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  1. Best Buy had a promo where you can trade in any game to get a copy of COD: Ghosts. Nabbed one of the last few. Its pretty meh. The spawns are really bad.
  2. Tom mentions it on the Start the Machine Doc. In other news, Disaster has come a long way since they debut'd it live. A lot rockier, blink sounding. Yet I was high enough to think I was watching an AVA video at one shot when it was just Tom. Also, notice the shirt. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lWHk9oYx5s
  3. So fucking heartbroken over this. Tony was just as influential as Travis to me in my early days of drumming
  4. Every computer I have ever owned has shit out on me at some point (windows, macs, doesn't matter). I have never had a console fuck up on me. That, along with the lower cost, comfort of a couch instead of a computer chair, and not sitting 6 inches away from a screen will keep me on team console. On a side note, everyone I know with a legit gaming computer is a greasy neckbeard who go out of their way to purposely talk shit about people not part of the PC master race. I know it's stereotyping, but it's held true for me. I just don't need that kind of association in my life.
  5. So does anyone know if any of the Oz shows were pro shot or streamed or anything?
  6. 100% agree with everything you said. I thought it was kinda cool, watched Moon, realized Moon is Love only done better.
  7. People payed for Blink 182 - as a single entity - to perform. That group held up their end of the bargain and did so. If for some reason Blink cannot hold up to their arrangement (ie. Travis not flying), it is their duty to do their best to come up with a substitute that can solve the problem. That's where Brooks comes in. The ticket stubs don't say "Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker Live" on them. They say "Blink 182 Live". Ticket holders paid to see Blink as a single entity, and they did everything they were required legally to continue their contract arrangement. They announced pre
  8. Not at all. Australia isn't getting a ZHT version of blink. Brooks hits many of Travis' live "flairs" spot on. As I said before, I'm willing to bet a large majority of the audience doesn't even realize the difference. This board needs to get out of the mentality that a band, making money, would rather appeal to an audience big enough to sell out an area with hits, for example, instead of 100 nerds who know the band inside out that would be there and want to hear cheshire cat. I'm more of a Sabian guy, anyway.
  9. The fact that he has been a contributing factor to their success and building the Blink brand. He deserves compensation because he's 1/3rd of the name. However, due to his role, at the back of the stage, doesn't speak to the audience, the majority of people won't even know there's a different drummer there, and I doubt they care. Get your head out of your ass before writing your retarded comments.
  10. In reality though, who cares? A drummer is replaceable, even if you're Travis Barker and have nothing to say 90% of the time anyway. I'm willing to bet a good chunk of those in attendance won't even notice it's not the normal drummer. Now if they had to replace Mark or Tom, they'd be in some trouble. I'm not excusing it, it just seems like a lot of you are overreacting because you don't seem to remember that at a Blink show, people like us who take the time out of the day to discuss this type of thing are a total minority in that audience. It's about the music. If it sounds great, who car
  11. This right here. There is a higher cost of living in AZ, and therefore a higher minimum wage. You have to remember that these prices aren't listed in the US dollar, either.
  12. I may be wrong here, but wouldn't that $5m include travel, transportation of rigging and equipment, crew costs, etc? I somehow don't think its broken down as simply as they each get $1.5m
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