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  1. ILWY, it's good just not as good as the others, a little emo, but still a good song. There needed to be some Mark on the finale. The second verse is a thing of beauty though, the added instrumentation, damn Jerry Finn was awesome
  2. I definitely put it up there with First Time as top songs post Tom, I'm still impressed by it.
  3. It's just boring. There's not much to it. Rebel Girl is an awesome song, I really like it, it feels like pure Tom. This Is Home is also boring as fuck. Easy Target is in another tier compared to MH and HAG. MH gets overly hated but Easy Target is a classic.
  4. Feeling This the poster, not the song.
  5. I think Obvious was a grower, you might be surprised, but the question is what do you vote for?
  6. Self Titled, hurry up, we don't want to wait any longer
  7. LID is seriously top 5 and I don't see how that's arguable.
  8. Claymation Mark is way ballsier than current Mark. I really like this song idk why.
  9. I forgot how big Chainsmokers are, this might explode. People have been asking for this, Tom wouldn't fit on it either.
  10. PS I Hope You're Happy is a nice I Miss You homage. I like how that and ATST are turning into two of the all time great songs... that's like the 4th homage by a big name. Not Another Chirstmas Song I actually enjoy. The lyrics hold it back a bit, but it's pretty vintage blink sounding. Impressed. XXXtenantaclestationmurder1245 is just okay. I don't like the low register stuff as much as the others.
  11. Ghosts easily, I'm okay with Kaleidoscope winning, bummed about Natives, LID, and EISF tbh but Kaleidescope deserves it. Ghosts is overrated here. Mid pack neighborhoods song.
  12. The guitar part seems eerily similar. The songwriting rip-off team?
  13. It's almost interesting how it has turned into some sort of event to write a song for blink? Where it's all some sort of tribute thing, which it kind of is. Don't really care for it in this instance though, the albums yes.
  14. Welp, there goes any enjoyment I had for the song. This shit just ruins things.
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