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  1. Oof, this interviewer is always so boring though, I always wonder who they know to get these connects
  2. Am I? I do listen to Madonna - Like A Prayer every morning and I don't know many others that do.
  3. Sorry Diddy, I'll try to be better in my next life.
  4. That's incredible, also my favorite Green Day song (top 5) and never heard the connection now can't unhear it. Never would have thought green day inspired wmaa. The whole story was cool about it starting as a joke. Kind of disappointing there was no real meaning behind the '23' thing because so many personally connect to that line myself included lol.
  5. Everyone just needs to download it then It's just a code you share to your room.
  6. I want to, even though I know I'll wrongfully get accused of being the imposter all the time.
  7. Everyone needs to get Among Us, it's the best addicting game have played in a while.
  8. Anyone play Among Us/Imposter? Could be fun blink board game, super fun.
  9. I honestly fell for it again, I saw a lot of artists coming to their own again with the quarantine forcing them to, and a lot of good music has come out unexpectedly. Rebel girl and kiss and tell got A LOT of really good reception, and I thought it'd finally push him to have a moment. I don't think Tom will ever take music uber seriously again.
  10. Remember when Tom released 2 really good songs and an okay one and teased there was an album coming? Good times.
  11. Leave TBS out of this! They've had better longevity than all them!
  12. @Russel Coight https://www.engadget.com/sony-ps5-backwards-compatibility-161928579.html Wow, even digital will transfer it sounds?
  13. Those were lame, but they had a small early stretch where they were at least interesting. Stuff like Dance Dance was at least something new-ish and good for what it was (not my favorite). Their recent resurgance and sell out years are absolutely awful though. Centuries is the worst song in existence.
  14. Oh fuck, no one else voted?
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