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  1. I like both, but I prefer blink (old and new).
  2. Looking forward to a new release! "Not Another Christmas Song" and "Quarantine" should be released on CD in some form too. Not interested in collabs.
  3. Nice song. I hope there will be a new CD soon!
  4. I'm happy that they came back!
  5. I prefer Nine, but I enjoy Cali+Dlx as well. A lot of great songs.
  6. Strange. I thought Matt was an important part when they wrote/recorded Nine.
  7. Is Skiba still a band member? It's a long time since I heard of him blink related. The last were those strange video interviews where he is behaving and looking not like himself...
  8. NINE is still a great album! Love it!
  9. I don't like the sound and production. I prefer new blink stuff.
  10. The NINE version is much better imo! Well done.
  11. Nine Deluxe News! Mark Twitch https://www.instagram.com/blink182italia/
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