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  1. You want a plate full of pan fried vomit?
  2. Yeah but it's not sly at all. He does this before every new project, like clockwork. I'd be bitter towards him if I was Mark too.
  3. That's what I'm saying, eventually she's going to get bored of the standard Dave look and I want to be there when she does.
  4. Lol my thoughts exactly. Kind of too obvious the way he does things now.
  5. Easily, but he has a couple all time classics smushed in there of course.
  6. "Omg I'm so quirky and genuine, me and J Law are so humble."
  7. This was good. Never seen that before. It painted a good visual.
  8. She's great, look at her husband too, she gives us all a chance. Probably up there in my top 5.
  9. They're all so bland besides Magic, Secret Crowds, and Sirens to me.
  10. I mean she's better than Amy Schumer.
  11. None, it's uncomfortable to watch even. They just cannot get on the same page.
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