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  1. Let's go!!! Kyrie Luka will be sick don't care what anyone says
  2. Omg, I hope Kyrie to the Mavs happens. Run Luka at the 2 or 3 and point forward him.
  3. That will likely happen, I thought you meant from the other franchises perspectives. Yeah the Nets won't get much from Lakers. Warriors does make more sense for Nets but not for Warriors or Kyrie tbh where/when would he play? 6 man? I think he'll end up somewhere random or stay put. I still don't know why he wants out of Brooklyn. Seems like the best fit for him culture wise, out of the limelight but still can contend. Durant will still be good for a few more years.
  4. Love Kyrie but he's a pain apparently for any franchise. Idk, he's a huge asset though next to another super star, he tends to shine and take over when it's needed offensively. I'd definitely give up Westbrook and a pick.
  5. It makes more sense in retrospect. He'd been there a while, Westbrook was a lot, never making it all the way and probably burnt out. GS was a bitch move but he obviously just wants to score the ball and play on a team vs be the man and only man.
  6. For this one time. I agree with you. How rigid can you get blink camp. Their setlist stinginess really irks me.
  7. That'd be sick. He could redeem the slithery exit and remind everyone his greatness. He really is a top 3 scorer all time imo.
  8. Why does he want out 😕 Always thought it was a good fit for him. Ben Simmons is so unbearable.
  9. I like an Adam's Song. Never seen that played live. Would sing along forsure. Never conquered, rarely came!
  10. Chad Hennes is the man dude! I can only imagine he's the silent leader of the team and their chemistry would crumble a bit were he not there.
  11. It's no knock on Mahommes. There's been plenty of good backup quarterbacks in the past that have thrived elsewhere. They should just free him so he can do so instead of being pushed aside by a tempure tantrum throwing QB who can't give up the spotlight for 1 quarter when it's necessary 🫤.
  12. Stop that nonsense, please. Mahomme's is their most annoying poster boy that gets outplayed by his backup if he wanted to. I used to like him but lost a lot of respect after that hobble fest childlike tantrum.
  13. The no block in the back call, that tacky as hell pass interference call. Those were game changers. Bengals were robbed, and fluke/asterisk super bowl appearance for their poster boy sorry. Will always be remembered as that, thats unfortunate for KC fans.
  14. No because it was like 3 ridiculous calls on top of eachother and the late hit was probably right in legal sense but they've never been quicker to call it.
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