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  1. Phteven_DeLounge

    Senses Fail - If There Is Light, It Will Find You

  2. Phteven_DeLounge

    Senses Fail - If There Is Light, It Will Find You

    They are re-recording From the Depth of Dreams! OMFG!
  3. Phteven_DeLounge

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Have you heard this? It's pretty epic.
  4. Phteven_DeLounge

    Alkaline Trio

    Can I just say that the beginning of Stay is magical? Bought the CD today. Long live Alkaline Trio!
  5. Phteven_DeLounge

    Alkaline Trio

    Haven't been online in quite a while. Wow. The new album is amazing. Krystalline is beautiful. It's one for the ages.
  6. Phteven_DeLounge

    Favourite part of a blink song

    All of Romeo and Rebecca The intro to Cacophony The intro to I'm Sorry The intro to Anthem The piano in Stay Together for the Kids All of What Went Wrong Stockholm interlude. That feeling you get from listening to "My Dearest..." and then you hear the piano. Truly breathtaking. "Get ready for action" and the bass riff from Feeling This The drum part at the beginning of Easy Target All of Boxing Day
  7. Phteven_DeLounge

    What would be YOUR setlist including California

    Romeo and Rebecca 21 days Would be legendary
  8. Phteven_DeLounge

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Album is on Spotify!!!.
  9. Phteven_DeLounge

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Songwise, Cringe is my personal favorite, Queen of pain as well and Jaked On Green Beers and Take Lots with Alcohol.I fucking love Alkaline Trio!!!
  10. Phteven_DeLounge

    Tour dates discussion

    Done. Las Vegas on the 24th. Madness. Fucking madness!!!!!
  11. Phteven_DeLounge

    Tour dates discussion

    I have 2 options, either go to San Diego on the 22nd, or to the newly opened Las Vegas date. Tickets are selling like hot cakes 'oer hurr.
  12. Phteven_DeLounge

    US Tour Pre-sale

    See you there!
  13. Phteven_DeLounge

    US Tour Pre-sale

    I'll be eagerly waiting for Friday. But in the meantime, I bought a ticket to see Senses Fail in Santa Ana.
  14. Phteven_DeLounge

    US Tour Pre-sale

    I got an offer code but GA looks grey. Hmm. Are they all sold out? For San Diego?