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  1. I like your positivity..I’m not as positive they’ll get in. Would be rad tho!
  2. Well the current lineup wouldn’t really have anything to do with it. This happens all the time.
  3. This is something I thought would never happen. Looks like they’re second in a fan vote list right now in case anyone wanted to figure out how to vote and go do so lol. I don’t think they’ll make it this go round, or possibly ever...but what do you all think about this? https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/motley-crue-iron-maiden-and-blink-182-are-leading-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fames-voice-your-choice-fan-vote/
  4. The Bean Twiddler


    Matt Skiba would swallow then make you a sandwich
  5. I was going to create an account named Matt Skiba just to comment on your thread. But it’s too much work. Matt Skiba would have done it and not thought twice.
  6. Yea but you think rebel girl is top-tier so who knows what tier this song could be lol
  7. You do realize that even back in their heyday, their jokes were scripted right? The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show tour they said the same jokes night after night. When I found that out, it made it a little less cool for me too. Sorry
  8. Are you seriously trying to reason and argue that YouTube is a better representation of their concerts than being at the actual concert yourself? Are you on crack my friend?
  9. Did she like it as much as the Jonas Brothers? sorry I had to. Just being a douche I ain’t mad at ya lol
  10. gotta love the ol' dirty sanchez
  11. Was just a curious question. What's the problem?
  12. lol yea. I just wanted to hear something ridiculous. I just thought it was funny his reason for not sharing was that people wouldn't believe him. As if he has a reputation here to protect in regards to people believing what he claims lol
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