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  1. Cum Back Tom


    I think it's over for these Heatles 😔 Can get behind Aaron Gordon becoming a valuable good player though. Murray is really breaking out as a star too. Even if he misses a handful of shots, that's really tiring for a defense to keep up with. Tony Parker with a 3 ball?
  2. Is there an official list somewhere I don't know about?
  3. All of This is definitely the 'weirdest' and least blink type song now that think about it. But it's a masterpiece.
  4. I'd say Los Angeles, Last Train, Run Away, Ransom, BIOMY, Black Rain are all a bit wierder. Bottom Of The Ocean gave +44 vibes slightly to me.
  5. Oh man, I thought we were insufferable at times. Everyone is an audio engineer/professional producer now that we have interwebs. @JarJarBlinks, Reddit will scare you back here, I promise.
  6. Unlike me? Grimes made an album on Garage band that took off, as will I. You just wait and see Coight. I don't forget those that helped me along the way on my #journey.
  7. Some of our board producers explain this to me. How much further do we have to go? From my limited knowledge, mixing takes a while, could be another month before the things finished? Are professionals faster at this than me mixing on garage band or are they slower and more precise and take longer?
  8. I was alive in 2009, and while I was heavily into listening to Neighborhoods and DED every day in college, I can tell you I was stomach sick and uncomfortable listening to them on Leno or w.e their first appearance was back then. I remember thinking they had completely changed and were tired, slow, and duller live, but I still listened to NH every day. I remember it definitely being more a downbeat time.. Definitely feels like a different time, it's not close. I've felt Tom has completely changed since Dream Walker/Chasing Shadows, and then again with Rebel Girl tbh. That was such a different 'I'm old now and over my pretentious shit' vibe to me. And Tom's in or outness is what dictates blink.
  9. Obviously we felt things in 2009...just like every iteration of Blink is going to be different in its own right. Even Self Titled era, I feel as do many, was way different from anything prior, band chemistry and musically. We just were ready for that 'darker' change and tension at the time. I think most of us are happy it's back to lighthearted blink between them all. Like I said, they feel like 8/10 prime early 2000s blink, back to having fun and enjoying themselves while also being super famous and taking advantage of that with ridiculous levels of dick joke humor. 8/10 because they simply are old and will never be the exact same after all the turmoil. But, they are also old in the sense they seem past it, and having a real 'comeback' and final (in my guess) hurrah. Preaching to like the 2 people that don't get this. Also, they sound like shit on that STFK. Fucking horrible, forgot how bad they were live in NH era.
  10. This feels way different than Neighborhoods era. I love Neighborhoods, because I'm a hip little bitch, but this is way different. Neighborhoods was essentially its own extension of blink - bleak/AvA rooted/different/tension still existed but to the side a bit/tired/but unique. This feels like 8/10 prime blink, friends again, hatchets buried, having fun again, but older
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