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  1. I was Xbox exclusive the past 12+ years and switched to PS5 and couldn't be happier. The exclusive games are so much better, and the quality of freebies on PSN is great. Ghost of Tsushima is absolutely incredible ( @Russel Coight have platinum on that and started God of War as well!), and got Spider-man and MLB games back which I have missed dearly. Also lol at Xbox doubling XBL $ in a day then reverting, with Halo in shambles I have no desire to ever go back.
  2. I'm just curious if he truly ties this all to the movie he made, or if he's doing a separate EP for that. (My hope). Also, surely RG/K&T/ATLIL don't make this album right? They'll be quite old.
  3. That’s crazy high, I suspect a handful of collectors have been looking for one for awhile and went all in! The collectible market in general is insane right now, won’t be surprised if some folks try to sell theirs now. I’d be shocked if that price range holds up, not many blink collectors out there shelling out that kind of dough.
  4. New tease https://www.instagram.com/p/CKwxU80pVsE/?igshid=1g75joxn1mfqy
  5. Feel like I've seen clips of that from Burro before, that might be him at the very end (22:56ish) lol. Mark is so kind asking if he can use someone's sharpie for multiple autographs at the end, heck yeah you can!
  6. 3 of the big peeps with TTSA left recently as well, saying "we are not entertainers" which I thought was interesting. Curious what happened there, I feel like they had accomplished quite a bit in the past few years tbh.
  7. Btw in regards to the two OG CC cd variations, I confirmed my suspicion over the weekend. The first original release was the one WITHOUT the address above the serial number on the back (below on the right with the black circle). The variation which has the Cargo address was the second release (bottom left).
  8. Welcome @John Roundear would love to see pix, do you recall what year you got this? I've been trying to solve some of the questions surrounding the Buddha tape. Thanks!
  9. I can get that back to Tom if the person is still trying, or maybe we send him a replica as a gift from the boards.
  10. @daveyjones I don’t have the amp but may be a cool prop. What’s the story on these/reference pix and dimensions?
  11. Yeah the NYE stream wasn’t archived for rewatch unfortunately, when he plays live music during streams he can’t save it due to DMCA.
  12. Wow Mark thanked @daveyjones for “being there since the very beginning” on his NYE stream earlier, so stoked for you dude! Happy New Year everyone!
  13. Yeah I have the CD version with Scott on it, it is interesting they re-released it years later in TOYPAJ fashion. Rob mentioned some cool stuff about that song in our interview, he was at that recording session! (Scott’s last which included Mutt.)
  14. "Nothing To Me" absolutely RIPS, also love "Careful What You Wish For". Trav did all the drums btw.
  15. Btw per Italia - Matt has now been in the band longer than Scott was, and Travis has now been in blink longer than Tom!
  16. No set plans just yet, he mentioned it may roll into next year and may even become LP10 at this point. They had 6-7 songs the last time he spoke about it several months back, due to the covid situation I see no reason for any bands to push anything out right now tbh. (This would've been a great time for NINE DLX imo, but it's not happening.) I'm all for working on more songs, and aiming towards a new album this summer...pray shows are back in some form by fall to tour it.
  17. Tbh there were just a couple of us who had the game initially and we just all started playing together and still do, @Russel Coight it’s amazing... Mark and I both have “Platinum” status on it LOL! He knows about the pod and brought it up a few streams back, I joked saying “Mark we should have you on the pod and we’ll just talk about Ghost of Tsushima the entire time, NO blink.” and he laughed and said “Let’s do it!”
  18. His discord, we both play the hell out of “Ghost of Tsushima” (absolutely incredible game btw)!
  19. Sooo bit of history was made yesterday which is rad. Long story short, I had Rob Perelman on the podcast who shared that he had the unheard (and thought by most to not exist) Dude Ranch demos and offered to share them with Mark if he wanted them. Some listeners wanted to make sure Mark was aware of this offer and have been bringing it up to him quite a bit recently, and yesterday Mark saw the comments about the offer on his discord and wanted the demos! So, Rob sent them over to Mark's manager and they are now in his possession. Last night, Mark said on stream he listened to them and provided some more insight! This should start at ~25:20: Twitch Stream So even if the podcast gets cancelled one day, at least we got the DR demos back in their rightful hands...and hopefully they can do something cool with them at some point!
  20. New Tom interview, actually some interesting stuff in here where he opens up about fame: http://www.jenkemmag.com/home/2020/12/07/tom-delonge-skating-early-blink-182-fame/
  21. Gave this a proper listen, his voice sounds great. I really do think the next AVA album has a chance to be the best.
  22. Mark has mentioned it before in regards to DJs playing Dammit and not being able to time the beats correctly, and I also asked Mark about it a couple weeks ago on his discord.
  23. Still wild that CC/DR weren’t recorded to a click to me.
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