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  1. I did post my guitar playing and both ya'll complimented how full of finesse and soothing it was overall. Short-term memory failures.
  2. Imagine needing to pay for guitar tabs for blink's uber non-complex guitar parts.
  3. That's not good enough. I want a full fledged blowbang on Stockholm Syndrome and a full dismantling on One More Time being a complex song.
  4. Jeez dude, you put your finger lightly on the top and don't apply any pressure and pick. If it's not complicated why can't you do this?
  5. This seems mildly threatening? It is complicated, for a blink song.
  6. Alright here we go! That's three bozos on this hill. Stockholm Syndrome vs. One More Time (song) Guitar: SS: Rhythm guitar power chords and minor chords. Harmonics picking (difficult-ish). Bridge with fast picking and signature Tom octave chords OMT: Single acoustic strumming pattern Bass: SS: Vintage Mark all throughout all across the neck OMT: 4 notes, chorus Drums: SS: Top 5 Travis drum patterns all-time, difficult rhythm pattern and insane bridge high hat work OMT: Brushes Production: SS: Best Jerry Finn work, possibly ever, mark screaming, bridge moody effects, unique arrangement and vocal trade offs, interchanging guitars, drums and bass. OMT: guitar, vocals, bass, drum brush Is it the outro bells??? I can't believe we're having this argument.
  7. I never said he was a complicated writer and wasn't the argument. Argument was that Stockholm Syndrome is a more complex song than One More Time (song).
  8. And Dysentery Gary is like #1 as far as complex Tom parts go. I still don't see how that makes it any less complex than.. One more Time
  9. Lol, I know this is not littleredguitars so it might be hard to follow but this is the only song I'm aware of where Tom uses any type of ghost harmonics (or whatever the fuck they are called) in a song, and the guitar rhythm is not as easy as it sounds to flow so well: He went into his whole bag for this song. Probably top 5 guitar parts for Tom. It's not hard either, but it's definitely more complex than Fell in Love or whatever you all were saying isn't any less complicated are you drunk? Drunk on a monday is alcoholism.
  10. I can promise you with every ounce in my body I'm not jealous of any youtuber who solely does "WhAt If DuDe RaNcH ErA PlAyEd CyNiCaL" for a living.
  11. I can't think a bigger neckbeard on the continent than littleredguitars. Like, we get it, you have blink mimicking gear. Don't need a cover of every new song that comes out - 2 minutes before the song even releases.
  12. As for the song, you're outta your mind if you don't think Stockholm Syndrome holds more complexities than majority of their songs. From the vocal trade offs, to Tom's guitar picks (want to say he's even doing some harmonics on the intro), some of Finn's best mixing, going straight into an elongated bridge with some of Mark's sweetest bass work and then Mark yelling? But mainly because the drum patterns are unreal: (ignoring whoever this dude is but that isn't easy) If you don't find any of it complex for a blink song I can't help you.
  13. Um, because you are falling victim to your imprisoner to the point of feeling sorry for them and sympathizing someone torturing you? Don't become a psychologist.
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