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  1. Very true. I don't care as much because it's just Travis, but I definitely don't look up to him in any realm or enjoy the fame whoring. It's fine when it's Mark + Tom then Travis, but when Travis is dictating the band and direction it kind of sucks. I mean he's the reason we got Feldy. Him being whorey with Boxcar pushed away Mark.
  2. Well it's probably because he's still relevant with the newer young artists he's producing. If he hadn't been doing anything then it'd be really random. Still random. Drummers are drummers. Since when are they the heart of a band? They all hop around filling in and stuff.
  3. I don't think she meant his playing style. At least I'd hope not.. That shit is still cool, signature blink vibes. Tom playing guitar lower than 90% of the population was also cool. That doesn't make them assholes. The things they do outside of music makes them assholes.
  4. On one hand, she's kind of right, on the other, he just loves to drum.
  5. Bunjar


    Max Martin is the real pop goat. (Greatest of all time)
  6. Bunjar


    Pretty solid. Give me peak Tom though.
  7. After letting it settle. Losing My Mind is possibly the best song. His voice sounds really good here and good lyrics, everything actually. RG and K&T are still top tier and memorable. Rest feel pretty mediocre, average, won't be returning to outside rare occasion.
  8. NBA Jam is an iconic video game. It's not only NBA related. Best selling arcade game at the time.
  9. Who checks the NBA thread? Exactly.
  10. https://www.si.com/longform/2017/nba-jam-oral-history/index.html Pretty spectacular story for NBA Jam arcade machines. I remember seeing all those everywhere when I was a kid.
  11. Bunjar


    https://www.si.com/longform/2017/nba-jam-oral-history/index.html This was honestly one of the best things ever.
  12. In comparison to all of blink, my top song First Time would be 'Okay...what the fuck was that filler? Next' and Bored to Death would literally be that, just boring overall, next songs.
  13. First Time Heaven, Bored To Death, TOTTM, Long Lost Feeling, Wildfire Last Train Home, Run Away, Ransom, Scumbag, PS I Hope You're Happy, Christmas Song, Sober, Los Angeles, Hey I'm Sorry, On Some Emo Shit Darkside, Rabbit Hole, San Diego, Don't Mean Anything KOTW, California, Death Bed, It's All Fading To Black, Falling Down, Out of my Head *Rest trash* First Time is easily the only song that gave me full blink vibes, despite having some iffy lyrics. BTD for the nostalgia of the initial drop. Wildfire my sleeper favorite. Features have been generally better than most their releases. Left Alone controversial hate for.
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