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  1. I’ve tried to like it, I want to like it but just can’t. The chorus is so cringe man... intro is good, verses are good. Song has potential but was executed poorly.
  2. This is exactly why I’m not going. I’m so anti racist I can’t even stand to hear the word. @Ghent stand with me brother, shoulder to shoulder.
  3. Seriously man I feel you. Title should have been “hot little woman”...
  4. Agreed!!! Special > rebel girl+BIOMY
  5. definitely digging the new creatures song “special”! G g g g good
  6. Doing this makes him seem really insecure about himself. It’s like he thinks that people underestimate him and his business acumen, and he’s out to prove us all wrong. Unfortunately for him, he’s still got a looonngg way to go until that happens.
  7. Have to agree with Ghent LID would def NOT be at the top of the pile of Cali songs. That POS is one of the worst things Tom has have ever done. Write up there with that cheesy AVA song where the chorus goes “did you know, that I love you?” Over and over and over. Trash.
  8. The reason it sounds complete is because Tom wrote the whole of DED. Mark just added bits and pieces to songs, not whole songs themselves.
  9. Used to LOVE first date when I was in high school. Would listen to it, think about my crush, and get butterflies hahaha. Don’t like it quite that much anymore lol.
  10. That “movie” is easily the worst thing Tom as ever been a part of. Can’t believe I saw it in the theater tbh. You can tell by watching that making of video that none of them had a clue what the fuck was going on LOL.
  11. True! Was pretty cool actually, although I’m not a hardcore tbs fine like I am with blink. I wonder if it was weird for the hardcore tbs fan?
  12. lol! Takes one to know one
  13. The tour is selling like shit- fact. Lil Wayne is an aged rapper that people are not excited to see tour with blink and vice versa- fact. People are bored of blink (an aged pop punk band I might add) with mattress skiba- fact. All of this is clearly too much for you to swallow.
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