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  1. Try the LiveNation app if there are options for an upgrade. It worked for me. I bought a ticket for the lawn at Chula Vista for $43 and then I upgraded it to General Admission for $20 more.
  2. I think it'd be amazing if they pulled a Coheed & Cambria concert type, where they would perform an album back to back on night 1 and so on.
  3. The intro is amazing as well as the what's happened to you? part. The best song to end the album with.
  4. Romeo and Rebecca 21 Days Touchdown Boy M+M's Dick Lips Enthused A New Hope Apple Shampoo Shut Up Stockholm Syndrome Heart's All Gone No Future Kings of the Weekend
  5. Matt Rubano, formerly the bassist of Taking Back Sunday has joined AVA. O.T.: Where You Want To Be is a masterpiece. Don't mind this post. This was news from 3 weeks ago. 😳
  6. It's a photo from the concert. 🤔
  7. They played BIOMY at Chula Vista and it sounded awesome.
  8. I was at Musink and it was mental. Fell flat on the floor when feeling this came on. A breathtaking experience.
  9. Ditto. I just bought a lawn ticket for the Chula Vista show.
  10. http://www.bringthenoise.com/blog/buddy-nielsen-reveals-massive-senses-fail-news
  11. They are re-recording From the Depth of Dreams! OMFG!
  12. Can I just say that the beginning of Stay is magical? Bought the CD today. Long live Alkaline Trio!
  13. Haven't been online in quite a while. Wow. The new album is amazing. Krystalline is beautiful. It's one for the ages.
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