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  1. Well if anyone wants to pull a Diddy, he accepts full rip MP3 or Wav downloads with his patreon? I have no idea how that shit works, or I'd do it. I thought I wouldn't listen enough to care, but the little differences are just worth having it off needing a youtube tab.. edit - it’s $5 for the full mix, I would do it but I don’t know how to put them all in a zip file or whatever and share it.
  2. OMFG Mark in the background of the Terrified verses. I didn't hear those either. It's like 2 songs in one. Fucking shit. Amazing. I might be here all night.
  3. Hey, I'm back. I think Terrified verses are potentially the best thing on the album. I've given it lots of thought. The chorus is definitely good as hell, but I don't think they compare to the verses. They are really moving. The bridge is the best thing Travis did on the album too probably. I love that this song exists on here. I have no qualms of it being a BCR song.
  4. Shit I'm listening to this 'But mix sounds good' on different headphones right now. Fell In Love...I still didn't pick up on the guitar on usual speakers, but on over ears I'm hearing all the guitars Tom put in. Sounds sooooo much better. Simple but effective little guitar-ing going. Sounds so good during the verses and chorus now. Still weird as fuck with the autotune at points and lyrics, but it really sounds like a 5x better song on this just having the crunchy little guitar. FML, this is so refreshing. Album goes from about an 8-8.5 to a 9.5 immediately.
  5. This song is immense. It needs to be talked about on a regular basis. I think the length of the album killed off some of the hype for it? We have an all time classic blink chorus (rivaling ATST and any 'poppy' awesome chorus they've had), we have sexy throwback Tom verses that sound almost remeniscent of Dude Ranch glory days. Yet the aged voices feel awesomely as fitting, adds an emotional aspect to it. We have a heartfelt Mark stop in (although, I admittingly don't love how slow it goes every time listening to it, kind of kills momentum, but obviously epic) We already know the outro is phenomenal shit rarely done by blink before. The fact it lives up to the expectations of the name is crazy in itself.
  6. I’m confused, what am I looking for? Is this a pro rugby team you root for or is it your actual team you play on?
  7. It's okay once you give it a chance. Anthem 3 was such a pleasant surprise on all accounts.
  8. The Killers, Grouplove are good. Let's be honest, AA Rejects, The Hives would be fine to see mid day too.
  9. In all seriousness, it's not the claps. I'm tired of these arguments tho (Ilan Rubin is the only one that I trust to give 100% proof of anything he says). It's Travis narcissistic nature that bugs me. Leaving it at that.
  10. Wow, I didn't even realize how fantastic the bridge really was aiming for until now. Sweet sweet guitars. Feel like this song could have been an all-time great, but has so much going on during the chorus sounds like, even with the remastering here.
  11. I love Otherside. It's one of my favorite Mark songs in a while and top tier on the album. The drums are ASS on it. Worst offender of the whole album, Bad News tries, but it at least fits that song more.
  12. Otherside is just kind of fucked in general. You can't fix that mess of drum explosions over the top of everything. It does sound bad on here though, I thought Dance With Me was the clearest upgrade, and I might like YDKWYG and couple other parts original better. Majority of it, like 80%, is substantially better and feels like a clear blink-er feel to it.
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