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  1. Not now was peak tom. And peak tom= peak blink. Marks backing vocals, travis' drums, everything on that song is so spot on. Its the best blink got for me and nothing they released before or after, even if i enjoyed it, ever came to that spot. Amazing song, definately my favorite blink song. Sometimes even my favorite song of all time
  2. I know i said it a lot , but its been a while. If blink would've quit and everybody just started doing what they are interested in in 2015 we'd probably have fewer, but much better songs out by this point
  3. I'd pay a good amount of money to see +44 songs played live in a venue near me. "Blink" played here last year and i didnt bother going
  4. Awesome! So glad you got your toypaj completed!
  5. I dont see how a new +44 album would be any different than what blink is doing now. +44 was what mark and travis came up with musically in 2007. Nine is what mark and travis are coming up with in 2019. I dont see how adding 2 live guitarists to the "line-up" changes anything? They definately should start playing those songs again live though. By far the best material mark and travis did without tom
  6. ftfy But honestly, i hope tom does not return. I like him way more with ava
  7. i suggest everyone on here defending "here's your letter " listens through the whole album and i think then we can all agree that it feels out of place and vote it out. it lasting longer than all of this is ridiculous. it adds absolutely nothing to the record. just a short call-in from mark : "hey i'm in this band too"..... still all the best parts come from the other two guys. great song though, but IMO not on par in the slightest with the other contestants
  8. here's your letter is a great song that i used to love back in the day, but it's very bland in comparison to the rest. the song would be super lame without all the bells and whistles added by production.... it's the last great mark blink song, but if we kick here's your letter out, this record would be flawless. anywhooo... if not now doesn't win this thing, the whole thread makes no sense to me. best blink song of all time, and it's not even close
  9. the song is nothing breathtaking, i Agree... but it's still a peak moment of that album for me . it's so moody and everybody sounds fantastic. and as i said, the bridge is beautiful. love to sit back and listen to that song. and i fucking adore robert smith and the cure..... i understand why people dislike it, but to me it plays an integral part in making the record so well rounded ( i hope that expression translates into english)
  10. The instrumental bridge in all of this is so fucking simple yet beautiful, what is wrong with you people? Easy Target -> All of this is probably the peak of this record for me
  11. goddamn some of the comments on this are fucked up: "Well, we made it this far soldiers. Hope you all have the most wonderful day and remember this wonderful man that gave us a meaning in life. Goodbye 🖤" wonderful, wonderful man....
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