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  1. I saw a rediteer mention adding the drum outro on LWY to Not Now..could see that working
  2. It does fit as a closer, but it never really sounded like an Untitled song to me. Like Easy Target, Asthenia, Here's Your Letter, Violence, Stockholm, All of this...these are all essential to the album..all sound similar but different enough. Down or Always needa go, and we aren't getting rid of Always.
  3. I think you'd have to go with Down..the song isn't essential for the flow of the album and neither is Not Now imo.
  4. I think the records fine without Not Now but it is hard not to think about adding it..I think last song could work? Lost Without You is probably my least favorite song song on it, but it still fits pretty well.. Swapping Asthenia would be tough..but could you imagine Asthenia as the infamous greatest hits single?
  5. I didn't know Not Now was left off the record for Asthenia? What song would you take out for Not Now? Asthenia would have been a cool single as well.. Interesting (Saw this in reddit)
  6. I don't want to be the one to say it so the studios never hear, but $60 for these games these days is a steal. Compared to everything else that has gone up, and how much content these games have nowadays, they are really worth about $150-$200 honestly. I don't love the new 'super content pack but not thriving in one mode specifically + DLC', but they are worth more nowadays. I'm still playing Battlefront 2 right now, best game I've had for the ps4 honestly. Coight if you're still on the fence, it's like $18 right now and a very casual shooter. It's not like call of duty. You can camp out and defend command posts, set up turrets and such, or go out in groups to take over other's... or grab a vehicle and go blast people.. or a jetpack man.. or a Jedi once killed enough. Or go in the sky, all in the same map. Sometimes I just roll around as a droideka and distract everybody and freak them out so my teammates can infiltrate. Oh, also you can be an ewok and hide in bushes and stab people or shoot arrows without being seen.
  7. Let's go!!! Kyrie Luka will be sick don't care what anyone says
  8. Omg, I hope Kyrie to the Mavs happens. Run Luka at the 2 or 3 and point forward him.
  9. That will likely happen, I thought you meant from the other franchises perspectives. Yeah the Nets won't get much from Lakers. Warriors does make more sense for Nets but not for Warriors or Kyrie tbh where/when would he play? 6 man? I think he'll end up somewhere random or stay put. I still don't know why he wants out of Brooklyn. Seems like the best fit for him culture wise, out of the limelight but still can contend. Durant will still be good for a few more years.
  10. Love Kyrie but he's a pain apparently for any franchise. Idk, he's a huge asset though next to another super star, he tends to shine and take over when it's needed offensively. I'd definitely give up Westbrook and a pick.
  11. It makes more sense in retrospect. He'd been there a while, Westbrook was a lot, never making it all the way and probably burnt out. GS was a bitch move but he obviously just wants to score the ball and play on a team vs be the man and only man.
  12. For this one time. I agree with you. How rigid can you get blink camp. Their setlist stinginess really irks me.
  13. That'd be sick. He could redeem the slithery exit and remind everyone his greatness. He really is a top 3 scorer all time imo.
  14. Why does he want out 😕 Always thought it was a good fit for him. Ben Simmons is so unbearable.
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