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  1. This has potential to be the worst song yet, just based off the name alone.
  2. This Is Home is easily the worst song on Neighborhoods, but it still has a better vibe than anything on California, so that.
  3. Don't think the yodda included DED or I'd bet it's on here. Hate that song.
  4. Interesting, don't necessarily disagree either
  5. Don't mean anything It's weird, not a blink song, but damned if it ain't catchy and that bridge is great.
  6. First fucking Date, it's really not bad
  7. NHTSO is the most overrated song on here right now. It has a lot of Matt 'on it' but it doesn't feel influenced by him at all. Even Black Rain, it definitely is the most Skiba but it still feels like imitation Skiba. Skiba is a deeper artist, he woulda been perfect on a +44 spinoff with Mark. They just decided to make soulless mush for whatever reason. When blink made soulless mush in the past it was at least really fun and funny, and instrumentally sweet. Missing all of that.
  8. Jan's Plan


    Yeah it's hard to compare eras, that's why you want to measure impact on their current era
  9. Jan's Plan


    And I've watched every one. I think he's his own level of greatness being so all around and versatile, like Magic but better, but there's no way I can put him above a handful of the greats. I think the team hopping just makes it harder even if he had to, all the greats on my list stayed on the same team outside Shaq
  10. Jan's Plan


    I don't think he's top 5, maybe his talent level as a player he's top 5, but he never really had those rise to the occasion moments that legends like Jordan, Bird, Kobe, heck Dirk had. He's made a couple game winners sure, but he always seems to get scared or get bailed out. It's just never that fulfilling or legendary outside of that series vs Detroit. It's hard to feel that impressed when he's handpicking every teammate and getting so spoiled by the media anytime he makes an ugly shot. But he's also been so consistently great as a player that it's hard to rank.
  11. Jan's Plan


    Averages have all gone up because the pace of play, just saying.
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