make a judgement call. Not sure why anyone’s making a big deal one way or their other.
  3. Agreed. I also think mark and toms voice sound better together than mark and skibas.
  4. This is a super tough one I absolutely love all of these songs (bj and family reunion are easily their beat joke songs) but I’m gonna have to go bj simply because it’s a joke song.
  5. Why in the hell is life’s so boring on the list? @yodda life’s so boring
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