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  1. NH has not aged particularly well to me, though I have a soft spot for it given the memories of my favorite band being back. That being said, I’ll take Cali/NINE over it all day.
  2. Yup and MGK is missing the "punk" (and "rock" imo) so this is a tough one.
  3. Idk maybe I need to broaden my definition of "pop punk", but to me they should be insanely catchy songs that could be played on popular radio stations to a wide demographic. Stuff that crosses that barrier into mainstream worthy, aka ATST/WMAA/First Date. By that standard I don't even really consider most of Untitled/Neighborhoods "pop punk" in the traditional sense. So in terms of what I would realistically expect to hear on a pop hits radio station, it would totally be MGK.
  4. I can't even begin to vote on most of these because blink are just miles ahead of anyone who even pretends to be in this "genre", but this matchup is interesting because I don't particularly think of Alkaline Trio as pop punk? And I also have a hard time deeming MGK a candidate based off one album and no band.
  5. Yeah there is no way festivals are happening this summer, I'm hopeful that smaller shows may be possible by the end of the year in some capacity but who knows. Just seems like AVA has worked towards a nice comeback, would be a shame to finally release a new album with nothing but bundles.
  6. I still don't see any reason for bands to put anything out right now until shows are back in some capacity. (Unless it's a DLX/Live/Demos type of thing) I think this will drag into Fall at the earliest because of this.
  7. I took it this way as well. Btw Tom said half the album was done prior to the first leg of the 2019 tour...so were those: 1. Scrapped 2. Evolved 3. Never existed
  8. I can't stop listening to Princess Leia and Wasting Time from this...so good.
  9. Trav has been listing some incredible signed items on his website, they are quite pricey but about as sick as it gets. This piece was used on blink sessions:
  10. @Thibaut182 Whoa that's cool that Tom wrote "Aus 96" on that! @Feeling_This_1 that looks fine, interesting that Ryan Sinn signed the cd twice it looks like then apparently scribbled on the cover lol.
  11. Surely the 3 songs out wouldn’t count towards those 10... Also LOL @ Mark and Aaron’s comments on his post: Mark: “Oh good I see you got that Amazon package I sent you!” Aaron: “Oh you sent them? Interesting...”
  12. 5 songs off to mixing with 5 to go apparently? https://www.instagram.com/p/CL48HFLJKU_/?igshid=1s1sa19ui8fja
  13. Wow I don’t think I’ve heard that Voyeur and the quality on these are INCREDIBLE compared to the crappy YouTube versions!
  14. Interesting, wonder if that is a model number of the cassette case or what? Not sure, but will keep an eye out!
  15. @Dysentery Paul welcome! I have said it before but we truly are lucky to have an OG fan/historian around in @daveyjones. Absolute legend!
  16. WOW just saw this, every blink member signed drumhead. This is the first I have seen and it's absolutely incredible: That honestly might be the best piece I've ever seen.
  17. Yes 100%, just depends on the mood. I don't ever mix and match songs from albums or have any grand playlist now that I think about it.
  18. Thanks all!!! I went ahead and ordered 2 of the one above, assuming one will get screwed up lol. The stock looks a little too cream and if I'm gonna do this thing, I'm gonna do it right I suppose.
  19. Axe and 2 pickups in, lightning strap ordered. Waiting on the X2. This pick guard is too dark right? @Depf Davey said you had cheaper alternatives? Looked like Warmoth was around $40...and I don't want the pre-built one that isn't spaced properly.
  20. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Tom didn't remember what they recorded with tbh, esp if they were grabbing random studio guitars to explore sounds with.
  21. Back to Tom, this is an interesting article on the current state of TTSA: "To achieve its goals, TTSA has decided to restructure its operations to scale back its initiatives in science and tech commercialization and to place a greater emphasis on the operations of its entertainment business." https://medium.com/on-the-trail-of-the-saucers/ttsa-638f93173240 https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1710274/000149315221004131/form1-u.htm Felt like they really did accomplish some cool things and were making progress.
  22. This is exactly what they went for on NINE..same mentality as Untitled (which is why they compared NINE to Untitled from a creative aspect when making it) As I said, I understand the significance of Untitled and what it means to a LOT of people. It's incredible, iconic, they are super proud of it, but I will turn on First Time/NHTSO/Heaven a hundred times before I even consider I Miss You/Always/Down/etc. So if I had to choose between the 2 today, I'm taking NINE. Sorry.
  23. Not sure if this was ever posted, saw Jon earlier in the thread a few years back but enjoyed this. (He shouted out this thread multiple times):
  24. My question was specifically about CC/DR, and the PRS was in reference to DR sessions specifically FWIW.
  25. I asked a source and was told they used different guitars in the studio, even a PRS potentially. Considering we recently found out Mark used a studio bass for at least some of Dude Ranch (not sure if @daveyjones mentioned that here), this isn’t particularly surprising. I’ve reached out to Trombino, hope to hear back. If not we’ll get the answer from Tom one day.
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