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  1. I’m hearing that What Went Wrong is fake news and it didn’t happen lol…bummer. That would have actually been really cool. But also it would be weird with a million back tracks lol
  2. Hey man I can’t even hate! That’s awesome. I want to see them bust out as many songs as possible this tour
  3. Dude there are several pics I’ve seen him post. His hairline was receding. It’s not a narrative it’s the truth lol
  4. Yea I just saw this on Reddit. He definitely had work done, you could see the scars when he first had it done. He didn’t just shave his head at that time for no reason, that is protocol. And they aren’t fully grown in yet. This is kinda where his hairline was before. Give it another half a year and his hairline will look super strong!
  5. Interesting. So the “organic” guitar parts that were initially sent to the DI can somehow be sent to a real amp instead? How does that work? You would literally plug it into an amp and you hear guitar coming out of a real amp even though you’re not playing the guitar?
  6. Where is this “reamping” idea coming from? Sounds like pure speculation to me. And what is it exactly? Sounds like it would be pointless to do, kind of like you said at the end of your comment.
  7. I agree. Sounds like it’s just being lazy.
  8. Oh he was at the May 6 show, make no mistake about it. Absolutely nobody plans an out of state trip and finds out they got the wrong date only minutes before the concert. As stupid as Oliver is, even he is smart enough to avoid a situation like that. If someone wants to hack his phone we will find photos from the May 6 show, 💯.
  9. Meh I just don’t see the appeal. There are never good questions or answers in these things. It would just be questions for things we all already know the answers to.
  10. Why do you want press so bad? As a band, that’s kind of annoying to do, answering the same generic questions. If they don’t need it, why bother? I’m just curious what you’re hoping to get from them doing press.
  11. Awww see, you LOVE Travis. I don’t care who you stick behind those drums, it would never be close to the same without T-Rav
  12. Nice! Yea you guys stomped us last year lol
  13. Aw shit! You a Cowboys fan?
  14. You want the gun smoke or midnight swim?
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