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  1. I want to take a poll right now, and then take another one in 2-3 months as a measure, to see which ones have aged well and which have not.
  2. Anyone hoping that now that they've got their summer feely album out of the way, their next album is going to be more like the songs of the deluxe edition were just hearing now? A little more out of the box, a little more natural sounding (though there are improvements to be made still).
  3. Perhaps throw back in Hearts All Gone Interlude?
  4. Anyone notice that the tuning is a full step down, Standard D tuning? Hey everyone who told them to tune down so they weren't straining their voices....they listened!!! Edit: And note: the "riff" at the beginning is basically the first section of Dumpweed riff a whole step down. https://plus.ultimate-guitar.com/b/blink-182/parking_lot_tab_online.html#1df855
  5. Sweet. Another way Blink is doing cool stuff for fans.
  6. So it looks like the Top 5 rankings are: 1) Cynical ~25% 2) San Diego ~15% 3) Left Alone ~11% 4) No Future ~7% 5) Sober ~6% Not surprised.
  7. Should have bought that guy the "Who the Fuck is Matt Skiba?" shirt.
  8. It's gotta be either Sober or SOOHM. Both are capable of getting the amount of attention they need to keep their momentum going.
  9. Travis' snapchat shows San Diego is on the setlist tonight. I guess they're rotating No Future, The Only Thing That Matters, San Diego, and other unplayed songs in this slot of the set.
  10. Between the three of them, Cynical, San Diego, and Left Alone have 51% of the votes. Interesting!
  11. So after getting a month to absorb the album, how're people on their favorite tracks? I'd love to see the results of this poll and compare it to the one made at the end of the first week of the album being out.
  12. IMO I think it's a good sign that the songs where Skiba had more input and involvement (Left Alone, Los Angeles, San Diego for example) were, if anything else, some of the more interesting, darker songs. Perhaps people who didn't like the poppy side in this album will get more darker and experimental stuff next time when Skiba will hopefully up his contributions.
  13. Perhaps we should have a separate thread for those who want to discuss theories on the level of involvement Feldmann had in the writing of California.
  14. On Itunes, Sober is 3rd behind BTD and Rabbit Hole on downloads. The latter two had the benefit of a boost from being our first taste of new Blink...so Sober is looking promising. On the other hand, Spotify shows that SOOHM is #1 in plays outside of the singles/pre-album released songs...
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