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  1. How do you feel knowing that Mark is spending more time suing his neighbors for overgrown trees than he is finishing the record?
  2. Damages to his mental health for not being able to see the views. Maybe it will inspire a great song
  3. Apparently Mark is suing his neighbor over a tree. That’s not very punk rock Mark! https://www.tmz.com/2023/06/08/blink-182-mark-hoppus-sues-neighbor-tree/
  4. I just don’t think the production is as good on that album for whatever reason. Bass is too low, drums are too low imo. But i might be a little biased against the album. I think Asthenia is amazing but most of the other songs I could do without.
  5. Yup, I forgot to mention that part at the end as well. This instrumental really is great
  6. I agree with a lot of the others here. TOYPAJ is their best album in terms of tones and production. The lyrics just didn’t age well, and seem like they were forced when looking back. I was 14 when the album came out, and thought the lyrics were genius at the time, lol. But that just goes to show they knew who they were writing for.
  7. Always bitching and complaining lol
  8. Just got a Fender Mustang Micro, these thing sounds great for just plugging straight into your headphones. Would highly recommend
  9. The instrumental is great because you can hear the bass line a lot better in this song. Such a great bass line that I didn’t really know existed. It’s a shame Jerry had it so low in the mix of the actual song
  10. This is a dumb take, but it could be argued that Offspring is not pop punk, especially their earlier albums
  11. Damn that’s a pretty good set list right there. Didn’t realize they ever played Parking Lot live. All Hail Parking Lot!!!
  12. I thought we were supposed to get a single today? Everyone was so sure lmfao
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