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  1. I like both, but I prefer blink (old and new).
  2. Looking forward to a new release! "Not Another Christmas Song" and "Quarantine" should be released on CD in some form too. Not interested in collabs.
  3. Nine or Neighboorhoods.
  4. Thanks for the news, Ry-Bread!
  5. Nice song. I hope there will be a new CD soon!
  6. I'm happy that they came back!
  7. I prefer Nine, but I enjoy Cali+Dlx as well. A lot of great songs.
  8. Strange. I thought Matt was an important part when they wrote/recorded Nine.
  9. Is Skiba still a band member? It's a long time since I heard of him blink related. The last were those strange video interviews where he is behaving and looking not like himself...
  10. Dude Ranch, of course.
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