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  1. Leaked today. I haven't had a chance to give it a full listen yet, but I like what I heard.
  2. Over at Chorus, in the subscribers forum Jason did a first-listen thread for the new record. I'll try to include them all here: PS you all owe me $5
  3. From the very little I know about what happened with LP I just don't really see that happening, other than possibly some one-off shows if anything. And considering they're primarily calling it quits for financial reasons (just my assumption), I doubt they'll be willing to add a 5th member to the tour just for the sake of nostalgia. To be honest I definitely could see them making another comeback in some form one day. They all love being in Yellowcard, unfortunately it's just not a sustainable full-time job anymore. Sean started a family, Ryan has his own studio now, and he & Mendez seem to enjoy producing so it just seems they would rather move on to other things for now. In any case, I do like the single. I'm especially looking forward to hearing what they did with Empty Street, all the Big If demos have turned out great.
  4. According to Jason Tate, we'll be getting the single Friday.
  5. Single should be relatively soon. The tracklist and album art leaked, so they just decided to put it all out there early which probably fucked up their promo timeline.
  6. I'm pretty sure Avron popped in every now and then, so not too concerned about self-producing. Definitely stoked for this.
  7. Live look at the Chicago Bears franchise
  8. It's Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire (who I don't listen to). The response seems to be polarizing, but in my opinion their voices complement each other well. To me, at first blush the record is bottom heavy. I like the first five tracks enough, but I have yet to go back and listen to them after hearing the rest of the record. Could just be that I overplayed them the past few weeks. I usually hate nitpicking tracks but I'm going to do it anyway for the sake of discussion. Madrid doesn't do much for me, and it ends rather abruptly. Probably would've been a b-side if the record was shorter. I get what Ryan was going for, but that'll probably be a track I skip most of the time. As for the title track, I think it could be a very intriguing choice for a single if they wanted to be bold. That and Illuminate are two of the best tracks they've written in years, along with Southern Air.
  9. Lyrically this record is very much on par with the rest of their material. Not sure what was expected in that department.
  10. Lift a Sail is my first favorite, which I kinda assumed would be after hearing snippets before. Other standouts are Illuminate, MSK, Fragile & Dear and My Mountain. This band can write some god damn tunes.
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