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  1. Go Brady!!! Witnessing possibly, imo is, the greatest quarterback ever! Legend. Glad to see Rodgers hype finally fading down too.
  2. Washington Football Team is their current name.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKanFpoB893/?igshid=92ne5hf7ek8 Being awake vs. being asleep (Is there anyway to embed instagram again?)
  4. Diddy Edgelord just doesn't sound that right. Gotta go with cringe.
  5. Hating on MGK for making a very good album because you didn't like him previously is like edgelords hating on blink even though they loved Self Titled but categorize them with All The Small Things Aka your insides are weak, and edgy.
  6. Krampus is good even post holidays.

  7. Tickets to my Downfall was a nice little homage, way better than California or Nine but I'd stop there. I still listen to it time to time.
  8. Gaslit Jan


    I like to open packs in NBA 2K historic team mode... Not the same but I get why people get addicted to it. It's euphoric when you finally get a good card.
  9. Gaslit Jan


  10. Gaslit Jan


    Durant + Kyrie + Harden lol
  11. Mark and Matt constantly saying "the new stuff sounds like a mix of TOYPAJ sprinkled with Untitled and the excitement of Enema, gosh even a little Dude Ranch with it's integrity" is so friggin annoying. It'd be different if they actually felt that way, but it's so disingenuous or they just are that out of touch. Cali I get it, they were attempting to make a throwback, even though it was completely more goldfinger/feldy than anything, but the selling point was actually warranted, it wasn't Tom's space-ex direction. Everything following, deluxe, singles, NINE, has been nothing even remote
  12. Definitely Terminators, I haven't seen Aliens in a long time but many love it. Matrix is hit or miss on the love of you haven't seen it, top 10 movie imo though and you know we have similar taste Terminator and Aliens are very fringe horror/thriller/suspense though, if we're gonna drop those in a list we might as well say The Thing and The Predator deserve honorable mentions as must see classics.
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