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  1. How bad do you think the singing will be? And will he bust out any new dance moves? I have questions.
  2. What would the point of that be ?
  3. Yea I think it is kind of cool to hear them re-cord what’s now considered a classic lol
  4. wow! Apple shampoo in ‘13! Didn’t realize they brought it back in 2013 when Tom was still in the band. This crowd were some lucky bastards. Amazing even with Tom’s weak ass guitar tone. What if mark really is the sole reason they don’t bring back deeper cuts? If nothing else, they did start bringing back deeper cuts in Tom’s last days.
  5. Damn bro that’s fucking sick. Blood and everything. Do you mind sharing how much you paid for that?
  6. We’d certainly have to create The Offical blink-182online.com Meltdown thread
  7. Anyone else here going to the Michigan show at DTE?
  8. Lol. Duly noted. First I was blind, but now I see.
  9. Still one of my favorite all time blink songs. Yeaaa, I get your point about the mom and dad line. but that's a rad sounding song Guido...i mean speedo
  10. lol. damn. I sense some bad blood here. and happy belated birthday speedo! just saw that other thread
  11. Well that's not cool. Hope he takes it easy. Was hoping maybe you had a story to tell about how you watched him sniff a line of Coke off Brad Pitt's asshole or something.
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