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  1. You're not alone, I would probably chose Travis ! Mark is my person and it'd be cool to meet him and tell him what a beautiful, majestic human he is, but if we actually got to hang out together I honestly would want to chill with Travis if I had to choose one.
  2. Literally was torn between that one and what I posted. Favorite picture of Mark. Tales From Beneath Your Mom had a lot of great pictures.
  3. One of my favorites of Mark and Tom
  4. But they look so cool, really shows us how artsy and sophisticated he is now.
  5. Lmao. Oh god that is great
  6. Bri

    Skiba >>> Delonge

    I agree. It is much more entertaining when Tom and Mark are together because of their chemistry, but even that was starting to disappear in more recent years, just like Tom's brain cells. And they're a band, overall their main job is to play music and that should be the most important part.
  7. I swear I kept hearing that too hahah This song made my entire week though
  8. Bri


    Probably one of the best shows ever. I would love to see new episodes but it's been so long since they've played those characters it wouldn't feel the same and probably disappointing. Still looking forward to seeing them all together. People are saying that Matthew Perry can't do it though? Anyone else hear this? That would kind of suck...
  9. Bri

    i want it back

    really like this.
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