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  1. Oh shit. Might be the best burn I've seen on here yet.
  2. After hearing this new video (as opposed to Burro's garbage video) I don't think this sounds too great live. Still feels like it's the weakest song they're written yet. I would like them to give Happy Days a shot live.
  3. Watch Green Day announce their new album, album name and release date next week while we still wait for a title for blink’s album after having 3 songs released already.
  4. I saw a Sour Patch Kids cereal in my grocery store earlier this week and that’s probably the most disgusting cereal I’ve ever seen. Sour Patch Kids and milk should never go together.
  5. That was dope! Makes me wish I could learn how to play the guitar lol
  6. Having his name written in the style of Suspiria is genius. I love it.
  7. Obviously Bulge man seems to care, like a lot.
  8. Presidents read off of a teleprompter for speeches, does that make them a mess too? Matt didn't write these songs and probably hadn't had to memorize another band's whole catalog until recent years. This is extremely hard to believe. Just sounds like you making up something to make yourself seem right. Right back at you. If you were being told you're doing something wrong in front of your fans you'd probably get more pressure internally to get it right and every mistake afterwards would increase that pressure. I know Matt made a few mistakes throughout the show when I was there but that didn't prevent me from having a good time. I still got to hear one of my favorite albums in full for the first time and had a blast.
  9. Yeah, the fan at my soundcheck messes up the very beginning of Don't Leave Me but he corrected it and played the rest of the song correctly. I wasn't mad or anything because it'd be ridiculous to expect perfection from the fan. I also think it's ridiculous to expect perfection from a guy who wasn't involved in writing 95% of this band's music.
  10. Then why are you not in blink right now if you're *so much better* than Matt Skiba?
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