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  1. Damn i also love View from below, that song is so haunting! The Dream Walker and the two new EP's where the best stuff they released so far, and to be honest make California look like a terd of a record(...which it is)
  2. http://www.nme.com/news/oasis/95182 That actually got me quite excited! You guys think Noel Gallagher ever wrote an e-mail to Podesta?
  3. Well then let's mock him for that? I like to complain about his dragging along the band for years too, but i don't get the obsession on hating on his every move about stuff that has nothing to do with blink at all. I'd rather talk about oasis .......
  4. I'd absolutely love the full pepsi smash performace. My favourite phase of them playing live, i wish I would've been there!
  5. LOL: "Well, towards the end, when I would try and call them to try and discuss stuff, whenever I would ask a question, especially to Tom DeLonge, he would literally say, 'Oh, let me call my manager and I'll call you back.'" Classic Tom About the article: Dude needs to chill. blink doesn't owe him royalties for shit. As a "label" he should know that. he didn't help them writing songs. he borrowed them cash and got it back by selling the tape. he's just pissed that he didn't get them on his shitty label and they made millions because of it.
  6. As entertaining as this is, I am 99% sure that this picture was a joke. Like leo getting on a bus and the driver not there yet so he sits in his spot and takes a picture of it to have a laugh. How can you not get that? Bus drivers wear uniforms.... As for Clarke's post, it clearly was a " haha look at leo, he wants to be a rock star but ended up at the absolute lowpoint of employment, the bus driver" kind of thing and there's no way to talk you out of that. Just admit it "pretending to be someone else your whole life does pay off, doesn't it?" clearly says that if you are as crazy as leo, you'll end up as a bus driver, which implied by you, is "getting Low" at life
  7. Exactly .the individual members own the rights to the song. Usually the lyrics make 50% of the cut the other 50% the music. so for a song like all the small things, tom could get 66% royalties for that song everytime it is played live, or on the radio wether he got fired or not, he still owns the rights of those songs he wrote and he'd be a total idiot if he sold them.
  8. well if they remaster the final mix WAV for this, that would be amazing, as we would get a way more dynamic record. That's what always annoyed about enema. Same about american idiot. The loudness war killed those record as well. I'm getting Enema and Dude ranch either way casue i don't have them on vinyl yet. Really tempted about the untitled with the booklet and not now too
  9. damn those vocal tracks from the self titled record my god........... They sounded so good. I know it's time to move on but that shit was just too freakin' good!
  10. Thank you so much for this! btw the fat jew rubin look a like is Ilan brother Aaron Rubin
  11. Yeah because coing to college to do something you love doing is so stupid.....
  12. As far as I know all the synths on the Love Album where programmed and played my Matt Wachter since he went for college for it. Makes sense to have a bandmember do it when he's capable of doing it rather then hiring it. Also with no label in the way it makes sense...
  13. Just to be clear, a lot of keyboards are samplers which means pressing the keys just triggers a pre recorded sound.... so no, certainly not every Electric Piano is a synthesizer.
  14. i've got some tatoos but the first one i got was the blink 182 smiley on my wrist. i'm not in to blinks music as much as i was when i got it (16) but i love it still and probably always will. and if you thnk about how good you could cover up a tattoo later, dont do it. sure when i'm sixty i'm not gonna be following blink anymore for obvious reasons. but it will remind me of the lightheaded dude i was when i got it and after all that band changed my life and got me to where i am right now. it's not a cringeworthy conversation with people that don't know blink or that hate them it's just a permanent thing of a momentary situation. like a scar you get as a kid while climbing on trees and you look at it 20 years later thinking: man i was a crazy kid back then. if you're not in to tattoos, fine. but the whole: "When i'm older what will i think about it " conversation makes no sense to me at all....
  15. that video made actually made me laugh out loud!
  16. damn we really need some blink news . This "Fake" Davey Jones theory is ridiculous....
  17. That is true but i doubt a lot of toms touring equipment is used for recordings. his live amps and guitars are wrecked! Not even sure if the cabinets on his live set-up are still functional. I'm pretty positive toms live set-up has never been unloaded for a studio session. I know this is pretty a vague assumption but i just don't think tom is going to tour in the next 24 -36 months which is a shame really
  18. Well selling gear just doesn't really make me believe tom wants to expand in the touring business...
  19. "I need to have a gear sale, I have so much stuff that I don't use... The things I need to actually tour are just a few cases. This shit needs to live with other musicians. Anybody need gear?" Tom Delonge ladies and gentlemen... It's frustrating! now mark and travis seem to start doing a new record and tom is closer then ever to stop touring for ever. I'd love anothe full length with Ilan and a proper tour. It was a rad time having +44 and AvA around at the same time..... also, even though I'm new here : *waiting for ghent claiming tom is going broke *
  20. Well they anounced there was going to be something on friday, and some fans think it's going to be a single of the new EP. that would be rad but you know how they are with anouncements. "This is going to be an exciting week for AVA!!!!" - BOOM, 2 new shirts and a pack of gay patches
  21. Absolutely agree with you on this. I love cheshire cat, i think itßs amazing for their age and really shows their great songwriting abilities at a young age. Touchdown boy is one of my favourites to date....damn i guess i'll listen to that record right now. I always think of TOYPAJ as my least favourite album, but whenever i put it in my car again, i remember that it's actually pretty awesome. but no other blink record has more skip tracks then that one IMO
  22. If I would've grown up in the cheshire cat years and attended 50 shows back then, it would be my favourite too. Same here, I really got into blink with the untitled release and it's my favourite record of all time. Davey stated earlier that the songwriting on untitled isn't on par with the old stuff. Just the same progressions in a new production. To me personally that's what makes the record so great, not lame it's absolutely logical you prefer the music of the band you grew up with. I grew up with untitled blink so it's untouchable for me
  23. Well since both have three letters, why don't you just use the common one, the band also used and is featured on all the logos? Talking about inconvenience just to let everybody know that you find tom stupid :'>
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