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  1. Well a portion of the American population was livid about the response to 9/11. So this and System of Down and to an extent Sum 41's Chuck became rallying cries in the music scene. At least in my small midwest community in Michigan. That said, I'll never understand how Blvd of Broken Dreams, the worst song on the album, blew up as big as it did.
  2. Totally agree there. Homecoming was underrated.
  3. I pop in as much as I can but even I'm thinking of checking out the other forums on the site. It's just hard to care about blink these days. There's so many other amazing bands that need our support. And, yknow, the pandemic. It's put a lot of shit into perspective and worrying about a bunch of rich, feuding 50-year olds in a 90's band seems petty these days. I enjoyed Nine for what it is but i'm definitely not even remotely excited for the next blink record or EP or quarantine song or guest vocal or whatever the hell Mark and Travis are doing with the band these days. Will I check it out? Sure. But blink truly wowing me across an entire record is long over. I don't even think Tom coming back would get me pumped like it did back in 2009 because it'll be the original reunion 2.0, only now Tom will have a low-budget movie to sell rather than modlife.
  4. Ah yes. I had the audio to this performance ripped to a cd i would listen to in class freshman year. Good times.
  5. Mark later admitted that it was about Tom. So... Yes It Is
  6. Mark brought this on himself when he released No It Isn't on Tom's birthday when The Adventure was supposed to drop (but, surprise, got delayed if memory serves)... and then Mark claimed No It Isn't wasn't about Tom. But it was about Tom.
  7. Well the song Quarantine got pushed back so maybe that's why they're sitting on those almost- finished songs...?
  8. Ok thanks. Very informative. And it would explain why all 3 songs sound similar even if Travis is playing different beats or whatnot. It was enough to fool me those first few months at work when BTD came on.
  9. Again, i know very little about music. I know a few punk chords. So i'm not saying they specifically ripped themselves off. Just what it sounds like to my own ears. But i'll be damned if that first year Bored to Death would come on over the speaker at my night job, i thought it was Feeling This every time for about 3-4 seconds and that's cuz of the drums. I'd get super excited to very depressed in the span of 10 seconds.
  10. I know nothing about music... but to my ears, i can't unhear Adam's Song in BTD or Anthem pt2 in Everything's Magic.
  11. I guess if you're saying that it's like Enema in the way it rips off Adam's Song (with the Feeling This drum intro) then yeah, it is like Enema... in the same way Everything is Magic is a "throwback" to Anthem pt 2.
  12. Of course it reminds Skiba of Enema and TOYPAJ. They've been using that line since Cali. Nothing Skiba has ever been on with blink sounds like old-school blink. I actually like Nine. Doesn't mean it sounds like classic-blink.
  13. Man i always forget about GOB.
  14. Ohhhh wait, so i saw 2 different videos and meshed them into one? I definitely saw clips of the water video but saw the full shootout video once upon a time. Thanks for clearing the air!
  15. That's legit. I swear at one point I saw the full version of M+M's video with the room full of water and the shoot-out but haven't been able to dig it up ever since. Maybe it's another mandela effect...
  16. You break our hearts over and over with these comments but we still love you. I was 12 when MTTS came out so i'm more familiar with Voyeur even though DR is my 2nd favorite album these days. Do you like Voyeur or M+M's better outta sheer curiosity?
  17. Glad we can agree on something.
  18. I dunno. That dude probably had a rad time the day this pic was taken. Not sure if there's a story behind the tatt or if it's misspelled or something but i think it's cool he got the ink done and showed the band.
  19. I'm right there with ya on MCR. Thank You For the Venom is better than anything Brand New, TBS, AFI or FOB ever did.
  20. I miss polls and the arguments it started. Sigh...
  21. I agree. It's weird. I side with Eminem. If MGK was 18 or so, that'd be one thing, but 21 is like a 6-year gap, which is fine... if she wasn't 15.
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