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  1. Has anyone played Elder Scrolls and which is the best one to start with? I've been watching a bunch of these videos and now I want to dive into it
  2. With how political and softened other major sports have gotten, I've grown to appreciate the sport a lot. Getting older in general I've started growing appreciation for it. It definetely requires nerves of steel.
  3. Sounds like he'll be okay, that is scary though. This is so Kansas btw
  4. Agreed for the most part but Foo Fighters will always always be pop rock/alt rock to me since Colour and Shape. JEW and Dashboard are definitely more in that emo, but not My Chemical Romance, group
  5. Nobody knows what to do with Jimmy Eats World. I always saw them as just alt rock, like Dashboard Confessionals, Hoobastank, or Linkin Park, they're just simply alternative. They're always grouped in pop punk for some reason though.
  6. Jan's Plan


    I liked the resetting of the score. ASG still sucks. Dunk contest sucked. They need something new all entirely, it's just gotten worn.
  7. Not gonna lie, this is pretty good. @Ry-Bread has a pretty good rythym and podcast voice. I wasn't bored.
  8. Yeah I liked it but they were both just sort of random. The whole part of Leo being slow and normal was refreshing for once because it was him evolving as an artist, but it was like he couldn't decide what he wanted the movie to actually be. There ended up being like no arc for any of the characters and yes the end was funny and over the top but it didn't fit the tone of the movie at all, also it was boring because the dude has no editor anymore or people telling him to cut down some of the filler. The flame thrower was great though.
  9. Yeah it's some of Mark's best verses. Guitar is really cool too. "I would do anything, and that's what scares me so bad" >>>> anything from Cali - NINE.
  10. How the fuck is Strings gone? Legit feels like a staple song.
  11. It was probably my second least favorite Quentin Tarantino film..I feel like his films have gotten a little bit too eccentric. While I loved Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds, and Django, even those didn't feel as detached from reality as Once Upon A Time and Hate 8.. I was in it until Leo started over acting in his scenes, the Manson hippies sucked and then Brad Pitt smashing the faces against the walls just took me out of it.. that and the playboy mansion.. I don't get the love and I'm a huge QT fan. The story could have been so much more coming from him..
  12. I believe it lives up to the hype but the whole juxtaposition, change of tone has been done before, many times, so I don't think it's that 'genius' but I like the director and the film itself
  13. Their humor in their heyday will never get old. It's kind of like South Park, you can't help but laugh no matter who you are. Unless you're from Kansas, then it's all about "sick California reference" and "sweet video featuring kids!" and pretending blink is more like the other bands..
  14. Recruit me if you need to save Strings, otherwise, don't care.
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