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  1. One of them was Matt Rubano, who's in AVA as of now. Tell all Your Friends lineup is the best one. It's sad what happened to Eddie Reyes.
  2. Steve O from Jackass and Bert from The Used is all I know.
  3. 1) Everytime I look for You 2)Roller Coaster 3) Anthem pt. 2 4) Reckless Abandon 5) First Date 6) Gime me One Good Reason 7) The Rock Show Please take me Home 9) Stay together for the Kids 10) Shut Up 11) Story of a Lonely Guy 12) Happy Holidays You Bastard 13) Online Songs
  4. I got it for pretty much $70. 😬 I bought a lawn ticket and then upgraded it through the LiveNation app.
  5. It's been a month since Nine came out. Happy days to all of you.
  6. Have you ever heard Velvet Alley by them?
  7. This BSB talk reminded me back at the Blink show there was a song played in the background from Backstreet Boys and I was singing it. ?
  8. It'd be awesome to think where they would be standing on concerts. Mark on the left, Tom on the center, Matt on the right and Travis at the back. Sounds amazing.
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