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  1. I’m really surprised RG/K&T are on it tbh, though I’m curious to hear them sequenced on the album to see how they fit. It’ll be really hard to top K&T for me, and as others have said it’ll be a bit of a bummer if those are the best songs on the album. But, they’ve spent a lot of time on this, so hopefully we’re in for a treat. We will find out very soon with Euphoria.
  2. Those are 2 of my buddies! Allan recreates Mark's bass guitars by hand and has been on the pod to discuss the process, it absolutely blows my mind that starts out as a chunk of wood from Home Depot. That bass is so rad!
  3. With #BigThingsComing we probably need a separate thread. Here is what we know... -The album is officially done, and will have 10 songs. -Rebel Girl and Kiss & Tell are on the album (they will be remastered) -Mixed by Rich Costey -First single "Euphoria" will be coming in the next few weeks -More songs may be coming/added (Aaron Rubin said "There were others, but better to release quality than quantity" I will add/update as needed, but it's happening!!!
  4. Per Aaron, the album is officially done. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNf_PVeDuD5/?igshid=qof4zciswgww
  5. “First single in a few weeks” !
  6. Also just posted this last night: and am working on a long video with exact sticker placement Davey and I did that we hope provides folks with everything they’ll ever need for years to come!
  7. New store launches today, 9am PST. So happy for Tsurt and blink!
  8. I don't buy the legacy argument, Green Day has put out garbage since Nimrod IMO and it doesn't change my mind on their older material or legacy at all. 15 crappy Jason movies aren't moving the needle on my thoughts of Friday the 13th. Coca-Cola trying a new flavor isn't ruining their classic drink. You get the point, what's great is great and stays that way. There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
  9. Thanks @Thibaut182, yeah that'd be rad to get some video footage together chronologically throughout the years! On the clover, IIRC he had it on there by June 95, with the name change coming later that year right? So not sure if that lines up, but that would be hilarious if so and an interesting theory!
  10. If miserably bored and feel like listening to 2 old men talk about stickers for over an hour, @daveyjones and I put together this video on the research done by many here on Tom's famous white sticker strat.
  11. Bring on the bundles, I am ready Tom!!!!
  12. My uncle had a router I believe, I had him do all the mods he said it wasn't bad. He did have to shave a bit of wood off inside to get the X2N to fit properly.
  13. Yeah NG+ usually irks me, but this game was so short I figured I'd go for it. The last 2 trophies I needed were the 100+ combo, and the complete all bonus objectives on each side mission type or whatever. I started the last Spider-man and it's crazy how much better Miles Morales looks, I'm also really missing the venom, jump tricks, and a few other things. Hope MM gets some DLC at some point.
  14. I did a bunch of estimates based on The Offspring’s sale and discussed at length in an old pod episode, I think it was the “Tom Time” one. Tom will never be broke.
  15. Had fun putting together this shadow box for the Trav drumhead, 12x12" at Michaels with some old stickers for those interested in doing so! I did the same with the Cali drumhead long ago:
  16. Stumbled across this 95' show last night. I gotta give it up to all of them for playing this stuff so fast. Tom absolutely shreds these riffs with gnarly jumps and pick slides, what a time:
  17. The fact that Rubano said it’s coming soon gives me hope, he pretty much never posts about AVA.
  18. There were a handful of full band signed vinyl on eBay a year or so ago obtained by airport autograph hounds that were asking $700+ which is crazy, but other than those it's honestly insanely rare to even see one, much less one available to buy. Yes that one is authentic, here is another authentic California for half the price: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Blink-182-California-Vinyl-LP-Purple-AUTOGRAPHED-New/393173350358?hash=item5b8af537d6:g:b1UAAOSw~llgQXKL
  19. Per his last IG post, this is what Tom had hoped blink would try to emulate one day:
  20. @Blers42 Welcome! Full band signed ANYTHING is pretty rare, vinyl is a whole different level of insanely rare for a variety of reasons...mostly the fact that they had long broken up once vinyl made it's "comeback", and it's really hard to haul around a vinyl to a show in hopes of somehow running into them all. Your best chance for a full band signed blink album will be the "California" one, as they had pre-orders with signed copies of those. Outside of that one, I don't think I've seen more than a few of each album full band signed on vinyl - if that. (In fact I'm curious and will look at
  21. Finished getting the Platinum on Miles Morales, main story was super short but it was dope! I forgot how much I missed Spider-man games once they went PS exclusive, going back to the previous PS4 one next.
  22. Yeah I think they’ll be on the album 100%, just thinking *surely* they do not count towards the “10”... At minimum I could see a DLX edition including them which would be fine.
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