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  1. Mark has already said they will do a tour for NINE.
  2. If someone gets the Japan bonus track tag me lol
  3. My meme from Reddit got featured on blink's Instagram story haha
  4. Heaven is literally a +44/Alkaline Trio mashup. God damn this is good!
  5. @Matt Skiba Fan 666 huge shoutout to you. Listening to it now!
  6. I'm "shocked" that the first post is just shitting on something haha
  7. My main issue with this one is the lack of guitars. I just can't hear them. It's like Blame It On My Youth but with better music and lyrics.
  8. I mean, if you're one of those toxic people then you should probably be offended. But I'm not one of those toxic people so I don't care.
  9. Honda Civic Tour 2011. Also includes my first and only time seeing MCR live. I wish they were still around making music.
  10. Seeing Tom sing Aliens Exist made me smile. I wish he was still doing it in blink but something is better than nothing.
  11. Maybe it's because I have younger cousins who do these dances but every time I see someone do orange justice I can't help but laugh. It's such an absurd dance that I never thought it would be paired with a blink-182 music video. It's great.
  12. You gotta pay the troll toll to get into that boy's soul!
  13. Thanks for telling us. I'll watch it again for you.
  14. So the video was Travis' idea. Interesting to me that this would be his idea. I honestly thought it was all Mark.
  15. And usually those "hardcore fans" are the ones who shit on everything. So I'm glad they made a troll video.
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