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  1. Have you ever heard Velvet Alley by them?
  2. This BSB talk reminded me back at the Blink show there was a song played in the background from Backstreet Boys and I was singing it. ?
  3. It'd be awesome to think where they would be standing on concerts. Mark on the left, Tom on the center, Matt on the right and Travis at the back. Sounds amazing.
  4. What if Tom came back and Matt stayed, would that make it blink-182? Had Tom stayed, after 2012, what would have been a pausible year that they were going to release new music, given Tom's commitments to other projects? All in all, the timeline in 2019 is a blink-182 with Matt. And Tom in AvA. Can't the 2 coexist, without the motto, there's no blink without Tom?
  5. Is this a new level of sarcasm I am not aware of?
  6. Is there a middle ground around getting tickets? Fans are fans all along, depending on where they sit or stand.
  7. Better wear cologne to get the feeling right. ?
  8. The guitar riffs in Reebok Commercial are mindblowing.
  9. Yes please, on the re-recording of that gem of a song. Fast forward 4 years and it was 1999. I'm glad Enema was the opening gate for me to their whole repertoire. I wonder what it was like back in 1993, with Flyswatter. I love Alone.
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